Saturday, March 9, 2013

Julep's Teri & China Glaze's Glitz 'N Pieces Manicure

Teri & Glitz 'N Pieces

Photo taken in sunlight

Julep's Teri is from the March Maven box I purchased and I bought Glitz 'N Pieces from Sally's Beauty Supply. The application of Teri was a challenge.  I had to add Seche Vite's Restore several times to reduce the thickness and yet I still had a hard time applying it.  It was just going on too thick and the polish was sticking to the wand above the brush and then dropping on my hand while I was applying the polish to the nail!  That's about as bad as a polish can get when it does that!  I'm not one to give up so I continued with the application, but I wont be using this polish again.  I was hoping to use the March Maven Julep pastel polishes in a marble design, but I tried it and they are all too thick.  Usually Julep is one of the polish brands that I try when coming up with a marble design since they are thin polishes normally.  No matter how much Restore I added to this polish it just didn't improve the thickness much at all.  Also, the next day I had to touch up the ends and decided it was just too boring a manicure and added Glitz 'N Pieces to liven it up.  Strange how the polish looks like a pastel coral in the bottle, but on the nails it looks like more of a southwest coral.  I landed up with two coats of Teri and one coat of Glitz 'N Pieces.  Glitz 'N Pieces is easy to apply and only one coat is needed.  One or two top coats is required on top to make it smooth.  So what do you think of these two polishes together?  If you purchased a Maven box in March, did you find the polishes to be thick also?  I had skipped my Maven boxes for months and was really excited to finally receive one again, but I found it disappointing so far.    

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