Friday, August 25, 2017

QVC's Luminara TSV Review - Set of Three Blown Glass Ornaments with Flameless Candles

QVC's Luminara TSV for July 2017 - Nighttime Look

Daytime Look

This is a review of QVC's Luminara Today's Special Value (TSV) that aired on July 16th, 2017. I've been wanting to order some Luminara flameless candles for a couple of years now, but I felt the prices were just too ridiculous. This value comes in at $15.78 per ornament after shipping and tax which is a pretty good deal. You can still order them, they are only $2.36 more for the set! Lately, the TSVs haven't been that much of a discount, so if you miss out on one check out the price difference after it airs. You may want to order them after they air, if you regret not having purchased them or you wanted to wait and read reviews to see if they are worth purchasing. Though you may miss out on a color choice, currently the red is no longer available. I had advance knowledge of this TSV, but I didn't preorder since I was unsure if it was good purchase for me. Once it aired they sold me on them and they had already sold out of the red set which was my number one choice. So I ordered the "Pearl", it also comes in Icy Blue and Champagne. I had a hard time deciding between the Champagne and Pearl. The pearl is more versatile for me if I want to use them in different rooms, but frankly I think the Champagne is prettier. When they arrived I was a bit disappointed that some of the pearls in the wreath that circle the candle were a bit dented. Close up it's not perfect, but from the normal distance one would stand it doesn't appear dented. So my extremely critical self decided it was ok, but felt disappointed. When Hubby arrived home in darkness and they were on he thought they were a real flame and only after getting a closer look was he surprised they weren't real. They look real to those that don't know they are flameless in advance. The white plastic, flame shaped piece moves from side to side and then front from to back. This movement can be a bit monotonous. I'm not sure if I prefer flicker candles to this Luminara version yet. The jury is still out. At first I thought wow, this is really great then it seemed like they should vary the pattern of movement after viewing them over several nights. I also heard that the reason the battery life is shorter for Luminara is due to this movement. Check out the movement of these candles on my Instagram video to judge for yourself, click here. What do you think? Since they have such a short battery life, I chose to place them on the off position and use the remote to turn them on when I'm in the living room and watching tv. They are on the mantel on the shelf under our tv. Normally, I would chose the timer setting, but at only 60 hours per battery, I don't want to spend a fortune on batteries and these are the flat batteries the size of a quarter that are harder to find in stores. Anyone have suggestions on where to buy these batteries for the best price? Each candle comes with three batteries. Also, each candle comes with a remote which is crazy for this price point! It's nice to have multiple remotes, if you have them in multiple rooms. Our living room is larger than the average, so I have to get off the sofa and step a couple steps forward to get the remotes to work on candles sitting on the mantle across the room. I've heard some complain the distance is too short. They would make such wonderful gifts, but I don't recommend the gift boxes they come with. They aren't impressive and the gift recipient still has to put it all together after pulling it out of the box which doesn't give a good impression. I recommend taking it out of the box, tying the bow on it, put the wreath and candle inside the glass ornament and then gift wrap it. It will be so unimpressive otherwise. Their so called gift boxes belong in the trash. The reviews on this one are currently 4 1/2 stars out of five. Initially I would have given it a four stars, but now I'm leaning a bit towards a three since I just can't stand the battery type and battery life. I'm actually thinking of finding a regular flameless candle tea light which has a longer battery life to replace it. If you are only using them during the holiday season I wouldn't let battery life deter you. If you're like me and want to use them year round then battery life may be a deal breaker. What do you think?

So there you have it, another QVC TSV review for you. I hope you found it helpful. I'm sorry I wan't able to review it prior to it airing, but lately that's the way so many of the TSVs that tempt me have been, very little lead time to order prior to airing. What do you think of the slight price difference after the TSV airs? I like it in case I want to order more, but ordering it while it's a TSV makes me feel like I didn't get such a great deal. Psychological I'm sure, but still. 

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  1. This was a great review, thanks for sharing! I was so tempted all day to order a set, but never did, but I think I'll wait until they improve a few things. I agree with you completely about the TSV pricing lately, they really have been not as impressive. Even the One Day Only priced items seem like a better deal most of the time.

  2. I've purchased those batteries in bulk from Amazon several times and paid around $10 for 30 of them. There are varying prices. Also, I got 3 sets - at least 3 individual ornaments for gifts - and love these. One idea that I tried and it worked is to use the mini-wreaths around my lights, and they also works as napkins rings.


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