Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Julep's Tali Holographic Manicure

Tali - It Girl  

This is a manicure featuring a nail polish from Julep called Tali. All of their nail polishes are named after females. This one is from the It Girl collection and it's a linear holographic nail polish. It's described as "glacier breeze linear liquid holographic". The photo above was taken in direct sunlight. In order to see the holographic nature of this nail polish the sun is required to see it's full effect. Indoors the holographic effect isn't as noticeable. I used three coats of Tali. The first coat was very patchy. The second coat wanted to pull off the first layer so I had to make sure I applied it as horizontal to the nail as I possibly could. The third coat fixed any imperfections from the first and second coat. This nail polish also wanted to fall off the stem, so I left it out of the bottle and only dipped it back in the bottle far enough to apply more polish to the brush and none on the stem. Tali requires a top coat since it looked a bit matte on it's own. I used one coat of Perfect Formula's Manicure Booster as a base coat and one coat of Seche Vite Top Coat. I will apply another top coat in a day or two to keep the polish from chipping longer. I'll update this post later when I discover how long it lasts without chipping. I recommend this polish for sunny days since it's prettiest in the sun. Wouldn't recommend looking at it while driving though because it's very distracting! What's the latest Julep nail polish you have worn?

Update - this polish lasted seven days before chipping.

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  1. I just got Chrissy from the sea and sky set I just love it!

    1. I looked it up and it's very pretty! I love green nail polishes! How was application?


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