Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bath & Body Works Christmas Haul 2015

Holiday, Fresh Balsam, Marshmallow Fireside, Evergreen & Twisted Peppermint 3-Wick Candles

When Bath & Body Works had a two for $24 candle sale and a $20 off $50 coupon I had to purchase my favorite wintertime scented candles! 

Holiday smells like a retro cinnamon candle, it's takes me immediately back to my childhood since it's the exact scent of a candle my Mum would burn during Christmas. Fresh Balsam smells just like a Christmas tree and this one is perfect for the man in your life. Hubby lit it only to remember that I probably had not taken a picture of it yet for my blog, so he quickly blew it out. The life of a blogger's husband, so funny. That's one of his favorites along with Winter. I would have purchased that one also, but I wanted to keep my total around $50. I'll purchase Winter before Christmas during another sale. So the Fresh Balsam & Winter scents are great for men. Marshmallow Fireside is described as toasted marshmallows, vanilla cream and smoldering wood which is a very comforting scent that I love. Evergreen smells like a Christmas tree with a slight mint scent. If you can only purchase one, I'd purchase Fresh Balsam over Evergreen, but I love them both. Twisted Peppermint is a authentic peppermint scent which is very refreshing. I recommend all five of the candles in the photo above and I'm grateful that they have returned this year and I hope to see them again next year. So far they have all been burning perfectly with no issues. They just need the tiniest trim of the wicks after burning. Be careful not to cut too much off. I also recommend not blowing them out until the top of the candle is completely melted. If you extinguish them too soon, you will have issues with them burning evenly the next time. What's your favorite winter scent?

Oh no, I just looked at their website, searched for "ceramic" and found two adorable pedestals for their 3-wick candles. One is a snow globe with a little polar bear and penguin like the photo on the Twisted Peppermint candle above and one is a snowman. The snowman is $24.50 and the globe is $34.50, so I think the price makes my decision on which to purchase. Unfortunately, the snow globe is not battery operated. It would be awkward shaking the pedestal.

Feel free to browse around my blog before you leave. Check out my Bath & Body Works Pinterest Board for links to my other blog posts featuring Bath & Body Works products. Also, you are invited to follow my blog via PinterestTwitterGoogle +Bloglovin', or Networked Blogs. Don't forget to claim your free Graze Boxfree Julep nail polish and free air filters before you leave!

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap Mystery Bag 2015

Get What Ya Get Bag

When I heard that Fortune Cookie was selling mystery bags of their products for $10 with at least $30 worth of products, I just had to buy one. It was only available for 48 hours. I had a $10 coupon from their quarterly subscription box that I used, so I just had to pay for shipping which was $6.75.

Included in my bag were the following products:
  1. Tommy Guns & Baseball Bats Bath Bomb - $6.99 retail value
  2. Honeymoon in Paradise Fortune Cookie Soap - $3.29 value
  3. Refillable Perfume Atomizer - $5.99
  4. Old Fashioned Family Christmas, Moose Mug Cuticle Butter - $8.95
  5. Lollypop - not shown
I'm a bit disappointed since my total only comes to $25.22 and I've seen what some other customers have received and their totals are closer to $50 or more. I only received four items and so far I've seen everyone else received at least 5. I needed the cuticle butter, so that's the product I'm excited about. I haven't been taking baths lately so I'll just save that for the future when I may get back into it, but for now I prefer showers. I prefer liquid hand soap in a pump, it's just more sanitary, so I won't be using the soap. I don't have any use for the atomizer either. My perfumes already have an atomizer. I was hoping to receive some body butter, oh well.

I stopped subscribing to their subscription box after receiving a cuticle butter than was very grainy. The response I received to the complaint was to heat and stir it. Asking the customer to fix their product on their own is the most absurd thing I have ever heard from a company. The second problem I had was when I ordered the create your own body butter in a previous scent called Marshmallow Dreams. When it arrived it had no scent to it whatsoever, they forgot to add the scented oils to it. I've heard other customers complain that some of the products they received also lacked scent. Customer service said I could return it and referred me to their return policy which stated I couldn't return it since it was custom. That was the last straw for me until the mystery bags and now that was a bust, so I won't be purchasing anything else. It's really a shame since I use to love receiving their subscription box and I like to support small businesses. I think they have expanded their business too quickly or they are rushing out orders too fast, so the quality has gone down. It's a shame they don't take their customer complaints seriously. 

