Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Aroma Korea Restaurant Review - Cary, NC

160 NE Maynard Road
Cary, NC  27513
(919) 650-2696

Exterior View 

Interior View

Free Popcorn Appetizer

KFC Gochujang - $9.00

Chicken Stone Bowl Bibimbob - $13.00

Dak Galbi - $17.00

This is a review of a Korean restaurant located in Cary, North Carolina. They are open from 4 pm to 2 am Tuesday through Saturday and 4 pm to 10 pm on Sundays. They are closed on Mondays. We visited on a Sunday at 4:30 pm. There was only one other customer when we arrived. There are some booths available on the right wall. There is outside seating also. We were seated immediately in a booth.

We were served a bowl of popcorn as a free appetizer. It was ok, not something I'd eat if I wasn't so hungry. Their paper menu is quite brief, there isn't a lot to chose from. I chose the Stone Bowl Bibimbob with chicken. The egg was overcooked as shown above. Normally the egg is served uncooked and you stir it around and let it cook in the hot stone bowl prior to eating. Sometimes it is cooked, but the yolk is runny. The chicken was tasty, but there weren't many pieces. The squash was cut so thin you could see through it and again there wasn't much of it. The stone bowl was so hot that the rice was a bit dry from being overcooked. I was disappointed in it's flavor and quantity. Thankfully, we ordered the KFC appetizer also or I would have left a bit hungry. The KFC is abbreviated for Korean Fried Chicken which is double fried. We ordered it with the Gochujang sauce and it was scrumptious. Get some extra napkins before you dive into them since they are quite messy! Hubby ordered the Dak Galb mild yet it was too spicy for him and he loves spicy food. I think the chef just made it medium or hot and wasn't aiming for mild as requested. Our waiter gave off the impression he didn't want to be there. There was a very friendly young lady that occasionally visited out table, we wished she had been our waitress. Due to his attitude we don't feel welcome to return. We both had bowel issues after our meal, so we won't be returning. They had only one other customer arrive the entire time we were there. Perhaps others also don't appreciate his attitude and eat elsewhere. Anyone know of a restaurant in the Triangle that serves tasty and filling Bibimbob? What's your favorite Korean restaurant? 

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