Tuesday, June 30, 2015

4th of July Manicure - Sinful Colors' Star Blast Off

Well it's that time of year again, the Forth of July is this coming weekend! What patriotic manicure have you come up with this year? If you need help figuring that out, you are welcome to copy the manicure I came up with above. I chose Julep's red nail polish called Myrtle as a base for the wonderful Sinful Colors top coat called Star Blast Off. Myrtle is from the Classic with a Twist collection and Julep describes it as a flapper red crΓ¨me. I used two coats of it and it was nice and opaque. It was pretty easy to apply except at the cuticle line. I had to make sure I was using the side of the brush that has a nice edge to it, because the other side was crooked. After about ten minutes drying time, I applied Sinful Colors' Star Blast Off which has red, white and blue dots and white stars in a clear base. After I brushed it on, it left red, white and blue dots, but I had to fish out the stars and dab them on. I also went back and dabbed on some more dots where there were bare spots. After about five minutes when the top coat settled, I applied one top coat of Seche Vite. I swatched this top coat on top of white, metallic white and silver nail polishes, but the dots and stars didn't pop enough, so I went with the red color as a base. I just applied it yesterday, so I don't know how long the polish will last nor how easily it chips. I will update this post with that information in about seven days. Also, I will be applying another top coat of Seche Vite before I wash our dogs so that it will last longer. Star Blast Off is available at Walgreens and only costs $1.99. The photo above was taken outside on a mostly cloudy day. Myrtle looks much darker indoors, it has more of a red hot candy color.

So there you have it, my latest manicure. How do you like it and what's on your nails today? Please take a moment and comment below. I have over eighty manicures featured on this blog. Take a quick glance at them all on my Pinterest Manicure Board. Then simply click on the ones you want to read about on my blog, since the photos are linked to their matching blog post. Before you leave, don't forget to enter my Green Blender Smoothie Subscription Box Giveaway and claim your Free Graze Box!

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