Friday, June 28, 2013

Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish in Poppy

Inside in Daylight

Outdoors in Direct Sunlight

This is a nail polish from Ruby Wing that changes colors when you are in direct sunlight.  I bought this with my reward points from Birchbox online, so it was free.  I looked at blogs to decide which of the colors I would try. When the bottle arrived my reaction was:  oh no, that's way too neon of a pink!   I decided to try it the day it arrived since I heard this product doesn't have a long shelf life (about a year) and I was planning to paint my nails that day anyway.  Thankfully, when the nail polish dries it's not the same color as it is in the bottle. Unfortunately, the indoor photo above does not accurately depict the color.  Indoors it is a bright raspberry color which gets darker at night time.  Step outside into the sunlight and the polish only takes about thirty seconds to start changing it's color.  It darkens to the color you see in the second photo above and mostly stays that color. It can get even darker if you hold your hand still in the sun and then it looks like a very dark brownish purple. This is a really fun polish, but check the weather first because you need direct sunlight without clouds!  The light from my skylights or windows doesn't work because the glass has a UV filter on it.  After a couple of days it started showing tip wear due to lots of typing. I used one coat of Perfect Formula's Manicure Booster, two coats of Poppy, one coat of Manicure Booster and one coat of Seche Vite.  I'd suggest using a different top coat than Seche Vite on this one, since it shrunk some on a couple of nails.  It took a little longer than other polishes to dry and was prone to smudging, so make sure you can just sit for forty-five minutes to an hour after painting your nails.  Also, be careful to completely cover the first coat with your second coat or the first coat will stick out since it will be a slightly different color. I'm really anxious to get my hands on some of the nail polishes that change color due to temperature changes. If you have any recommendations on a good one, please comment below!

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