Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Twistband Monthly Subscription Service

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March's Shipment

This is a hair tie monthly subscription service from Twistband.  Each month for $10 including shipping they send $12-16 worth of hair ties and sometimes hairbands, shoelaces or new products.  This brand of hair ties is very popular lately since it doesn't tug or tear at your hair and doesn't cause breakage.  I purchased a three month subscription for only $18 since I had a coupon.  It really pays to search for a coupon online before making any online purchase!  I check RetailMeNot.com and MrRebates.com before every online purchase!  As you can see above I received six hair ties in my March shipment with the St. Patrick's Day theme.  One of them even has a gold good luck charm on it.  This is the first time I have tried out this brand and I am very pleased with them. They work well for my thin, fine, straight hair.  They do not tug like the other brands I have tried.  Since I need to put my hair in a pony tail five to six days a week during exercise, I really go through a lot of hair ties!  They are holding up well even under those circumstances.  Most hair ties irritate me after a few hours and I have to pull them out.  I don't even notice that these are in my hair, so I highly recommend them!  I look forward to seeing what designs and colors of hair ties arrive in April's box.  Have you tried this brand and do you like them as much as I do?

There are many more monthly subscription box reviews on this blog so feel free to browse around!

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  1. This is an interesting sub. but do you need new hairbands every month?

    1. yep, I like having lots of different colors and designs for my different outfits and wearing them during exercise wears them out fast. Not to mention hair bands are like socks they manage to go missing! With the coupon they are very inexpensive!


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