Monday, July 2, 2012

Keurig Iced Tea & Iced Coffee K-Cup Review

Keurig Iced Tea & Iced Coffee K-Cup:

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I received these K-Cup samples via BzzAgent.  Unfortunately, the mail person left the box outside by the garage with no shelter from the rain.  So while the box was soaked, the K-Cups survived!  Four flavors were included:  Southern Sweet Black Tea, Half  and Half Black Tea and Lemonade, Nantucket Blend Iced Coffee, and Hazelnut Iced Coffee. If you haven't heard of a Keurig Brewer before, you are missing out big time!  This is one of my favorite things!  It makes hot chocolate, coffee, iced tea, iced coffee, or just boiling water for your oatmeal or tea bags instantly in single servings.  During the hot summer months, I switch from hot tea and hot chocolate to iced tea.  There are other flavors also: Sweet Raspberry, Sweet Lemon, Sweet Peach, and Unsweetened Black.  My favorites are Sweet Peach, Half Black Tea and Lemonade, and Southern Sweet Black Tea. Finding the calorie content of these is a challenge, so keep in mind that they are not calorie free, they are sweetened with Stevia and evaporated cane juice.  Peach has 54 calories, Half and Half has 70, Southern Sweet has 70, Raspberry has 70, and Lemon has 54 calories.  So if it doesn't say unsweetened, it has calories.  It's a shame they didn't just use the Stevia instead of also adding cane juice.  I would use these more than 1-2 times a day, if the calories were 0.  I don't like to drink my calories.  Visit Keurig's website to view a demonstration of how easy it is to use the Keurig, here.  Just be sure to use a plastic tumbler for making the iced tea.  The combination of the hot water and cold ice will break glass.  The best place to buy K-Cups at a discount is Costco, BJ's, and Amazon.  Occasionally they are on sale at Target and other grocery stores and they sell smaller quantities which are best for trying a new flavor.  QVC sells the Keurig Brewer as a Today's Special Value a couple times a year at a great price and a great selection of colors.  You can also get it at a discount at Costco and BJ's.  Thanks for reading, feel free to leave a comment.  Have a PEACEful Day!


  1. Hey Wendy, I just bought myself a mini Keurig (red) about 3 weeks ago. I looked at them for a long time before I decided to spend the money on one. It was the red that enticed me because my small kitchen appliances are all red. I'm not sorry I got it. My favorite is Green Mountain Breakfast Blend decaf. I can't have caffeine so I'm waiting for more varieties to come out caffeine free. I like green tea with lemon but they only have one breakfast blend tea that has no caffeine in it so I'm hoping they will come out with more of a selection. I just bought some hot chocolate from Bed, Bath and Beyond the other night as it was on clearance for $4.99. Also, I bought the little red Solofill that goes with the Keurig and I can use my own coffee and that works great too. I'm anxious to go to BJ's now and see what they have to offer that will save me money. It's so much fun just dumping the empty K cup into the garbage and no extra clean up. Why did I wait so long???? Your friend Pat from FB. :-)

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  3. Yeah, color choice is a motivator, bought ours from QVC because it matches my cinnamon color Kitchen Aid appliances. Check out,, and Bed Bath & Beyond for more selection of flavors. Yeah, we waited a long time to buy one too, so glad I don't have coffee grinds to clean up everyday anymore. Gotta try the hot milk chocolate, yum! The white chocolate one is so delicious too.


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