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Home Chef - 22nd Delivery

Fall Detox Smoothie with Kale & Avocado

Ingredients (click on photos to enlarge)

Thyme & Rosemary Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Apple Cider Pan Sauce & Broccoli Mash


Double Decker Poblano Tostadas with Spanish Rice


Blueberry BBQ Salmon with Honey Balsamic Brussels Sprouts


Gift - Vosges Black Salt Caramel Bar

This is a review of the 22nd box of food and recipes we have received from Home Chef. Each week they offer twelve recipes and a fruit basket to chose from. One is a smoothie, one is breakfast and usually three of them are vegetarian. Some are low calorie, low carb and some are gluten free. Each dinner entree is $9.95, smoothies are $4.95 and the fruit is $4.95. Occasionally, there is an special recipe that is higher in price due to the ingredients. This week we gave two recipes four out of five stars and two of them three. They also sent us a Vosges Black Salt Caramel Chocolate Bar as a gift. I had never tried this brand before and I became a huge fan with just one bite. It was so incredibly delicious and I've been craving it ever since.

Fall Detox Smoothie with Kale & Avocado

I really enjoy smoothies and this one included kale, parsley, avocado, apple cider and maple syrup. We gave it three stars because it wasn't sweet enough. Perhaps the addition of an apple, stevia or the use of a thicker apple cider with the addition of spices would have helped. It was enjoyable though, the perfect way to start your day. It took about ten minutes to prepare and it had 304 calories.

Thyme & Rosemary Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Apple Cider Pan Sauce & Broccoli Mash

Wow was this recipe scrumptious! I'm not a big fan of pork, so I'm always surprised when I really enjoy a pork recipe. We gave this recipe four out of five stars, but it would have been five stars if there had been more food. Usually they give us more than enough food, but this was a bit on the light side. The apple cider pan sauce was very delicious. Normally you have to slow cook apples with brown sugar to get that tasty of a sauce. This is the quick version using olive oil, minced garlic, shallot, corn starch, apple cider, evaporated milk, salt and pepper cooked in a pan. It took about forty-five minutes to prepare, ten minutes longer than the recipe indicated and it had 615 calories.

Double Decker Poblano Tostadas with Spanish Rice

I gave this recipe four out of four stars and Hubby gave it three stars, so in the end we give it three and half stars. Admittedly, we are very picky when it comes to tostadas. I would have given it five stars if it had a green sauce and better quality tortillas. Hubby would have given it a better grade with higher quality tortillas, green sauce and the addition of chicken or beef. He's not a big fan of vegetarian meals. I didn't like them stacked on top of each other, it was too difficult to eat. It took much longer than the forty minutes the recipe called for and it had 984 calories. Mind you, I could only eat half of it at one sitting, so it's really half the calories.

Blueberry BBQ Salmon with Honey Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

Hubby gave this one five stars and I gave it three, so in the end it gets a four. I'm not a fan of BBQ sauce, but since this one used blueberries instead of lots of sugar, I thought I would like it. It was enjoyable for me and Hubby loved it. I thought our reviews would be the other way around since Hubby loves really sugary BBQ sauce. This BBQ sauce has a "seasoning blend" which Hubby detected as having chili power and smoked paprika. It also had blueberry preserves and cider vinegar which were cooked for five minutes. Quite simple yet delicious and lower in sugar. This recipe took around thirty minutes and had 503 calories. It was a generous portion, I shared some of the salmon with our dogs.

It was yet another enjoyable week of recipes and food. Friday, the following recipes arrived:
  1. Pan Fried Sole with White Wine Butter Sauce
  2. Snickerdoodle Smoothie
  3. Bread Bowl Veggie Chili
  4. Butternut Mac 'N Cheese
  5. Pork Shumai Meatballs
If you haven't tried out Home Chef yet, grab my $30 coupon and order today, you won't regret it! Shipping is free over $40, so go for it! Skipping weeks and canceling is super easy, but if you need assistance just comment below and I'll walk you through it. Free free to comment below with any questions. Which of the above recipes looks most appetizing to you?

