Wednesday, November 12, 2014

QVC's TSVs for December 2014

Preorder Numbers for Today's Special Values in December

6th - WEN Set of Five Cleansing Conditioners, A264112 or A/D A265222, $79.92 or four payments of $19.98

7th - Kitchen Aid 5 Qt 325W Tilt Head Stand Mixer with Glass Bowl, K41969, $279.95 or five payments of $55.99, comes in fourteen colors

9th - Drybar Buttercup Hair Dryer Perfect Blowout Collection, A260881, $165.00 or five payments of $33.00

10th - Keurig K10 Personal Coffee Maker with 36 K-Cups, K41628, $69.96 or three payments of $23.32, comes in eleven colors

12th - Laura Geller 7 Piece Black Tie Affair, A260937, $49.98 or three payments of $16.66

15th - KISS Instawave, A265126, $72.72 or four payments of $18.18

16th - Skechers GOwalk Suede Clogs with faux fur lining, A265136, $39.98 or two payments of  $19.99, comes in four colors

19th - Emjoi eRase Pro 60 Disc Epilator, A263505, $64.92 or three payments of $21.64

23rd - Ryka Walking Sneakers, A265135, $43.52 or two payments of $21.76, comes in six colors

26th - Denim & Co Active French Terry Tunic, A265128 Regular, A265129 Petite, $24.98 or two payments of $12.49, $4 off each additional purchase, comes in six colors

27th - Clarks Bendables Evianna, A260938, $54.92 or two payments of $27.46, comes in five colors

31st - Bronzo Italia Polished Twisted Round Earrings, J318692 1" size, $34.00 or two payments of $17.00, J319142 1 1/2", $39.00 or two payments of $19.50, comes in white, rose or yellow

January 3rd - Vionic with Orthaheel Orthotic Sneakers, A265138, $84.26 or three payments of $28.08, comes in five colors

I hope you enjoy the convenience of ordering the Today's Special Values in advance or having the information to assist you in making your Christmas gift list.  What are you most excited about for December?  I'm tempted only by the Denim & Company Tunic and the Skechers Clogs.  I recommend WEN, Keurig & Kitchen Aid since I have purchased those TSVs in the past and really enjoy those products.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

QVC's TSVs for November 2014

November Today's Special Value Preorder Numbers

3rd - Philosophy 5 Piece Fragrance Grace & Love Gift Set, A261899, A/D every four months for two years A263198, $79.96 or four payments of $19.99 plus s/h, comes in four scents.

5th - Temp-tations 18 Piece Bake & Serve Set, Old World K41858 or Floral Lace K41859, $99.96 or five payments.

6th - Bare Traps Tommy Tall Shaft Boots, A259030, $59.86 or two payments of $29.93, comes in four shades.

7th - Dennis Basso Oversized Faux Fur Throws & 12" Teddy Gift Set, H204511, $59.94 or three payments of $19.98, comes in six colors.

8th - Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Cleansing System with Fresh Cleanser, A263065, A/D three shipments A264478, $124.86 or six payments of $20.81, ten colors choices.

10th -Tarte Sweet Indulgences 3 in 1 Collection, A259031, A/D two shipments A264305, $59.94 or three payments of $19.98.

14th - Lori Greiner Gold & Silver Safekeeper Double Sided Jewelry Armoire, H204486, $272.70 or six payments of $45.45 plus s/h, comes in 5 colors.

15th - Dooney & Bourke Embossed Pebble Leather Shelby, A262990, $269.92 or five payments, comes in seven shades.

16th Keurig 2.0 K550 Coffee Maker with 42 K-Cup Packs & Carafe, K41627, $149.94 or six payments of $24.99.

18th - Josie Maran Dream of Nourished Skin Argon Oil 7 Piece Collection, A260935, A/D four shipments A263768,  $69.96 or three payments of $23.32, comes in two scents.

21st - Honora 10 mm Cultured Pearl Sterling Stud Earrings, J296957, $19.98 or two payments of $9.99, comes in eight colors.

22nd - Calista Tools Set of 12 Ion Hot Rollers, A260936, $99.80 or five payments of $19.96, three choices.

24th - Bare Minerals Chandelight Glow 8 Piece Holiday Collection with Clutch, A263395, A/D four shipments A263944, $49.98 or three payments of $16.66.

25th - Orthaheel Vionic Adilyn Orthotic Adjustable Plush Slippers, A260934, $49.98 or two payments of $24.99, comes in six colors.

