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Oiso Sushi & Korean Restaurant Review - Cary, NC

1305 NW Maynard Road
Cary, NC  27513
(919) 655-5133

Exterior View

Interior Decor

Mt. Fuji Roll & Spicy Sashimi Roll - $18.00

Sashimi Mori Deluxe - $35.00

This is a review of a sushi & Korean restaurant called Oiso located in Cary, North Carolina. It is located on the right side of the Maynard Crossing shopping center off Maynard Road. It's near Goji BistroMonday through Friday they are open from 11:30 am until 2 pm and then reopen at 5 pm and stay open until 9 pm.  Saturday they stay open half an hour longer and Sunday they are closed. Their health inspection is currently 95 which is very good. We arrived last Saturday around 6:30 pm. The restaurant was full of customers, so we had to wait about twenty minutes for a table, we were told it would take ten minutes. We were asked to wait outside. The restaurant takes up only one retail space, so it's very small and they have a lot of carry out orders. There are several booths on each wall and tables in the middle. 

After the twenty minute wait, we were seated at a booth next to the front windows and the door. It wasn't a peaceful environment. It was so noisy we couldn't hear the music, instead we were constantly hearing the bell on the door as it was being opened and closed by customers asking for a table and then being sent outside to wait & returning for their table and by people leaving and the constant stream of carry out customers coming and going. Also, many customers had young children who were very loud. The lights were very bright for a Saturday evening. While the temperature was comfortable when we were waiting for a table, shortly after we were seated they turned the air conditioning even colder and it was very uncomfortable. I know some restaurants do this to try and get people to eat faster, so they can turn the tables quicker. We were ready to order when we sat down and made that clear by placing the menus at the edge of the table. The friendly hostess had to ask the waiter to show up and take our order which took awhile. He seemed annoyed that we wanted to place our complete order not just our drink order and he wasn't friendly. It took him a long time to bring us our drinks. There was very little ice in our drinks which we thought was strange. Perhaps, it was so they didn't have to refill them as often. We waited twenty-eight minutes for my order to arrive and then another couple minutes for my husband's to arrive. We thought it was odd they didn't serve us at the same time. They only had two sushi chefs and they really need at least one more to keep up with all the orders on a busy Saturday night. The waiter pointed to and named each type of sashimi my husband was served. He wasn't to been seen, but once more during our stay. The hostess and another lady tended to our table and each time we had to wave them down for drink refills, extra wasabi and the check. My fried sushi roll, the Mt. Fuji, arrived cold. It's described as a deep fried California roll topped with spicy tuna or spicy salmon, crunch, eel sauce and wasabi dressing. It was very tasty and there was adequate sauce though the crunch was missing. I also ordered the Spicy Sashimi Roll which is described as a California roll topped with spicy mixed fish, avocado, wasabi mayo and eel sauce. I did not like this roll since they added pickle and some vinegar which is not in the description. Since the topping is all mixed together it took me a bit of time to figure out what the unpleasant taste was. I finally was able to pick out the cubes of pickle. I can't eat pickle because it will cause stomach pain. The cubed pieces of sashimi were of the lowest quality I've ever been served, they were hard. It seems they save the worst pieces of fish for this roll. I was extremely disappointed with that and the fact that they didn't stick to the ingredients listed. They also put mixed greens on top as shown in the photo above. One shouldn't have to pick out an ingredient and I felt they were using the pickle as a filler. If you order two special rolls they cost $18.00. If ordered separately, each one costs $12.50, so that's a saving of $7 when purchased together. Hubby wasn't happy to receive pieces of cooked imitation crab and shrimp in his Deluxe Sashimi entree. Anything cooked, isn't sashimi! Only eighteen pieces for $35 is the highest price I've seen in the area. That's $1.94 a piece. We thought they would be thicker pieces due to the high price, but they were not. One can purchase twenty-one pieces for $26 ($1.24 each) at Sushi Thai in Cary. The other pieces were salmon, tuna, clam, red snapper and octopus. It wasn't filling and Hubby was very disappointed. I was really surprised that Hubby's entree didn't come with soup or salad like similar restaurants in the area offer.

We were not impressed and shall not return. What's your favorite restaurant in Cary?

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