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QVC's Tarte TSV - February 2013

Journey to Natural Beauty
Six-piece collection

Tarte TSV Item A233804

This is an advanced order of the Tarte TSV (Today's Special Value) that will be aired  February 5th on QVC, which is on channel 317 on Directv.  You can order this now with the item #A233804 for three payments of $19.98 plus shipping and handling of $6.97 & tax or one payment of $59.94 plus shipping & tax.  This is for the auto-delivery which will include a second shipment in June & a third shipment in November.  You also have the option of ordering a one time shipment with the item #A233578.  The retail value of the kit is over $160! Bargain!

Included in this Tarte TSV are the following products:
  1. The Brow Architect Brow Shaper, liner & definer - $19.50 value
  2. Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation in Fair, Light, Medium, Tan or Deep  -$38.00 value
  3. Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush - $32.00 value
  4. Amazonian Clay Blush in the color Fearless - $25.00 value
  5. Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self Tanner Sample .5 fl oz - $2.72 value
  6. Amazonian Butter Lipstick - $24.00 value
  7. Lights, Camera, Flashes! Statement Mascara - $19.00 value
  8. Chic, travel-friendly bag - $? value
It indicates that there are only 6 pieces in the collection, in fact there are eight plus a pamphlet.   I ordered this on January 10th and it arrived on January 14th.  When I ordered it said it wouldn't ship until February, but as it should with advanced orders, it was shipped immediately.  So don't stress if you order and it says it wont ship to February!

The Brow Architect Brow Shaper, liner & definerThe brow shaper is a three in one brow perfector, you can shape and define brows with ease.  Mine came in fair and it works pretty well for my dark blonde brows.  I look forward to seeing instructions on this product when they feature it on air.   Be careful with the center compartment that houses the concealer, it must have a spring on it cause it came bouncing back out at me when I tried to put it back in after the first use!

Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation -  the only product I have tried before was the foundation in Ivory and the foundation brush.  I really love them both.  The Ivory is for very fair skin with a pink tone.  I was disappointed that the TSV didn't offer any of the pink toned foundations.  But this is such a good value, it's still worth purchasing and you could give away or sell the foundation if it's not right for your skin tone. I am thinking of mixing the two foundations Fair & Ivory or using Bare Escentuals' Advanced Clear Radience to give some pink back to my skin after using the Fair foundation.  That product was included in another BE TSV, so you may already have that product in your stash as I do.  I tried the Fair version alone today and it does conceal redness perhaps better than the Ivory.  I could get away with either color, though I still prefer Ivory.  I have found that I need to exfoliate on a regular basis or I have some dry patches that aren't noticeable until after the foundation is applied and that's on combination skin.  I was using Bare Escentuals powder foundation for over seven years, but now that I'm older it makes my wrinkles more obvious.  After much research and some sampling, I decided to go with the Tarte foundation.  In the pamphlet it says they are coming out with a powder foundation in March, which sounds exciting!  It has a really pretty container and airbuki brush.  The item # is A232155 for $43.50 on  If you give it a try, please come back and leave a comment, I would love to know what that one is like!

Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush - the foundation brush is the best I've ever tried and if you are nervous about using a liquid foundation, this will assist you in your application.  I wouldn't even dare to apply it with anything else.  It's so soft and applies the foundation without caking.

Amazonian Clay Blush - the blush has some gold in it.  The compact is a little difficult to open and requires your fingernail to open.  It also includes a mirror.  Wow, this goes on heavy!  Be sure to barely dab the blush with your brush!  This is a very bright color.  I think a more earthy color would go better with the lipstick.

Brazilliance Skin Rejuvenating Maracuja Self Tanner -  this is only .5 fl oz, so I can't imagine getting much coverage with it, perhaps you could just do your legs giving a look of wearing stockings.  I am not a fan of self tanners.  I will have to look up the reviews on this before even trying it.  If you have tried this product before, please comment below how you like or dislike it.

Amazonian Butter Lipstick -  this is very moisturizing and is in a very earthly natural looking color.  The color is called plummy rose.  I'm not really seeing any plum, more a dark earthy brick color.  The container is cardboard with a metal piece holding the lipstick.  I'm not crazy about the use of the cardboard, I think by the time I get to the bottom of the lipstick the container wont look so great.

Lights, Camera, Flashes! Statement Mascara -  I really like their other mascara which didn't irritate my sensitive eyes and it didn't feel like I had mascara on.  This one seems very similar, if not the same.  It gives a more natural look, giving the lashes a dark color and making them appear longer.  It was a little challenging with the lower lashes.  I had to remove some with a q-tip.  It didn't go on clumpy on the top lashes, but it did on the lower ones.

Purple Bag - is very pretty and could be used as a clutch.  Seems too pretty to use just as a makeup bag, but it certainly would be good for traveling.

So there you have it, the next Tarte TSV that will be on QVC in February.  What do you think and are you going to purchase this one?  What's your favorite brand of cosmetics?  I'm an ex-Bare Escentuals customer of over seven years who is now leaning towards mostly purchasing the Tarte & MAC lines.

