Saturday, March 9, 2013

Julep Maven March Shipment

March It Girl Box

It Girl Box with 3 Add On's

Swatches of:  Shenae, Simone, Teri, Minnie, Adrianna & Lucky

Don't you love pastel nail polish!  I couldn't skip March's box, how could I, look at those beautiful colors! Included in my box from left to right were the following:
  1. Shenae - pastel blue with shimmer, It Girl Box
  2. Simone - pastel lilac with shimmer, It Girl Box
  3. Teri - pastel coral creme, It Girl Collection
  4. Minnie - pastel pink with shimmer, Bombshell Box
  5. Adrianna - pastel pistachio creme, Bombshell Box
  6. Lucky - kelly green and gold glitter, add on
  7. Strawberry Mint Lip Balm (not in photo)
This is a monthly box from a nail polish company called Julep.  It's $19.99 including shipping each month.  You can add on up to four other polishes for only $5 each, they retail for $14.  They also give points for purchases and referrals that you can redeem for free polish.  Each month you purchase a box, you will receive 300 points and for referrals you receive 1000 points. 750 points is good for a free polish with the purchase of a monthly box and 2000 points for a free box.  Each month on the 20th they will send you an email and you can chose which box you would like that month or skip that month by the 24th.  They are then shipped around the 28th and they arrive within 4-5 days for the east coast customers, sooner if you are closer to the west coast.

If you would like your own Maven box, please use my referral link here.  If you use that link and the coupon code "FREEBOX" you will receive your first box for free!

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