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Giveaway & Home Chef Subscription Box - 6th Delivery

 Pimenton Herb Butter Sirloin Steak Ingredients

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Mushroom & Swiss Beef Burger Ingredients

Recipe Results

Portabello Fajita Tacos Ingredients

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Citrus Green Supercharger Smoothies Ingredients

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Fruit Basket with Nectarines

This is a review of the sixth delivery we have received from a subscription box company called Home Chef. We have been really enjoying this subscription more so than their competition and this week's delivery was especially delicious. We enjoyed all three of the dinner recipes, but the smoothie recipe this week was our least favorite so far. It didn't help that our Vitamix broke while making them.

Pimenton Herb Butter Sirloin Steak

Wow was this delicious! The herb butter was so easy and yet so delicious and fancy. It was just butter, parsley, thyme and smoked paprika mixed together. I thought the piquillo peppers were missing, so we went to Whole Foods to replace them. They were out of stock, so I was disappointed until we got home and I pulled out the bag of ingredients and noticed the label on the jar said piquillo peppers. Not having seen them before I was thinking they wouldn't fit in a little jar. Silly me! The sweet potato hash was so delicious and would be great comfort food for when you don't feel well. It's also simple to make and includes sweet potatoes, red onion, piquillo peppers, heavy cream, salt & pepper. We were suppose to be sent sirloin steaks, but it said "butt steak" on the labels. Home Chef says it's the same thing, but I've heard conflicting answers for this question. Are they the same? Anyway, they were delicious, the name just sounded unappetizing. I wish we had cooked them a bit less time since we like our steak medium rare. This one is definitely worth repeating, had 841 calories and took about 45 minutes to cook. It gets four out of five stars.

Mushroom & Swiss Beef Burger

Another winning recipe from Home Chef! Wow were these burgers heavenly. Hubby didn't like them as much since he's not a fan of black truffle oil. He shouldn't have added the aioli to his burger. I was in heaven since I love truffle oil and this one was nice and strong in flavor. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I need to make this aioli again very soon!  It's simply mayo and truffle oil mixed together with some salt & pepper, yum, yum! The meat that was sent had to have been grass fed because I can instantly smell the difference by the smell during cooking. My Shih Tzu dog, Harvey, is also indicator of grass fed beef when his nose goes crazy sniffing and boy was he going crazy this time. It was a nice generous portion and I was sad when I was done, but I shall make this again soon to bring back that joy! We would have liked a bit more swiss cheese, the baby arugula was a nice change, the tomato was ripe and ready to eat, the mushrooms were perfect and the pretzel buns were soft and fresh. This recipe took about 40 mins to prepare, had 850 calories and gets five out of five stars.

Portabello Fajita Tacos

When I asked my husband which of the recipes he wanted to pick for the week, this was one of them he wanted but I did not. I had to inform him it was a vegetarian meal and he still said he wanted to try it. Wow, have things changed. The same man told me to never expect him to eat one single meal without meat when we met and is now requesting a vegetarian meal. Never say never! So I ordered it even though I didn't want it and I use to be a vegetarian but this one didn't look very good to me. Hubby cooked it since he picked it. We landed up both loving this dish, the only complaint would be that it needed a bit more fajita seasoning and it took 60 minutes to prepare, twenty minutes longer than the recipe indicated. The black bean sauce was so delicious and was comprised of mashed black beans, olive oil, red onion, fajita seasoning, juice of 1/2 of a lime, poblano pepper, salt & pepper. Wow was that good, so good that I used the leftover sauce for my lunch tacos the next day, which you can see on my Instagram. I must make this sauce again, perfect for simple lunch tacos. A less caloric dressing than sour cream is their version made with vegenaise, lime juice, lime zest, salt & pepper. It's a very good alternative. This dish received three stars from me though I'd give the bean sauce four stars and Hubby gave it four out of five stars.

Citrus Green Supercharger Smoothies

Sadly, during the process of making these smoothies our four year old Vitamix broke. We will have to replace the drive socket and paid for faster shipping, so it would arrive in time for our next smoothie recipe. We had to remove the ice and place it in my Kitchen Aid food processor to finish the recipe. It wasn't able to grind down the kale enough, so it was kind of a slurp and chew smoothie, certainly not enjoyable at all. This recipe tasted good but sure would have been better with a some sweetness added, perhaps some Greek yogurt or honey would have helped. This recipe had 230 calories and much longer than the 10 minutes indicated since our Vitamix broke.

Fruit Basket with Nectarines

We received the same fruit as we did the previous week. It would be nice if they would send something different each week. Most of the produce was ripe and ready to eat except the nectarines which took a couple of days to ripen. All of it was delicious and I shared samples with my Maltese dog, Leo, who loves fruit, even tart grapefruit!

Well there you have it another review of Home Chef. If you haven't tried out this meal subscription box yet, what are you waiting for? Any questions for me? What is keeping you from giving it a try? We are looking forward to our next box which will arrive today and will include the following:
  1. Cuban Style Pork Chops
  2. Hearty Steak & Goat Cheese Salad
  3. North Indian Aloo Tikki
  4. Farmer's Market Gazpacho
  5. Carmel Apple Smoothies
  6. Pan Seared Chicken Moutarde
  7. Fresh Fruit Basket with Nectarines
I wanted to order all the recipes that were listed on the menu, since they all looked so delicious, but we narrowed it down to those listed above. 

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