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Julep's Warehouse Sale Haul - June 2013

Julep Haul

Swatches - Wendy, Carol, Angelica, Marie & Kylie (in the sunlight)

I purchased all of the above for only $23.00 during the Julep Warehouse Sale on the 17th of June.  Some customers received notification of the sale via email on Saturday while others like myself received that email on Monday.  Thankfully, I found out from other customers about the sale prior to receiving the email before everything was sold out.  I shared information about the sale via Twitter.    You may want to follow me on Twitter to find out about bargains like this one.  Included in my haul  are the following products:
  1. Feet 101 - foot file, Best Pedi Prep Ever, Kylie, toe separators, $6
  2. Sparkle Hair Ties - set of 2, $2 ($6 value)
  3. Rock Candy Collection - Wendy, Carol, Angelica & Marie, $10 ($56 value)
  4. Cabochon Ring - $1 ($14 value)
  5. Pink Body Frosting - $2 ($18 value)
  6. Pomegranate Body Creme - $2 ($18 value)
I look forward to trying the Best Pedi Ever along with the foot file.  Foot files wear out, so I needed a new one. The Kylie nail polish is a magnetic polish and you can see on the swatch above the design it makes when you use a magnet on it.  I used my Nails Inc magnet since this one didn't come with a magnet.  I love magnetic polish, so I look forward to wearing that one in fall since it's more of a fall color.  I can always use more hair ties and these look really pretty.  I had seen the Rock Candy Collection at Sephora and really wanted my namesake polish Wendy and my mother's namesake Carol, but $14 each was way more than I was willing to pay.  So I was really excited to be able to buy them for $2.50 each!  Above you will see the entire collection's swatches each having three coats, except Wendy.  Wendy wasn't an easy polish to work with.  Too much of the polish was traveling to the edges, as you may be able to notice above.  Then the top coat totally ruined it even after waiting several minutes for it to dry.  To fix it I had to add another coat.  Wendy ended up with four coats and it has bubbles in it. So I guess with the Rock Candy collection you have to wait for the polish to dry completely before putting on a top coat which is really inconvenient and it takes a longer time than other polishes to dry.  They are jelly polishes and as a result even after three or four coats you can still see through to your nail underneath. They are great for layering with glitter top coats.  Simply paint one or two coats of the jelly polish, then one coat of a glitter top coat and then another coat of the jelly polish.  This will create an effect that the glitter is floating in between the layers.  You can also use them on top of an opaque polish in a similar color to slightly change the look of the polish underneath or  over a white polish.  The ring isn't of a great quality, so I'm glad I only paid $1 for it.  You paint nail polish on bottom of the cabochon to create a matching ring to your manicure.  I've tried the Pink Body Frosting before in a Maven box and it runs a bit on the greasy side and you have to be careful not to use too much.  I'm looking forward to trying the Pomegranate one this week.  What did you buy in during the sale?

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