Friday, September 9, 2016

Fred's House Restaurant Review - Cancún, Mexico

Blvd. Kukulkan Km 14.5
Zona Hotelera
Cancún, Mexico 77500
Phone: +52 998 840 6466

Lagoon View from Table

Menu & Mexican Seltzer Water

Seafood Offerings Shown Raw

Bread & Salsa Appetizer

Fish 'N Chips

Ribeye Cheeseburger

This is a review of a restaurant called Fred's House American Seafood & Oyster Bar located on the lagoon side of the Hotel Zone in Cancún. They are open from 1 pm until 1 am. We visited on a Saturday last August around 3 pm. It was very hot at the reception area since the front door wouldn't stay closed. We were immediately greeted by a man who we thought was the receptionist who landed up being our waiter.

We were seated at an inside booth with a view of the lagoon since we couldn't stand the heat outside. If you can stand the heat, I recommend the tables outside which feature an even better view. We were given food menus, but no drink menus which we found odd. We had to ask the waiter what they had which was time consuming. Hubby chose a Bloody Mary and I chose a Strawberry Daiquiri. We both thought they were tasty, but they didn't taste like they had any alcohol in them which was disappointing. We also ordered a bottle of Mexican seltzer water to share which was tasty. We would have ordered Perrier, but they don't offer that brand. After our drinks were delivered another staff member brought out a table to sit at the end of our table and then placed the seafood offerings bowl on it. He described all the seafood and how it would be cooked. While it sounded really tasty, we weren't in the mood for a large meal since it was lunchtime for us and we planned on a large dinner later. When we said no thank you immediately the mood of the waiter changed. It was obvious that he was disappointed we weren't ordering the most expensive food they had to offer. We were the only customers for about twenty minutes and then some groups of customers started arriving. He should have just been grateful he had any customers at all. Nine minutes later we were brought bread and butter along with two salsas. We didn't care for the bread, so we had just a nibble. Three minutes later our entrees were brought out. We were alarmed at the color of Hubby's Ribeye Cheeseburger. As you can see above, it doesn't have the normal dark brown color. It resembles the color of a turkey burger instead. He didn't care for the bun, so he ate it with a knife and fork without the bun. It tasted like a low quality, fatty steak burger. He also didn't care for the potato slices. My Fish 'N Chips were average in flavor and I'm use to being served a more generous portion of fries. 

Our bill came out to around $65 US dollars. They offer the option of paying in Mexican pesos or US dollars. All in all it was a disappointing visit and we don't plan to return. It was so hot in the restaurant that we ate faster than normal so that we could leave as quickly as possible. If they had just made an effort to keep the front door closed, it wouldn't have been so hot! Also, there was a fly that wouldn't leave us alone. We immediately regretted not going back to Harry's Grill instead. What's your favorite restaurant in Cancún?

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