Check out my Pinterest Home Chef Board to see all the recipes we made so far! Also check out my Healthy Dog Cookie RecipesI recently did a comparison of Home Chef, Plated, Blue Apron & Hello Fresh, so be sure to check out that post before you leave too. Which of the four subscription services have you tried so far and which one is your favorite?  Please comment below.

Bargain Alert:
Home Chef - $30 off your 1st box, click here.
Hello Fresh - $40 off your first box, use coupon code "YVWF79". 

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Dennis Basso Faux Fur Throw & Teddy Bear Set - QVC TSV

Blonde Mink & Pony

I purchased two of QVC's Today's Special Value on November 17th which was Dennis Basso's Faux Fur Throw & Teddy Bear Set for $59.97 or three payments of $19.99. They are still available for sale for $5 more, the item number is H206267. It comes in eight colors and I chose Blonde Mink & Pony. QVC has repeated this TSV during the holidays for several years now just in different colors and patterns. I have purchased over ten of these over the years, they are highly addictive to say the least. They are so soft and plush yet they stand up to regular machine washing & drying in our LG HE washer & dryer. I highly recommend them because they still look good after years of use even after being shared with our four dogs. Our dogs love taking a nap on them and the throws protect the sofa from being damaged by their claws. When the two sets pictured above arrived, our two Maltese dogs immediately noticed the teddy bears and wanted to play with them. I had to move them from the coffee table to the dining room table so they couldn't reach them until I was able to take photos. While the bears are a bit too big for our little toy breed dogs, I'm guessing I'll have to let them play with at least one of the bears anyway. Leo & Teddy will bug me until I give in. As usual the throws are so soft and plush and a dream to wrap around your legs while laying on the sofa watching television. They are also wonderful for use on the bed. Being in the south, they are the perfect thickness for the fall and winter months while our comforter is just too hot and just used for decoration. In the summer months, they are enjoyable when your spouse wants the air conditioning cooler than you would like. I reviewed the 2012 collection previously, click here to read about them. There is one pattern that is still for sale for $47.52, patched animal item number H197713. Have you purchased any of his throws over the years?

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Preview QVC's WEN TSV for December 5th

QVC's WEN TSV - December 5th 2015

WEN in Ginger Pumpkin, Winter Mint, Honey Lilac, Coconut Lime Verbena, Honey Peach (click on photos to enlarge)

On December 5th 2015, QVC will have a Today's Special Value from WEN by Chaz Dean. It will be a set of five 16 fl oz cleansing conditioners for $79.90 or five payments of $15.98 plus $3 shipping. It comes in three choices: rice, classic and seasonal. The preordering number is A274945 for a one time shipment or A276142 for auto-delivery which will feature one more shipment in six months without the gift boxes. Normally one 16 fl oz cleansing conditioner costs $29 for classic and $36 for seasonal & rice. This TSV is only $15.98 a bottle, so that's an awesome bargain coming in at approximately 45% off the classic set and 56% off the rice & seasonal sets. I preordered the seasonal collection which you can see in the photo above. It includes a repeat of some of customers' favorite seasonal scents:
  1. Ginger Pumpkin for Fall
  2. Vanilla Mint for Winter
  3. Honey Lilac for Spring
  4. Honey Peach for Summer
  5. Coconut Lime Verbena for Summer
The classic collection features his original scents:
  1. Pomegranate
  2. Lavender
  3. Tea Tree
  4. Fig
  5. Sweet Almond Mint
The rice collection features his most recent creations:
  1. Two of Bamboo Green Tea
  2. Two of Mandarin Italian Fig
  3. One of Fragrance Free
On a previous TSV seasonal auto-delivery, I received Vanilla Mint and Ginger Pumpkin and absolutely loved the scents. Ginger Pumpkin is the perfect scent for fall. Vanilla Mint is my most favorite scent, so much so that this summer I bought it in the gallon size. It smells just like an Andes Mint Chocolate! I also like the lavender scent, but I'm not crazy about sweet almond mint, fig or pomegranate. I haven't had the chance to try the newest scents nor tea tree. I just smelled Lilac and it's a very lovely perfume scent. All of the scents I have tested so far have a very authentic scent and leave your hair smelling so good. The fragrances lasts all day! Which scent is your favorite so far? 

