Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Beauty Test Tube from QVC - October 2012

Fall QVC Test Tube Shipment

I'm waiting for the clouds to leave to get better photos, until then the above photos will have to do.  This is a quarterly shipment from QVC called the New Beauty Test Tube.  Each quarter they send cosmetic samples from brands that QVC sells.  This is my favorite cosmetic sample subscription service.  There is also another one that you can get directly from New Beauty.  That one usually has drugstore brands and I prefer higher end cosmetics, so I only subscribe to the QVC one.  

Included in this shipment are the following products:
  1. WEN - winter vanilla mint cleansing conditioner, 6 oz, $24 value
  2. Living proof - full thickening mousse, body boosting, naturally moving, 1.9 oz, $9.88 value
  3. bareMinerals - marvelouse MOXIE lipgloss, color Spark Plug, full size, $18 value
  4. Perricone MD - high potency eye lift, 0.17 fl oz, $33.32 value
  5. Philosophy - full of promise, dual-action restoring cream for volume and lift, 0.4 oz, $13 value
  6. Perfect Formula - Strong Nail System, daily moisture, $14.50 value
  7. Smileactives - original pen by Oraceutical, tooth whitening pen, 0.11 fl oz, $13.75 value
  8. Mally - Evercolor Automatic waterproof eyeliner, in onyx, .01 oz, $11 value
I highly recommend WEN in mint, it smells delicious, just like Andes mint candies!   It's my favorite WEN scent! I use WEN everyday sometimes as a shampoo and conditioner and sometimes just as a conditioner when my hair is on the oily side.  I also highly recommend bareMinerals newest lipgloss called Moxie!  It makes your lips appear wrinkle free, it's amazing!  I've never seen any lipgloss do this to my lips ever.  Buxom lipgloss by bareMinerals was my favorite until I tried Moxie.  Buxom gives a wonderful tingle sensation, but I really love how Moxie takes out the wrinkles on my lips and gives a glass shine that is not sticky.  I haven't tried any of the other products in this shipment before.  I will post an update as I try them.  I am looking forward to trying all of the other products.   They are all products that I really want to try, so I am very happy with this shipment!  This shipment costs $29 plus shipping & tax, for total of $39.42.  Just two products pay for this shipment, the total retail value of this shipment is $137.45!  This is one of the reasons I love this box the most, incredible value! There are products in the shipment that are so expensive that I would never try them, if it wasn't for this sample box, so I really love this sample box the most!

Previous shipments from Test Tube:

If you love receiving sample boxes, please drop me a line about your favorite one below.

Have a PEACEful Day!

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