Thursday, February 14, 2013

Barefoot Contessa Red Velvet Cake Mix Review

Happy Valentine's Day


Barefoot Contessa Red Velvet Cupcake Mix, Kerrygold Irish Butter, Raskas Cream Cheese, and Farm House Cage Free Large Eggs


I made this for hubby for Valentine's Day.  He loves red velvet cake and the way to his heart is definitely via his taste buds!  Our dogs thought I was making them something since I bake mainly for them these days since sugar isn't a part of my diet.  I enjoy baking, but not the calories.  When I saw this Barefoot Contessa cupcake mix at The Fresh Market on sale, I decided to give a few of her mixes a try since I love her show on the Food Network so much.  Her mixes are quite pricey, but if you can find them on sale they are affordable.  While I can't cook like her, I definitely can bake like her!  

The directions are easy to follow and the cupcakes came out yummy.  Each cupcake has 250 calories and they are not as sweet as I'm use to.  If you prefer more of a european flavor with less sugar, I recommend these.  I'm so use to American bakeries overuse of sugar now, unfortunately that's what I prefer these days.   I recommend using Kerrygold Irish Butter since it's softer and tastes better.  Your frosting will have more a yellow tone, since this butter is what butter use to look like in the 70's before they started altering cows' diets to save money.  I use to be a fan of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, but since we tried Raskas from Costco, I much prefer it.  It's like Philadelphia Cream Cheese use to taste like many years ago.  Raskas cows are not treated with rBST.  Both the Kerrygold Butter & Raskas cream cheese can be found at Costco.  BJ's & some organic grocery stores also sell the Kerrygold butter.

So there you have my review.  I have two more of her mixes to share with you soon.  One I forgot to post that I tried months ago, a blondie mix and a coconut cupcake mix I shall try in about a month.  I'll need to find some other people to help eat them, since ten cupcakes are two many for just the two of us.    I also did a review on a red velvet cake mix for dogs, check it out here.

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Have a PEACEful Day!

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