Tuesday, September 3, 2013

KLUTCHclub - August 2013

This is a monthly subscription box for $18 including shipping from a company called KLUTCHclub.  I received an email recently that I would be receiving a box.  I contacted them and told them I had not resubscribed and cancelled over a year ago.  They told me if I had cancelled to ignore the email and then this box arrived.  I checked my credit card account and I was not charged.  Maybe it's a loyalty reward or they made some crazy mistake, they don't even seem to know which is unsettling.  They send 9-12 health & fitness products worth $50 each month.  Included in the August box were the following products:
  1. Nawgan - Alertness Beverage in Mandarin Orange
  2. Flavrz - Organic Drink Mix
  3. PowerBar - Performance Energy in Apple, Mango & Strawberry
  4. PowerBar - Performance Engery in Blueberry & Banana
  5. Good Greens - Soy Greek Yogurt Bar in Blueberry Bliss
  6. Botanical Interests - Wheatgrass seeds (2 packs)
  7. Puritan's Pride - Raspberry Ketones, 30 
  8. Beanfields - Bean & Rice chips, salt 'n pepper flavor
  9. Waves Gear - $25 gift card
  10. Bistro MD - $75 off any program
  11. Delight Gluten Free Magazine - Summer 2012
We tried the Bean & Rice chips first and they were really good.  A bit strong without the addition of salsa.  Hubby tried the Banana & Blueberry PowerBar, which is an apple sauce type of product and he said it's really good.  We haven't had a chance to try the other products yet.  The seeds, box and the magazine had something that looked like melted chocolate on them.  But nothing in the box is made with chocolate and nothing leaked, so that was strange.  The gift cards require that you purchase something, so the Bistro one would cost at least $54.95 for five days worth of food.  While it sounds like a good deal, I'm reluctant to try a company I haven't heard anything about before.  The lowest priced sunglasses are $30, so it would cost $5 plus shipping with the gift card.  They aren't my style, so I'll be passing on that.  There are several coupons in the box also:
  1. Puritan.com - free shipping with a $25 order, code "KLUTCHB"
  2. Goodgreens.com - 50% with code "KLUTCH2013"
  3. PowerBar.com - 15% off & free shipping on orders over $29, code "BLENDSKLUTCH"
Another blogger calculated the value of this box at $31.87 without the gift cards and coupons.  It appears she received more product than I.  I'm missing the Espresso Bar and 4 of the drink mixes.  I had cancelled this box back in June 2012 since it included more coupons and gift cards than samples.  I see they have stepped it up a bit, but it's still not worth $50 unless you include the coupons and gift cards.  Also, after having a difficult time using one of the gift cards, I decided it was enough and cancelled. Check out the last box I received here.

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