Thursday, February 22, 2018

Home Chef 58th Delivery Review & $30 Coupon

Roasted Salmon with Ginger Scallion Sauce & Charred Green Beans


Apple Cherry Chicken Salad 


This is a review of our 58th delivery from a weekly meal kit subscription box called Home Chef. This week we skipped making the third recipe because we were both sick with pneumonia. I gave both recipes three out of five stars. Calories were only 502 and 409. Preparation time was thirty-six minutes and twenty minutes. The Roasted Salmon recipe costs $9.95 a serving and the Apple Cherry Chicken Salad costs $7.99.

Roasted Salmon with Ginger Scallion Sauce & Charred Green Beans

We gave this recipe three out of five stars. They had minced the ginger for us which wasn't a good idea, it looked quite unappetizing once it arrived here. The scallions weren't in good shape, so you don't see the scallions in the photo. The teriyaki glaze was very tasty, but a bit too sweet for our taste. The salmon was delicious and the green beans cooked with olive oil and ginger were yummy. This recipe only has 502 calories and it was a healthy portion. Preparation time indicated on the recipe card was thirty to forty minutes. Actual preparation time was thirty-six minutes. 

Apple Cherry Chicken Salad 

I was really excited to see that Home Chef started offering salads with already cooked chicken to cut down on preparation time. They make the perfect lunch except for the fact that I didn't not enjoy the taste nor the texture of the chicken. I looked at the ingredients and they added sugar to the chicken, what?! As soon as I read that I cancelled all my future salad orders that offer that chicken. I'm so disappointed. Also, they sent me two bags of dried cherries instead of one bag of almonds and one bag of cherries. I gave this recipe three out of five stars. It was a very large portion and it comes in at only 409 calories. It took me twenty minutes to prepare while the recipe states five to ten minutes. I'm particularly fussy when it comes to cleaning produce, so it takes me more time.

It wasn't our favorite week of recipes, but when you order so many times it's bound to happen occasionally, so I wont hesitate to order again. I'll just be skipping the already cooked chicken salads. For prepared salads, I recommend Terra's Kitchen, they are so delicious and healthy. If you haven't given Home Chef a try yet, click on the coupon link below and order a shipment today! Having ordered 58 boxes from them, you can guess that I certainly recommend Home Chef.

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  1. After trying a lot of these different home meal services, I think Home Chef might be my favorite. I find their recipes super easy to prepare, and the recipes just seem more simple. With my husband being a picky eater, I find there is always something he likes on their menu.


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