Thursday, June 6, 2013

Influenster - Spring Fever VoxBox

This is a complementary box from Influenster.  Included in the box were the following products:
  1. Schwarzkopf Professional - OSiS Gelastic ultra strong flex gel for a firm finish + $5 off coupon
  2. Secret - Outlast Clear Gel Antiperspirant Deodorant
  3. NYC New York Color - Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm
  4. Tastykake - Kandy Bar Kakes S'mores
  5. Broadway Nails - imPRESS Press-on Manicure
The hair gel is too strong of a hold for my fine, straight hair, but hubby loves it and it works great on his short, wavy, thick hair.  I may land up buying more of the hair gel for hubby when he runs out since he's still happy with it after using it for a week and he's very fussy about his hair styling products.  I use to only use the Secret brand, but lately I've been using Dove.  The Secret brand is a reliable one, which I recommend.  The Big Apple Red lip balm goes on red and it's glossy.  It's very moisturizing and has a nice fresh scent.  It has a cute apple design on the top created by two shades of the red lip balm.  I haven't tried TastyKake in many, many years and have only started seeing it in stores again lately.  It's yummy, but high in calories, this one being 260 calories.  I try to keep my snacks around only 100-150 calories, so this isn't one I'd purchase for myself.  Also, I prefer the flavor of their Butterscotch Krimpets.  The press on nails are really pretty, but they are too short for my long nails.  I'm not going to shorten my nails just to wear them and I'm not a fan on press on nails.  Anything artificial makes me irritable and I just land up yanking them off, so I don't bother anymore.  That's why I prefer my natural nails that grow nice and long thanks to the Biotin supplements I take daily.  I need to pass the press on nails to someone who uses that type of nails.  This was a fun box filled with two brands I had purchased in the past and three I had heard of but never purchased before.  Did you receive a Influenster box lately?  If you would like to join Influenster, I'll send you an invite if you email me.  To check out the last one I received, click here.  

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