Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Healthy Surprise - May 2013

This is a monthly subscription service called Healthy Surprise.  It normally costs $33 plus $6.99 shipping a month, but I used a Plum District coupon for $20 off, so it only cost me $19.99 total.  It includes sixteen to twenty healthy, natural, vegan, organic, gluten & soy free snacks per box.  Included in this box were the following:
  1. Kale Krunch - chips made out of kale
  2. Plentils - chips made out of lentils
  3. Hail Merry - macaroons
  4. Alter Eco - dark almond organic chocolate bar
  5. Peter Rabbit Organics - banana & apple sauce
  6. Just Fruit Bar - apple & raspberry bar
  7. Hail Merry - almonds
  8. Crisps - freeze dried fuji apple
  9. Crunchies - freeze dried pineapple
Hubby & I try to eat only healthy & organic snacks, so this was fun to try.  Hubby didn't like the Kale Krunch and after seeing his expression eating it, I didn't dare.  That was tossed in the trash.  Plentils is one of our favorite potato chip substitutes.  They are really crunchy and delicious and my dogs beg for a sample too!  I highly recommend those, I just wish they came in a larger bag and were less expensive.  They can be found at Target when they are in stock.  Hubby likes the Hail Merry macaroons and the chocolate bar.  I prefer milk chocolate over dark, but it was tasty.  I'm not crazy about the texture of apple sauce, so I'm passing on that snack.  Apple sauce is a good diet food though, if there is no sugar added and it's an ingredient I use to make my dog cookie recipes.  We haven't gotten around to trying the rest of the snacks yet.  It would be helpful if they included a where to buy list, since I haven't seen many of these in stores.  There are many other subscription box reviews on this blog, feel free to look around.  What's your favorite food subscription box?

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