Monday, June 5, 2017

Rise Biscuits Donuts Restaurant Review - Holly Springs, NC

169 Grand Hill Place
Holly Springs, NC  27540
(919) 586-7343

Exterior View

Donuts & Kitchen

Cinnamon Twist Donut, Fried Chicken on a Potato Roll & OJ - $9.21

Dining Area

This is a review of a new breakfast restaurant that opened up about three months ago called Rise Biscuits Donuts and it's located in Holly Springs, North Carolina. They have several other locations in the Triangle. This one is in the Holly Springs Towne Center shopping center near Target. They are open daily from 7 am until 2 pm. I visited on a Monday around 11:30 am. I was the third person in line, so it wasn't very busy at all. There were about three customers in the dining area at the time. Just a couple more customers arrived while I was eating. Their sanitation score is currently 95, which is good.

I wasn't impressed by the cashier, she didn't say hello or smile. I placed an order for fried chicken on a potato roll with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise and a Cinnamon Twist Donut. I had grabbed an orange juice out of the refrigerator prior to walking up to the cash register area. They use an iPad to place orders and accept credit card payments. I was surprised to see it was asking for a tip prior to signing the charge since there is no wait staff. The donut costs $1.50, the OJ is $2.25 and the Fried Chicken Sandwich is $4.75 for a total of $9.21 with tax. I had to wait for the sandwich to be made and when it was ready the cashier called my name to pick it up at the register. It took about ten minutes for the sandwich to be prepared. I opened it's wrapper and immediately noticed it was a biscuit and not the potato roll that I had ordered. I informed the cashier who just stood there and gave me a weird look. After the awkward silence she finally asked the cook what the receipt said and he said it was his mistake and that she took the order correctly. Then she proceeded to tell me it was his fault and gave no apology. I really don't care who's fault it is and I found her actions very unprofessional. At this point I was regretting informing the staff of their error. An immediate apology is what I expected. Without an apology, she took my sandwich and handed it to the cook. He placed the chicken on a potato roll and added new mayo, lettuce and tomato and handed it back to me. He apologized. That interaction was most unpleasant. The sandwich was nice and hot, but I'd prefer a higher quality lettuce rather than iceberg. The outside looked overcooked, but it was moist inside and very tasty. The OJ was a very small size and I was still thirsty afterwords. I saved the donut for a snack later and it was yummy. It wasn't as sweet as I'm use to though. I was surprised to find the dining room in disarray. The trash was overflowing, the tables were all dirty and there were three puddles of water on the floor. Customers were cleaning off their own tables prior to eating which is ridiculous. They need to hire someone to keep the dining room sanitary and safe from possible slipping on water that has been spilled on the floor. The straws were lacking a dispenser and were just displayed in the cardboard box they came in. The napkins were empty, thankfully there were more on the table. The table that I was sitting at needed leveling since it wouldn't sit still when pressure was applied. While I enjoyed the sandwich, their selection of donuts is quite limited. If I was only going for donuts, I'd shop elsewhere where they have a larger selection of flavors I prefer. If I miss the 10:30 deadline for breakfast at another restaurant in the future, I may consider giving them a second chance and purchase a breakfast sandwich at this restaurant again, if the line isn't too long. If I have another similar situation with my order being incorrect, an unfriendly cashier and a dirty dining room, then I will not return.

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