Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Julep's 50% Off Sale - November 2013

I found out Julep was having a incredible sale where everything was on sale 50% off including sale items and Maven priced items.  So all of the above only cost me $15.38 with free shipping!  Retail value is $90!  A savings of $74.62!  What a bargain!  What I bought during the sale:
  1. Casper - glow in the dark shimmer $2.49, $14 retail value
  2. Kai - blue sea salt finish, $1.99, $14 value
  3. Edith - cherry blossom pink creme with holographic glitter $3.50, $14 value
  4. The Champagne Trio - Amity, Clio & Reiko $4.99, $42 value
  5. Sparkle Hair Ties - $2.40, $6 value
Did you buy anything during the sale?  One complaint I have is the slow shipping.  It took ten days to arrive. Also, I found out they don't email their bargains to everyone at the same time. I have talked to other Mavens and there are several different times they email, which I find very strange. Everyone should be emailed the bargains at the same time so that it is fair!  Often I'll find out about a sale on a message board or from a friend prior to receiving the email. As you know really good bargains sell out fast, so that doesn't sit well with me.  I post bargains that I find on Twitter.  So be sure you follow me there to find out about these deals!

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