Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Julep Joanna & Geo Manicure

This is a manicure using two coats of Julep's Joanna & one coat of Geo on top.  I received Joanna in the Naughty & Nice Mystery Box and I received Geo from a friend as a Christmas gift.  Joanna is really thin and a bit difficult to work with because it wants to fall off the wand while you are painting your nails.  I decided that it would be best not to put the wand back in the bottle as I normally do after painting each nail. What I did was sit it on it's side while I did clean up of the last nail I painted.  Then I placed only the brush in the polish, so that there wasn't any polish on the wand.  This was a bit of a pain.  I really wish Julep would stop making so many of their polishes so thin! When you brush on Geo, the smallest round holographic glitter will stay put, but most of the large diamond pieces will come right off.  I had to dab on the diamond glitter pieces so they would stay put.  I carefully and quickly moved them with the brush, so that they were not overlapping.  The finished nails remind me of an evening gown with one layer of lace and sequins over lilac satin fabric.  The holographic glitter only required one coat of Seche Vite top coat to make it almost smooth.  I added another coat a couple days later and it smoothed it out completely.  Thankfully, the diamond pieces laid flat on the nail. This manicure lasted twelve days without any chipping or tip wear thanks to the addition of Perfect Formula's Manicure Booster base coat and Seche Vite top coat.  Day thirteen and fourteen, a bit of tip wear on the right index finger and thumb.  Now it's time to decide on which nail polish to use next!  Problem is, I can't decide which of my nail polishes to use next!  Does that happen to you?

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