Thursday, February 28, 2013

GlossyBox February 2013

February's GlossyBox Shipment:

Evologie, Lisi, Nail Rock, Bvlgari, DaVinici  

This is a shipment from a monthly cosmetic sample subscription service called GlossyBox for $21.  In this shipment were the following:
  1. Evologie - Intensive Blemish Serum & Stay Clear Cream
  2. Lisi - Liquid Line Eyeliner, color Cauldron
  3. Nail Rock - Nail Wraps
  4. Bvlgari - soap
  5. Da Vinci Cosmetics - Shimmer Powder
This was suppose to be an "International Style" box featuring items from France, England, Germany, Japan and the US.  I am very unhappy with this box because that was not what I received.  These products in the order listed above are from the following countries:  US, China, UK, Italy, US.  Note that products from France, Germany & Japan were not in this box!  It was totally false advertising and I would have not purchased this box, if it had been a normal GlossyBox.  Also, they have you fill out a beauty profile, so that your box is tailored to your beauty needs.  That is obviously just a marketing tool and not referred to because I have received items that didn't match my skin tone previously and I do not have acne, so they shouldn't be sending me acne products!  Their customer service department doesn't care when you complain about this issue.  They have a take it or leave it attitude!  While I like the nail wraps, I'm concerned that they were not in a sealed container. Previous ones I have purchased were sealed and it said in the directions to keep it sealed until use because they would dry out.  If you purchased this brand before, please let me know if your package was sealed.  I also like the soap, but the rest of the items are not items I will be using.  I will be putting them on my blog sale.  If you are interested in items 1, 2 and 5, check out my blog sale here.

I have received four previous shipments and after being disappointed more times than being satisfied, I cancelled my membership.  I have cancelled my membership yet again and unsubscribed from their email list.  Needless to say, their false marketing will not grab my attention ever again.  Have you received any of their boxes and what did you think of the products you received?

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