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Update - the brow shaper and the mascara broke, the plastic parts on them.  I contacted QVC and Tarte. QVC gave me a store credit for the brow shaper and Tarte said I would have to ship it at my cost back to them to get an exchange.  Since so many other people were complaining about theirs breaking also, getting an exchange at my cost for shipping would be a waste of my time and money, so I went with the QVC credit.  Then the mascara broke a couple weeks later and mind you I had only used it a couple of times. The plastic part at the top that pulls the mascara off the wand broke, so it was just a blob of mascara on the wand and unusable. I have never had this issue with any brand of mascara, not to mention such an expensive one such as Tarte! At this point I'm tired of dealing with the lack of quality from QVC and Tarte, so I'm done with both companies. I'm tired of complaining and as a result I cancelled my auto-delivery with Tarte and QVC.  Money talks and neither are getting my money.  1st strike this year, QVC sent out smaller sizes of the French croissants, then after being on auto-delivery since 2009 with WEN, they sent me 1/2 the previous sizes on 2 of the 3 items and denied it, then these Tarte issues. All of this causes me to decide that I am done with QVC.  QVC has lost a customer of 24 years.  Goodbye QVC! They have fired way too many quality hosts and they are treating their customers to the opposite claims of what they started their business as:  Quality, Value & Convenience, where is it now, QVC?  

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  1. I too ordered this on jan 6 but its not coming in til Wednesday!!! I'm so excited to get my tarte shipment in!

    1. The TSV's are so exciting, they are such a bargain! Drop by and let us know what u thought of this TSV when it arrives!

  2. Love your blog! I'm debating on getting this one but lovin the blush as usual and the new brow liner. Are you adding new items to the blog sale?

    1. ty, juk723! Yep, added some new items and lowered prices, trying to rush them out the door b4 the usps increases shipping prices on the 27th of this month!

  3. I found you for the Tarte TSV but I also just bought China Glaze Trap-eze and sent my sis the dog bone recipe! Great blog!! My blog is nothing but hidden QVC limited quantity priced items. I hope you might find it useful. Yours was for me! Thank you!

    1. You're welcome, glad u found it useful and thanks for joining, joined urs 2.

  4. Hi, I just left a question for the ladies on the Q for assistance w/shade selection. Next while waiting, don't know what made me think to do it, decided to put Tarte TSV into google & found *you*! And, able to see the Kit! Thank you very much & glad I found your page not only for this but in general :-)

    Would you assist me w/shade question & other questions on this kit? Would greatly appreciated your assistance. I do have lots of questions :-( ---- since w/age & menopause/changes I find it hard to look nice & haven't even had a foundation due to the changes. :-o So I am in need of the basics which also attracted me to this kit.

    Foundation: I'm not sure if I'm yellow undertone anymore: older/menopause/changes - this foundation seems like it may be my answer so I can look nice again :-).

    The med. looks too dark. Do you have a suggestion re: selecting between the Fair or Light. At the Q boards I asked if looking at the Neck is a way to decide? I don't know how else to think of a way to choose.

    BLUSH: looking at it, you confirmed for me it's bright. Is it possible by using a light hand, to get a lighter pink tone & not too much glitter from the gold in it?

    LIPSTICK: based on your description seems it's dark? I was looking for a nice pink shade, can I tone it down.
    Trying to get the basics & thinking this Foundation may work for me, finally get a Foundation so I can look nice, I also would like to be able to use the other basics I need in this kit.

    I really do appreciate your help - very much so!
    I published as Anonymous, since this is new to me & not sure 'yet' of another way to sign up here. But would like to....

  5. is there a way to send you an email, I have questions re: signing up to your site. Thank you!

    1. Click on the Facebook logo over there on the right ----> and send me a message :)

  6. If u go to a store that sells Tarte such as Ulta or Sephora they will be able to help u decide which shade and u could visit the Tarte website for more info. They will also explain it live on Feb 5th on qvc. Fair is for the lightest complexion, light is one shade darker. Yes, a liquid foundation looks better on aging skin vs powder. I didn't see any gold in the blush when it was on my skin, no using a lighter hand wont change the brightness of this blush. Lipstick isn't really dark, it's just a earth tone vs the blush which is a bright summer color.

  7. Thank you for helping. (I asked many questions) ;-) Not sure if the blush or lip will work for me, (previous to finding you, I looked at Tarte Site for Shade comparisons)kinda disappointed since needed 'all' the basics & thought this Kit was it! For some time, I've wanted to try Tarte's foundation, it may be the one for my menopausal issues! :-) Finding out it was in the Kit w/Basics & the value/ez pay I was Happy! I didn't want to wait till airing & miss the ez pay, can't be sure if same on day of airing. ***I will visit your blog, very glad I found it.*** I'm not sure how blog sign up works: New to Blogs. If you would let me know? Unable to find a way to email yu directly. Thanks for all you do here! A,Hello to QCuts, I looked at her blog, too. :-) Have a gread day!

    1. yw, sorry for the delay, I'm drowning in spam comments, changed settings so I get less. Click on the Facebook logo over there on the right ----> and send me a message :) Yeah, I find that over 40, no more mineral foundation, have 2 use the liquid. BE was great b4 40, but now it makes my wrinkles look worse. Tarte is great because it goes on like a liquid and turns into almost a powder without settling into those fine lines and wrinkles! They really have improved liquid foundation and I like all the natural ingredients. I have very sensitive skin and it doesn't irritate nor do I feel like I'm wearing liquid foundation. Have you tried Andrew Lessman's Women's Wellness? It is fabulous for menopause! Available on his website or HSN.

  8. P.S. your doggies are adorable! :-)


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