Yuri Japanese Restaurant Review - Cary, NC

1361 Kildaire Farm Road
Cary, NC  27511
(919) 481-0068

Exterior View

Interior View

Sashimi Sampler Appetizer - $10.95

Mixed Tempura Appetizer - $7.95

Dr. Atkins Roll - $12.95

Cherry Blossom Roll - $12.95

This is a review of a Japanese restaurant located in Cary, North Carolina called Yuri. They are open on Saturdays from noon until 10 pm, we visited around 1:30 pm. To check out the rest of their hours and their menu, visit their website. The restaurant was a bit more than half full when we arrived. Their sanitation score is 97 which is very good. I was immediately greeted by a waitress and seated at a booth. Hubby was trying to find a parking spot without ice. Since Trader Joe's is a couple doors down the parking lot is very full and it takes a bit of time to find a parking space. Unfortunately, they didn't do a good job at removing the snow which turned into ice in the shady parts of the lot.

The friendly waiter immediately greeted me prior to my husband's arrival, so I asked him to come back later when my husband arrived. Since we were waiting a long time for the waiter to return, Hubby flagged him down. I ordered the Mixed Tempura Appetizer and the Cherry Blossom Roll. Hubby ordered the Sashimi Sampler and the Dr. Atkins Roll. Hubby was very happy to see they have six sushi rolls without rice since he's on a low carb diet. Our appetizers arrived quite quickly followed by our entrees in only seven minutes. We weren't done eating the appetizers. I wish he had waited until we finished our first course. I found it very annoying and we had to shuffle plates around to make room on the table. Hubby loved the sashimi which is thicker than the competition. He also enjoyed the Dr. Atkins roll which has extra large pieces. He said he would order both again. My Mixed Tempura came with two pieces of shrimp and some vegetables which were zucchini, green beans, onion, sweet potato and broccoli. There was too much batter on the shrimp. I could barely taste the shrimp, so I pulled off some of the batter. The dipping sauce was very good. The Cherry Blossom Roll is described as salmon on top of a California Roll, but the roll just had crab meat (not the usual imitation crab), avocado and spicy mayo with no cucumber sticks. I wasn't crazy about it, I wouldn't order it again. I also wasn't crazy about the prices which totaled up to $51.20 before tip. I should have ordered the Bento Box which was much less expensive, but I found the Bento Box choices on the menu very confusing. Hubby couldn't order the Bento Box since there aren't low carb choices. The waiter had to be flagged down to order, to get a drink refill and to get the check. There were only two waiters, so maybe someone didn't show up or this is the norm. While the decor was ok, I didn't find it to be a peaceful environment having to call the waiter for everything, and having customers all around us coughing. Really people, stay home if you are sick! Thankfully, we didn't catch their colds. Hubby says he would return, but I don't think I will. He may take co-workers there for lunch since he loves the low carb menu and since they make the sushi quickly. What's your favorite sushi restaurant in the Triangle?

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  1. I don't have a favorite sushi restaurant because I don't like sushi. But I do like the interior design of that restaurant.

    1. Wow, what don't you like about it? Have you tried a couple types? I've one of my favorite foods. Yes, the decor is lovely, but the booths felt a bit cramped and I didn't care for the fence dividers between the booths.


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