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Big Brother 15 - House Tour, New Twists & Rumors

Big Brother 15 House Tour

So are you excited for Big Brother 15 that starts in a week?  Well I am, so I did some research for you to give you the current information that is out there, so you don't have to search for it.  First start with the house tour above.  Isn't the set cool?  I love the 60's, aviation theme!  Second, there will be three nominations for eviction instead of two this year.  Third, the fans will vote for the "Most Valuable Player" aka MVP, you can check out the cast and vote starting tomorrow here.  This is an attempt to keep any of the cast from becoming "floaters".  Do you think that will work, or will we still see floaters?  I think we will continue to see floaters!  Forth, there is a rumor that the sister of past winner Rachel, Elissa Reilly will be playing this season.  You can check out Elissa's twitter feed here.  If it's true, it will be interesting to see how much she's like her sister.  The other rumor, there may be other relatives, ex-girlfriends or boyfriends of past cast members joining also.  Thankfully, no returning cast members this year.  In addition, there will be a larger cast of sixteen and the show will run longer this year. You have until the 25th of this month to sign up for the live feeds at a 20% discount.  Unfortunately, this year Big Brother After Dark on Showtime is being replaced by two hours on TVGN, channel 273 on Directv.  It's not in high definition and it may be live or not, they aren't being clear about that. My guess is since there could be a chance that there will be cursing and nudity, that this will not be a live feed.  So be sure not to miss the party starting Wednesday, June 26th at 8 pm on CBS!  Don't be late!  Thereafter, come back to this blog for updates on what happens overnight on Big Brother.  Big Brother will air on CBS Tuesdays at 9 pm, Wednesdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 8 pm EST.

Update - check out the cast interviews here and the cast photos here and don't forget to vote!  Who are you picking as MVP?  I'm not sure yet, will be checking out the interviews first.  Also, check out a live chat with Rachel Reilly here and an interview with Julie Chen here.

My first impressions from the interviews:

Nick -  will win stuff, may go far in the game, very involved in alliances and deciding their game play, kind of a Dan player.  He should be entertaining but I probably wont like him.

Spencer - will play like the chef Joe did last season, in an alliance part time, he will be used and manipulated and a floater.

Jessie - will play like Jordan, perhaps entertaining, will make it close to the end, wont win much, uses men to win.

Kaitlin -  strong player like Rachel winning competitions and HOH (without crying) and she should be entertaining when playing the boys for fools.  I like her.

Jeremy - the funny one and going after the girls, reminds me of Jeff.  He will go far, maybe win.  I like him.

Helen - the rich, educated one reminds me of Shelley, but wont be as entertaining or last as long.

Elissa - Rachel's sister.  She's not going to be anywhere as good as a player as her sister.  Maybe entertaining with alcohol, otherwise annoying.  Don't think she'll last long and will be embarrassed that she was sent home so fast unless she wins MVP all the time which Rachel fans could easily do.  I'm a Rachel fan, but wont be voting for her sister.

Amanda - the liar and back stabber using her looks which may be entertaining.  She will stick around awhile.

Candice - seeking a boyfriend to manipulate and make him do all the work, seems boring and possibly irritating. Probably gone in the beginning or 1/2 the way.

McCrae - going after the ladies, yeah right LOL, could be very boring & irritating and he wont last long, floater. They will make fun of him behind his back like Ian.

Judd - could be really entertaining if given alcohol.  Hope he loses his temper, bring on the drama! I like him. Reminds me of Frank & Howie.  I like him and he'll be very involved in the alliances and their actions, but he'll be stabbed in the back at least once.

Howard - winner of competitions and a target for elimination, strong alliance is crucial to stay.

GinaMarie - could be irritating if she's not involved in the drama and alcohol, don't think she'll last long.  Reminds me of JoJo.

David - could be entertaining, will win some stuff and hide behind an alliance other times, may be a player like Shane.

Andy - wont win anything, floater, will make it half way after the two alliances are done using him.

Aaryn - boring, wont win anything, out quickly unless she nabs an alliance leader as a boyfriend and then she'll play like Britney or Jordan.

My first impression favorites - Kaitlyn, Jeremy & Judd.  Least interesting players - Aaryn, Candice, GinaMarie & McCrae.  Guess to win - Nick, Kaitlyn or Jeremy.  I'll be voting Jeremy for MVP.  Comment below with  your favorites, guesses on who will win and who gets your MVP vote.

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