Saturday, March 16, 2013

Julep's Lucky Manicure

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Photo taken in sunlight

Happy St. Patrick's Day tomorrow to those that are Irish!  I'm not Irish, instead I'm Scottish, English & Swedish. Since hubby is part Irish, I had to do a green manicure for St. Patrick's Day.  I tried a nail art shamrock design, but I just didn't like it enough.  I decided on using the color Lucky from Julep.  This nail color looks like there is a light under it making it shine in any light.  The reflection is incredible, it's almost a green foil look in person.  It can look darker or lighter depending on the light.  As I sit here typing this, it looks much lighter than the photo above.  The gold coins are reflecting more.  Now on to the application:  it was a thick gloopy mess, but I managed to get one coat of it on after two coats of Sephora by OPI's Gleek Out.  Gleek Out is as close of a match as you will find!  It's a green and gold micro glitter polish that goes on very thin.  I didn't dare try putting on a second coat of Lucky, so using Gleek Out as a base was a perfect solution.  If you wanted to wear Gleek Out alone, you would need at least three coats for full coverage.  That one would also make a nice St. Patrick's Day manicure.  One coat of Poshe top coat was enough for most nails, two nails have gold coins sticking out a bit.   So I will be applying a second coat of Poshe today.  I normally use Seche Vite as a top coat, but I find it shrinks Julep polishes sometimes.  Lucky came in my last Julep Maven box, check it out here.  So what are you wearing for St. Patrick's Day and are you Irish?

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