Hope you enjoy the advanced notice of the TSVs for November!  It appears some are available to order now and some have yet to be set up for purchase so you'll have to check back. Don't forget to use Mr. Rebates for 5% cash back! Also, remember to check back if something is already sold out. Often they get more stock prior to it being shown on tv. What TSV's have you bought lately and which do you plan on buying?  I highly recommend the Keurig, Dennis Basso, Clarisonic & Bare Minerals TSVs!  I have my eye on the Dennis Basso, Bare Minerals & Calista Tools TSVs.  I'd love the armoire but it looks over priced to me.  Anyone bought one of her armoires?  How's the quality?

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Friday, October 3, 2014

iRobot Roomba 870 Vacuum Cleaning Robot Review

Teddy & Harvey Checking Out Roomba

Watch Teddy Chase & Bark at Roomba

As a Bzz Agent I was really super excited to receive an offer for a 35% discount off the iRobot Roomba 870 Vacuum Cleaner. I ordered it online directly from the manufacturer at on Sunday and it arrived via UPS five days later on Friday. I also received an additional 3% cash back from Mr. Rebates. It came with two room dividers & their C batteries, two HEPA filters and it's charging station. I will also be receiving two more HEPA filters in three to five weeks for a thank you for registering my iRobot.

I had an older iRobot model about ten years ago that I used almost every day due to messy parrots and it lasted about two years. I really missed it and wanted another one! Since they are pricey and never went on sale as it did before, I didn't purchase another one until now. It comes with a limited one year warranty on the robot and six months on the battery. I'm very happy to see that they have made some wonderful improvements! This one is much quieter than my previous one. Now you can run it and still hear the TV! The previous one was just as loud as my regular vacuum and since it was so slow, sometimes I felt like just using my regular vacuum to get it over with. It looked like it was cleaning the room four times and while spotless, it took what felt like forever. This one appears to clean the room twice and take half the time. The virtual walls also called room dividers are better than the previous version also. They create a border for Roomba that is seven feet long which is a helpful improvement for sure!  I have an open concept house, so I need that line to be as long as possible. I managed to use just the two dividers to keep Roomba in my great room. I have four large openings to the great room and with the use of the furniture, one dog gate and the two dividers, I managed to keep Roomba in the room. I'm glad I won't have to purchase another divider. It took about forty minutes to clean my great room which is nineteen feet by almost fifteen feet. I'm not sure how long it takes to charge Roomba, but it was ready to go after about an hour on the charger. This version allows you to program it to clean by the day and hour which is another wonderful improvement. This version can maneuver over cords & rug tassels while the last version I had could not. I prefer to move everything out of the way just be careful, but I did test it and it did not get tangled in the cord. I did forget one bully stick (dog chew toy) that was behind a chair and it got stuck behind the wheels as it was too large to go into the trash bin. I was very happy that it was easy to remove the rollers and pull it out. The 870 model is made for people with pets and has rollers that do not have brushes so the pet hair does not gets stuck on them. Roomba's HEPA filter really does work unlike my Oreck vacuum who's filter does not work and is quite stinky. I had to run Roomba twice since it didn't have a full charge when it arrived. So it ran about one & a half times before the room was clean. On the days I wash the dogs, trim their hair and blow dry them like yesterday, I may need to use it twice. Their hair really sticks to my low pile IKEA area rug. Roomba did a better job than my Oreck at brushing the pile and making it stand back up and it did an excellent job on my hardwood floor. It has tons of positive reviews on Amazon, though some reviews said the trash bin was filling up too quickly and needed emptying prior to finishing the room. I did not have that issue, but I would recommend emptying it after each room.

As you can see in the above video Teddy was quite concerned about our new visitor. The video was taken the very first time I used it. Issy can be heard in the background barking also. Leo & Harvey were quietly watching every move Roomba made. By the third use all the barking had ceased.  Harvey & Issy were around when I had the other version ten years ago. Though Issy doesn't have a good memory and tends to be afraid of new things. Harvey was unconcerned about Roomba's movements so much so that he was laying on the area rug and would simply move out of the way when Roomba got close to him.  Leo & Harvey didn't even watch Roomba after the second use while Issy & Teddy watched cautiously from the safety of the sofa. I'm very happy the barking stopped because Teddy tends to bark at everything and doesn't usually stop.

I highly recommend the Roomba if you can afford it. It's price tag is $599.99 but a lower model is on sale today at for $299.95. Normally I'm not someone who gets excited about a new vacuum, but this is a vacuum to get excited about! It's like having an assistant or a maid who quietly does their job and then leaves as quietly as they arrived.  

