Tuesday, January 21, 2014

FACE Stockholm Aphrodite Manicure

This is manicure using a pink holographic nail polish named Aphrodite from the Swedish cosmetics company FACE Stockholm.  This polish goes on so easily, it has the perfect consistency. Usually holographic polishes can be tricky to apply due to them being streaky and drying too quickly, but not this one!  I used one base coat of Perfect Formula's Manicure Booster, two coats of Aphrodite, and one coat of Seche Vite top coat.  It is opaque with one coat, but a bit lighter in color than in the bottle, so I added a second coat.  Seche Vite doesn't alter the holographic polish like some top coats can.  You have to be careful in your top coat selection for use with holographic polishes because some will reduce the holographic reflection. This polish is wearing well which isn't typical for holographic polishes.  I have been wearing it for nine days now and there is only a little bit of tip wear on my right thumb, index finger and middle finger.  I just added a little more Aphrodite polish at the edge to those three nails and then added another top coat to all nails.  Sometimes the top coat will lose a bit of it's shine after seven days or so, so I add another coat at that time.  I highly recommend this holographic nail polish!  You can see the other colors I bought in my FACE Stockholm haul.  I also used this polish and two others for my Holographic Dry Marble Manicure.  

Well there you have it my latest manicure.  I have featured on this blog fifty eight of my manicures. Take a quick glance at them all on my Pinterest Manicure Board.   Then simply click on the ones you want to read about on my blog, since they are linked to the matching blog post. Also, check out my Nail Polish Collection. I'm selling some of my new & used nail polish on my Blog Sale, see them all on my Nail Polish For Sale Pinterest Board.

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