Saturday, August 18, 2012

Big Brother 14 - POV Winner

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging for a Big Brother Update!  The winner of the POV competition today on Big Brother is:


As a big fan of the American Big Brother Show on CBS, I'm going to be posting some live updates till the finale. The POV competition was played by Ian, Boogie, Frank, Shane, Jenn & Ashley.  It went on for over 7 hours, well the feeds were down that long!  Normally it's around 2-3 hours.  The feeds came back with the backyard clear of any competition stages, so they could have shown what was going on hours prior to this.  Several of the house guest took 2 hour naps before the feeds came back.

Last night was entertaining since Shane put Boogie & Frank on the block and Ian told the quack pack  (Shane, Britney, Danielle, Dan & Ian) that Boogie & Frank were going to put Britney & Shane on the block.  Which wasn't true, Frank wanted to get rid of Dan and Boogie wanted to get rid of Britney in a couple of weeks. Ian is the spy for the quack pack since Boogie thinks Ian is on his side. Wake up Boogie! So an hour before putting anyone on the block, Shane changed his mind from floaters to Boogie & Frank.  Since Boogie went for the $10K instead of HOH or safety, he was quite upset by the Silent Six alliance (Boogie, Frank, Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane) being broken by Shane and blamed Dan for Shane's change of plans.  Dan was called out as a liar (yippee) and he just lay there and said nothing, literally lying down which he seems to do 95% of the time.  Dan wouldn't say if it was him nor name Ian as the one who really told everyone this info to the quack pack.  Shane blamed Britney for his decision and Britney was very angry he told this to Boogie & Frank.  Danielle was kept out of the meeting between Shane, Britney, Dan, Boogie & Frank and was very upset (LOL).  Boogie & Frank used this to their advantage and told her she couldn't trust Dan or Shane.  Watching Boogie sell his ideas to the silent six is extremely entertaining.  What a salesman!  I'm hoping he can pull it off this week too.  Wasn't originally a Boogie fan, but Janelle was boring this season and Boogie has been very entertaining.  Dan needs to wake from his coma, so boring, laying around all day.  The final two deals so far:  Dan & Boogie, Danielle & Britney, Joe & Shane.  

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