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Bath & Body Works - Fall Haul 2014

Leaves 3-Wick Candle, Pumpkin Cafe Candle Holders, Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow 3-Wick Candle & Marshmallow Fireside 3-Wick Candle

Fall is on it's way and Bath & Body Works stores have all their fall products out ready for you to purchase now. You will probably be able to find the limited edition Pumpkin Cafe Candle Holders if you shop in the next few days.  If you want them, you need to be quick because each store only has a few. They are so adorable and are a must have! They aren't available online and they may just want to sell them in stores since they are hard to ship due to them being so fragile. The large one costs $18.50 and the little one $10.50. I used a $10 off $30 survey coupon, so the large one cost me $12.72 and the little one only $7.22. Bargain! The adorable Ceramic Owl Candle Luminary that I bought last year is back this year for sale. He is also a hard to find item, so if you want him, do not hesitate or you will be sorry. I took back three candles today in the scents Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding, Wasabi Apple & Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun. The banana one had so little scent and didn't smell good to me. Wasabi Apple was burning so quickly and just smelled like a sour apple. Two burnings and it was half gone! I'm hoping that this isn't a sign of things to come and that it was just a issue with that scent. Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun was the worst, it only had a burning scent, yuck! I'm disappointed in the new scents this year and I had such high hopes for them! So I went with two of my favorites as exchanges. Leaves & Marshmallow Fireside are such wonderful Fall candles. I highly recommend them! I'm going to give Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow a try even though I've heard some not so flattering reviews. The 3-wick candles are on sale right now, two for $22.00, so now is the time to stock up! Remember to use a coupon and if shopping online use Mr. Rebates for cash back.  Have you tried any of the new Fall scents?  Which ones did you like and dislike? Comment below!

Check out my Bath & Body Works Pinterest Board for links to my other blog posts about Bath & Body Works.

Coupon - free body care item with any purchase of $10 or more "F143135", September 29 - November 2nd.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

QVC's TSVs for October 2014

QVC Today's Special Values for October - Preorder Numbers

6th - LOGO by Lori Goldstein Knit Top with Chiffon Back, A262810, $44.96 or two payments of $22.48 plus tax and shipping, comes in eight colors.

9th - L'Occitane 9 Piece Bath & Body Collection, A261900 one time shipment or A262280 4 shipments auto delivery, $79.92 or four payments of $19.98, comes in three scents.

14th - IT Cosmetics Your Most Radiant You 5 Piece Collection, A/D A260772 or A262259, $54.96 or three payments of $18.32, comes in five shades.

15th - Malden Mills Super Soft Polarfleece Sheet Set, Twin $25.00 H204266, Twin XL $25.00 H204267, Full $29.00 H204268, Queen $36.00 H204269, King $39.00 H204270, California King $39.00 H204271, Split King $44.00 H204272, comes in ten colors.

16th - Carole Hochman Kensington Check Fleece & Knit Legging PJ Set, A260874, $49.68 or two payments of $24.84, comes in five colors.

17th - Isaac Mizrahi Leather Riding Boots, A259028 Wide or A259027 Medium Width Shaft, $149.90 or 5 payments of $29.98, comes in four colors.

20th - Perricone MD Super Sized the Power of Plazma, A260932 or A262575 auto delivery every five months for two years, $199.85 or five payments of $39.97.

31st - Lamo Cresson Suede Water Resistant Boots, A259029, $39.68 or two payments of $19.84, comes in seven colors. 

November 3rd - Philosophy Ready to Give Grace, Love & Luxury Fragrance Collection available on auto delivery and easy pay, price not given at this time, comes in four scents.

Enjoy the QVC Today's Special Value preorder information!  Don't forget to use Mr. Rebates for cash back!   It's currently, 5% back.  Remember to check back if something is already sold out.  Often they get more stock prior to it being shown on tv. What TSV's have you bought lately and which do you plan on buying?  I'm not really tempted by any of them in October. Check out the TSVs I have reviewed in the past on my QVC Pinterest Board.  Just click on the photo and it will take you to the review.  

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

QVC's bareMinerals TSV - Fall 2014

bareSkin Beauty - Radiant 7-Piece Collection for Face, Eyes & Lips

Above is the TSV in the color "Bare Shell" for September 15th on QVC. It comes in twelve shades. Use the shade chart to find the right color for you. I preordered it last week for $54.98 in three payments of $21.91 after tax and shipping. That works out to only $7.85 per item before tax and shipping which is an awesome price for anything from bareMinerals! That doesn't include the 5% back from Mr. Rebates. The foundation and it's brush alone cost $57 retail.

