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BurgaBox of the Month Club Review - January 2017 & $10 Coupon

The Barnyard Burga - January 2017

Ingredients - Part 1

Ingredients - Part 2 (click on photos to enlarge)

This is a review of a new monthly food subscription box called BurgaBox. Celebrity chef Paul Malvone comes up with a new creation each month. It costs $59.00 for the box including shipping and handling. If you use the $10 coupon link below, it will cost $49.00 for your first box. The order deadline each month is the 10th and the website says it will be shipped on 3rd Wednesday of the month. Mine was shipped on Tuesday and arrived on Thursday. We waited until Saturday to make the burgers. I highly recommend cooking just one of the burgers, cut it in half and share, if you don't want to overeat. That way it would be four servings rather than two servings bringing down the calorie count and the price! Since each burger is half a pound, one burger is the equivalent of two 1/4 lb. burgers! 

The January box is called The Barnyard Burger since is features a little bit of everything from the farm. It includes chicken, pork, and beef. The burger is made up of a bakery fresh bun, blue cheese dressing, honey BBQ sauce, bacon, buttermilk fried chicken, white American cheese, angus beef patty, tomato and lettuce. The sides are baked beans, cole slaw, Florentine Mac & Cheese and Poutine French Fries. Here's a video description:

The Florentine Mac & Cheese is made with sautéed spinach, oven roasted tomatoes sliced Italian sausage, cheese and pasta. The fries are topped with poutine gravy and cheddar cheese curds. 

We gave the burger five out of five stars, the beans four stars, cole slaw three stars, the fries three stars and the mac & cheese three stars. The burger didn't reduce in size during cooking. The BBQ sauce was tasty since it wasn't too strong and the blue cheese dressing was very good. The buns were ok, but I would have preferred a softer bun. The bacon was of high quality and delicious. The batter on the fried chicken was scrumptious. We would have like more lettuce and the burger would have been even better with a beefsteak tomato instead. Hubby didn't like the gravy for the fries and I didn't bother trying it since I'm not a fan of gravy on my fries. The fries had a tasty batter coating on the outside. The mac & cheese would have been much better if the sausage had been cut into small pieces and there had been more pasta. The burgers took about seven minutes to cook per side, whereas the recipe says three to five. The BBQ spice on the burgers was perfect. The mac & cheese, fried chicken and fries needed twice as long as the recipe indicated to warm up. The instructions indicated that it would take thirty minutes to prepare, but it took Hubby double that. While it was cooking there were so many delicious smells that it drove our dogs nuts. 

While we really enjoyed the experience I don't think we will be trying it again anytime soon. It's just too much food for one serving and too many calories. It was a really fun experience though and we laughed at each other trying to each such a wide burger. They also offer one time purchases on their website of burgers, sides, Super Bowl Sideline Spread Box and several other offerings. Check out their website today to see what interests you and be sure to use my $10 coupon below which will apply to anything in their shop.

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BurgaBox - $10 off your first purchase

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