Thursday, July 5, 2012

Julep Nail Polish

Intro Kit - Classic with a Twist box:
 Inside box:
 Goodies inside:
(click on photos to enlarge)

Julep is a company that offers a monthly subscription for $20 a month.  Above you will see the introduction box for those that answer the questionnaire and are evaluated as a "Classic with a Twist".  Now a lot of these websites do the questionnaires just to make you think they are tailoring your products to your preferences and are frankly not truthful. This is the only questionnaire that I have tried that is accurate. These colors match the new outfits I recently purchased!  This subscription box is centered on the nail polish line they offer.  They have hit the big time now, they are now offering their polish on Sephora and QVC, two of my favorite stores.  Included in my first box:
  1. Toe dividers - to keep your toes apart while you polish
  2. Pedi Creme - foot moisturizer for those cracked heals
  3. Rose - a watermelon red creme color
  4. Robin - robin's egg blue creme color
They will email you with USPS tracking.  My order was placed on June 24th, shipped on the 26th and was delivered on June 28th, now that's fast shipping!  Each month you subscribe, you can skip a month or cancel at anytime.  You will be sent a link where you will see what they have chosen for you based on your questionnaire, but you are free to chose a different box that month on the 20th of the month till the 24th of the month and you can add an additional polish for $5 to your order.  The boxes are then mailed out on the 27th of each month.  As a member you receive 20% off all their products at any time. Get your first box for only a penny with the code "MAVENINTRO" at

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, comments appreciated and Have a PEACEful Day!  
Update - I used these polishes in a Gradient Manicure, see it here.


  1. I couldn't agree more that this is the only accurate "style" survey I ever took. I was rather amazed by it. I have the same exact box in the mail right now. Can't wait to try the polish. I'm such a subscription box and nail polish addict ^_^
    ok... I can't seem to stop commenting on your posts, lol.

  2. Wow, you do really have the same style as me then, candleashes, LOL I have a nail design in mind for these 2 colors, so keep an eye on my blog. Don't forget to check their website the 20-24th of the month, you can chose a different box in case you don't agree with their selection for you. Looking forward to the preview of August's box tomorrow! I know, the subscription boxes are so addicting, such a bargain!


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