I was very anxious to try out their new liquid foundation since the reviews are quite mixed. I'm happy to report that I really like it a lot and it will be my current foundation. I use five drops, using one drop at a time per quadrant of my face. The last drop is used for any parts that need just a bit more. It immediately covers my redness which other foundations have failed to do without much more product and application time. The brush is very soft and works well with this thin foundation. I didn't find the product sunk into the brush nor was it absorbed like others have reviewed. The foundation sat on top of the brush and I dabbed it on at first then brushed it in. Application is very quick due to it being very thin and needs less brush strokes than thicker foundations. I used the original bareMinerals power foundation for about ten years but gave it up about two years ago when I thought it was making my wrinkles more pronounced. I started using Tarte foundation instead and it was ok for awhile, but it magnifies any dry spots. I find this foundation is easier & faster to apply a thin coat for a more natural look than the powder version. It feels like a moisturizer on rather than a foundation which I love. I also didn't find it oily like others have, but my skin does tend to be dry especially in the winter if I'm not religious with my moisturizers. I found this foundation doesn't require a primer which is great for when you are in a rush and need to skip some steps to get out the door quicker.

I never tried the compact version of Mineral Veil before and found it to work well especially for on the go. It has a nice mirror for on the go and features a magnetic closure. It comes with a sponge applicator, but I've never been a fan of those since they seem to take off more product than it applies.  The blush brush works well with the mineral veil and blush. The Vintage Carnation blush and the Natural Beauty Marvelous Moxie lip gloss are in lovely burgundy fall colors. The Marvelous Moxie is quite opaque for a lip gloss and has pretty good staying power. The eye shadow goes on well with the other side of the blush brush, but does require primer! A step you will not want to skip. It's a shimmer of a cinnamon brown color called Luminous Umber.

I'm very happy with my purchase and recommend you give this set a try. If you order it, don't forget to use Mr. Rebates for cash back!  It's currently 5% back. Do you plan on purchasing this set or have you already?  Stay tuned for a list of the QVC October TSV preorder numbers tomorrow.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bath & Body Works Artisan Haul - August 2014

Pumpkin Cafe Candle Holder, Sea Salt & Maple Popcorn 3-Wick Candle & Wasabi Apple 3-Wick Candle

Above shows my mini haul from a Bath & Body Works store locally. I used a $10 off $30 coupon, and bought the candles during a 2 for $22 sale, so the candles only cost me $8.03 each instead of $22.50 each. The Pumpkin Ceramic Candle holder was originally $15 but with the coupon it was $10.94. I hit the jackpot at the store because they aren't suppose to put out the candle holder until September 3rd and it's not available online. You can look forward to several new fall items on September 3rd online and in stores. They have a lot of Fall items available now, but there will be several more such as:
  1. Pumpkin Vanilla Marshmallow 3-Wick Candle
  2. Pumpkin Cafe Candle Holder (as shown above)
  3. Glass & Metal Pumpkin Candle Holder
  4. Pumpkin Cafe Domed Pedestals (clear glass domed lids on a cream ceramic pedestal with a pumpkin shape on the pedestal.  2 sizes, one for 3-Wicks & one for the smaller candle)
  5. Colored glass 3-Wick Candles
  6. $30 candles that you will have an "emotional connection" to
  7. Halloween items (probably on September 29th)
  8. Sweater Weather 3-Wick Candle
  9. Autumn Sky 3-Wick Candle
  10. Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 3-Wick Candle
  11. Green Apple Orchard 3-Wick Candle
  12. Leaves 3-Wick Candle
  13. 3 Layer candle - Sweater Weather, Pumpkin Apple & Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin
Number 8-12 on the list will have leaves shaped embossed lids.  They are really nice.  I like how they have stepped it up lately and are making the lids fancy.  If you find the ceramic candle holders, buy it  that day! Don't wait because for over a year now they have had very limited quantities in anything ceramic and they sell out fast.  You may be able to beg a manager to sell you one they have in the back room before they put them out though I haven't had much luck with that lately.  The one I bought was on the shelf already.  At another store I asked for Cinnamon Bun 3-Wick candle and she had it in the storage room but wouldn't give me the sale price even though it was on sale online.  So your best bet is to keep an eye on their new items on their website and shop more than one location in your area.  I really hope they make more three layer candles.  It's nice to have three scents in one candle!

Sea Salt & Maple Popcorn is really yummy!  If you found American Boardwalk was too sweet for you, this will be a perfect version of it.  It's more of the smell of warm maple syrup with no added sugar and popcorn. It's really delightful and I prefer it over American Boardwalk which gave some people a headache. It's a nice strong scent and fills the room well. Sadly, Wasabi Apple has no wasabi scent. It smells like baked apples with no added sugar with a slight sour scent. It has very little scent which is disappointing and it's also burning off too quickly.  It's not going to last as long as other candles. I recommend passing on that one since it's a big disappointment and there are so many other scents that are winners.  What products are you most excited about?  I can't wait to get my hands on the domed lid pedestal candle holders.  I had to go to a lot of trouble to get the spring version which you can see by clicking here.

Check out my Bath & Body Works Pinterest Board for links to my other blog posts about Bath & Body Works.

Coupon:  Save 20% on your entire purchase from September 3rd-28th "F143134"

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