Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mast General Store Review - Winston Salem, NC

516 North Trade Street
Winston Salem, NC  27101
(336) 727-2015

Exterior View

Interior View and Old Fashioned Candy by the Pound

Our Purchases (click on photos to enlarge)

If you haven't made a visit to the brand new Mast General Store that recently opened in downtown Winston Salem, what are you waiting for? It was founded in 1883 and there are nine locations which are located in three states:  North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. The Winston Salem location is a lovely store that has clothing, gifts, candy, walking canes, food, drinks, snacks, kitchen items, cards, stones, art work, tea, toys, hiking equipment, shoes, jewelry and much more. This location has two stories of large floor space which are fully stocked with goods, so there is a lot to see. Free parallel parking is available in the front of the store along Trade Street and there is a parking deck on the right side that has an entrance to the middle of the store on the ground level. 

After having a delightful lunch at Mary's Gourmet Diner just up the street, we took a five minute stroll down to the Mast General Store. I was anxious to see it having heard about it prior to it's opening. We were there during the Grand Opening and they had a live band which made it that much more festive. The store was full of happy customers. We started looking at the t-shirts first since I needed a new one for exercising. So I couldn't resist the cute dog t-shirt you see in the above photo. Then I found the "Not all who wander are lost" Volkswagen Bus printed canvas artwork and just had to purchase that since it's so unique and the license plate says "peace" so it's perfect for me. Though it does make me miss my green VW Beetle. Next we landed up in the huge candy section which had barrels and barrels of old fashioned candy from long ago. There was candy from my childhood, candy from my husband's childhood that I didn't recognize and some current candy that can be found in any candy shop. All you do is grab a green bucket near the front end and fill it up, but be careful because you might buy more candy than you can eat! If I remember correctly, it's $7.99 a pound and they weigh it at the cash register for you. I'm only showing in the photo some of the candy we bought. Hubby had eaten most of it before I had a chance to take the photo.  Skip the chocolate candy, if you can't keep it from melting prior to your arrival home. After we were done oohing and aahing over the candy and reminiscing about our childhood, we landed up in the kitchen section and I picked up some of the southern tea bags. We moved on downstairs and checked out the shoes, maps, hiking equipment and clothing. Later we went back upstairs and went to the front registers where Hubby checked out and I looked at the lovely jewelry and bags.

We then took a walk back to Mary's Gourmet Diner's parking lot and along the way stopped at a few of the shops on the way. This made for a lovely Saturday afternoon and I highly suggest you make your way to downtown Winston Salem sometime soon to enjoy the same lovely experience.

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