Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blissmo Box For Dogs - June 2012

 Outside of box

 Inside of box
 Inside of Box
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 Leo investigating box
 Leo likes his box
 Leo smells chicken, his favorite cookie flavor!
Info sheet and one other product found in box

This is my first Blissmo box and I must say I am very happy with it!  Leo and Teddy (Malteses) and Issy and Harvey (Shih-Tzus) are very happy with this box also!  I love being able to have dog goodies come via mail, since my wuffies feel left out with all the goodies I receive.  Leo's favorite food is chicken, so he was most interested in the bag of chicken "The Barkers Dozen" cookies.  My dogs are very picky about store bought cookies because I make them home made dog cookies every week.  So these cookies pass the test and that's not easy with my 4 wuffies.  3 of my 4 dogs were able to eat these cookies just as they are, but Leo needed me to break his because it was too hard and big for his little mouth. Here's a list of what was in this box:
  1. The Barkers Dozen - 4 oz bag of organic chicken dog treats
  2. Dura Doggie Design - orange nebo diabetes awareness ball
  3. Puppy Dust - shake on top of food
  4. Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits - soft and chewy chicken cookies
  5. The Honest Kitchen, Embark - dehydrated turkey and veggies, just add water, store and serve
Teddy loves the ball, he's been trying to catch it in the air since it bounces a lot.  The others dogs were interested, but Teddy loves playing fetch the most.  He's been very happy with this ball and playing with it everyday since it arrived.  He actually chose it from his huge box of toys the next day.  The puppy dust isn't as well liked as the other products, my dogs aren't so crazy for products with the peanut butter flavor.  This is a perfect product for those with dogs that need an extra on their food to get them to eat their dinner.  My dogs are already use to getting an extra every night (chicken and chicken broth).  Haven't tried the Embark product yet, but will be great for on top of their dry food for a change and would be great for traveling.  Cloud Star Biscuits use to be a product I purchased until I started making my own cookies, these just don't pass the test anymore.  My dogs just let them sit on the floor and wait till nothing else is around to eat.  Usually Issy eats the leftover cookies that get rejected.    So there you have it, my review.  I will be looking forward to the next box.  Blissmo Box is a monthly subscription service for $19 and they have many different types of boxes.  Sign up now so you can receive next month's box at Blissmo. Please follow my blog or leave a comment.  Have a PEACEful Day!

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