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Green Blender 1st Delivery & 20% Off

Turmeric Ginger Refresh

Ingredients (click on photos to enlarge)

Strawberry Basil


Mint Green Honeydew


Chocolate Coconut Macaroon


Cinnamon Apple Swirl


This is a review of our 1st delivery from a weekly subscription box called Green Blender for $49. If you purchase a month of boxes in advance they offer 10% off and it costs $176. A three month subscription which includes twelve shipments costs $468, which is 20% off. For 20% off your first box, use the coupon code below. Shipments arrive on Thursdays via FedEx. The organic and non-GMO ingredients above were shipped with two ice packs and it was barely cool when it arrived on a day that it was 80 degrees. Thankfully, everything was still in good condition. The only issue I had was the cinnamon was missing. Weekly shipments can be skipped up to four weeks in advance on their website. The five recipes are on one, two-sided piece of two sided 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock. The individual recipes are available online, click on the smoothie name below to see those recipes. I would have preferred having each recipe printed out separately with a color photo of the smoothie just as it's shown online. We also received five very wide, colorful plastic straws, though there are ten servings so that was strange. Weekdays I'll drink both servings myself for breakfast, but on weekends they are shared with Hubby. I don't recommend saving a serving for later since they are best right after blending. Out of the five recipes, I gave two of them four out of five stars and three of of them three out of five stars. Calories ranged from 70 to 225 per serving. I used our Vitamix blender to make all of the smoothies.

This is the last one I tried and I gave it three out of five stars. I had never had a smoothie with squash in it before so I was a bit resistant to try it. I was happy to see kumquats since I really enjoy them. I had never seen fresh turmeric before and I always enjoy fresh ginger in my smoothies. I think this one may have been better with a bit of honey and orange juice added and only ice instead of water & ice. It would have had a stronger flavor with those additions. This one was a bit watery for me. It had 162 calories and it offers detox, an immune boost and anti-inflammatory benefits.

I chose to make this one first since it looked really good and my guess was correct. I gave it four out of five stars and it was scrumptious. It had a strong strawberry and basil flavor with a slight tomato taste and the pineapple and goji berries provided a wonderful sweetness. This one offers immune boosting, anti-inflammatory and beauty benefits. I actually felt an energy boost from this one, so I'm anxious to make it again. I have several health issues that cause a low energy level, so anytime I find something that gives me energy I'm very happy. It had 225 calories.

I'm always nervous when it comes to mint smoothies because sometimes they can be too minty, so I was happy when this one had the perfect amount. It tasted mostly like honeydew and pear with a bit of mint. I didn't taste the swiss chard nor the lemon. I had never tasted camu camu powder before and I don't think it stood out, so I really can't say how it tasted. Hubby & I gave this one three out of five stars. It offers detox, immune boosting and it's low in calories. It comes in at only 70 calories! It's really refreshing and flavorful for such low calories. 

I wanted to try this one first, but the bananas weren't ripe, so I had to wait a couple of days. Hubby & I both gave this one four out of five stars. It's only 133 calories yet it's super yummy and tastes like it has far more calories. This is perfect for when you are craving sugar, dessert or chocolate. It mostly tasted like chocolate and bananas. I didn't taste the kale and I tasted the coconut a wee bit. I think I would add a bit more coconut if I was going to make it again. This one offers energy, beauty and immune boosting benefits.

I gave this recipe three out of five stars. It had mostly an apple flavor. I think it would have been better with more almond butter and perhaps some honey. It looked like it would be too much cinnamon but it landed up not being too much. This one offers energy, beauty and anti-inflammatory benefits. It had 205 calories which seems high for the flavor.

I really enjoyed my first week of smoothies and I had wished that I had received seven instead of five. I'll have to come up with the ingredients on my own for the other two days of the week now that I've decided to have a smoothie daily to give myself a nutrition boost. I enjoyed trying new ingredients that I haven't had in a smoothie before and I'm looking forward to the arrival of our next box. The next one will include the following recipes:
  1. Green Almond Zest
  2. Orange Alma Colada
  3. Strawberry Custard
  4. Citrus Cilantro Cantaloupe
  5. Sweet & Sour Beet
So what do you think of my recipe results, which one looks most appetizing to you? Be sure to check out my other food subscription box reviews before you go. I have reviewed Blue Apron, Green Chef, Hello Fresh, Home Chef, Plated and Terra's Kitchen so far. Stay tuned for my review of Sun Basket next week.

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