Friday, April 12, 2013

Ipsy - April 2013

Pretty in Pink

Ipsy's April Shipment

After being on their wait list for several weeks I was able to become a subscriber to Ipsy.  I was a member when they were known as "My Glam".  I had unsubscribed due the lack of quality products and makeup bags.  After looking at several blog reviews over the past few months and seeing that their shipments had improved, I decided to try this monthly cosmetic sample subscription service again.  This service is $10 per month including shipping, which makes it very budget friendly.  The theme for April is "Pretty in Pink" and you'll notice that most of the items are the color pink.  Included in April's shipment were the following cosmetics:
  1. Big Sexy Hair - Powder Play, volumizing & texturizing powder (coupon $5 off $25 at Ulta "108888")
  2. Sation - nail lacquer in the color Of Corset I'll Call You (coupon 20% off "IPSY30")
  3. Two Cosmetics - heartache duo eyeshadow (coupon 25% off "IPSTER")
  4. Be a Bombshell - sweet cheeks blush (coupon 30% + free shadow "IPSY30")
  5. Makeup bag - fuchsia & off white stripes inside & " by you"
This is a pretty good shipment, since three of the items are full sized.  I'm not sure about using powder in my hair, that's a bit weird for me, though I know others rave about this type of product.  I think I'll give it a try to see what everyone loves so much about it.  The nail lacquer is a jelly type and would look pretty layered a couple times with a glitter top coat.  I'm familiar with items 1 & 2, but not 3 & 4.  Have you heard of Two Cosmetics or Be a Bombshell before?  I wish they would provide purchasing information for these products, I've only seen item 1 in stores.  I have no idea where to purchase the rest and isn't it the point to send samples in hopes of customers purchasing them again in the future!  They do provide their website information for purchasing, but I'd like to know what physical stores they sell them in.  I am selling items 3 & 4 on my Blog Sale, so check it out if you would like to purchase them for $2.50 each plus shipping.  I look forward to the next shipment in May. What's your favorite cosmetic subscription service?

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