If you haven't tried WEN before, know that it does involve a learning curve in that you will have to determine how much you should use each time for your hair type and length. Each bottle size pumps out a different amount, so you'll have to adjust for the bottle sizes also. I recommend using a regular shampoo once or twice a week to get rid of any buildup of the product. Depending on your hair type and lifestyle you may not have to use it daily. I find for my fine, thin, long hair I have to use it daily or it looks oily. Plus I exercise, so I have to use it on those days. I use a bit less of the product on days I don't exercise. You can also use a wide tooth comb and comb the product through your hair, but I haven't found that necessary and I like to get out of the shower as fast as possible. I apply it as soon as I get in the shower and I rinse it out right before I'm ready to exit. Make sure it's thoroughly rinsed out unless your hair tends to be on the dry side. I have had several hair stylists mention how soft my hair is as a result of using WEN for many years. Hubby who has thick, wavy, short hair, likes to use it as a conditioner and doesn't rinse it out completely, so it's also a leave in conditioner. I even use it occasionally as conditioner on my long-haired Maltese & Shih-Tzu dogs who I wash weekly. I just avoid getting it in their eyes. If you have any questions about using the product or the product itself, feel free to comment below and I'll try to help you.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Publix Limited Edition Thanksgiving Collectibles

The Pilgrim Pair & The Lilgrim Pair Salt & Pepper Shakers

The Pilgrim Platter

Publix Thanksgiving Salt & Pepper Commercial

Aren't these adorable collectibles for Thanksgiving! We are anxiously waiting for them to finish building our local Publix grocery store, so Hubby purchased these for me while on a business trip. They will also be selling a Santa & Mrs. Claus version for Christmas after Thanksgiving. The Lilgrim pair are the kids of the Pilgrim Pair and all four are dressed up as pilgrims to help you decorate for Thanksgiving. You can also use them as salt & pepper shakers. See them animated in the Publix commercial above. So adorable! The Pilgrim Platter is perfect for serving your turkey on Thanksgiving. I recommend them and if you fancy them, I suggest you make a trip to Publix before they are all gone. If I remember correctly, the salt & pepper shakers sets cost $5.99 each and the plater costs $19.99.

If you haven't decided what you will be cooking for Thanksgiving, how about trying Home Chef! They will send you four recipes and all the ingredients necessary for the main dish and three sides for only $19.80 including shipping if you use my $30 couponJust make sure you order prior to Friday, November 20th at 1 pm ET.  Before you go, be sure to browse around my blog, I'm sure you'll find something else that interests you.

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Monday, November 16, 2015

QVC's TSVs for December 2015

Preorder Numbers for Today's Special Values

2nd - Circulon 13 Piece Hard Anodized Dishwasher Safe Cookware Set, K43577, $159.95 or 6 payments of $26.65, comes in 1 color

4th - Extraordinary Life Set of Three Sterling Silver Charm Bangles with Gift Boxes,  J327872, $119.80 or 4 payments of $29.95, 9 choices

5th - WEN by Chaz Dean Set of 5 Cleansing Conditioners, A274945 or A/D A276142, $79.90 or 5 payments of $15.98, comes in choice of Classic, Seasonal or Rice, click here to read my review

6th - George Foreman Five Serving Nonstick 3 in 1 Grill with 5 Plates, K43630, $94.95 or 6 payments of $15.82, comes in 5 colors

7th - Denim & Co Quilted Vest with Faux Sherpa, A274947, $29.96 or 3 payments of $9.98, comes in 7 colors

8th - Dennis Basso Faux Fur & Water Resistant Puffer Reversible Coat, A274948, $139.96 or 5 payments of $27.99, comes in 2 colors and 3 patterns

9th - Keurig 2.0 K250 Coffee Maker with My K-Cup, 29 K-Cup Packs, K43578 $79.96 or 5 payments of $15.99, comes in 7 colors

11th - Skechers Gowalk Suede Faux Fur Shoes with Memory Foam Fit, A274938, $49.98 or 3 payments of $16.66, comes in 7 colors

17th - Snow Joe Telescoping Snowbroom & Ice Scraper with Four LED Lights, V33847, $19.98 or 2 payments of $9.99, comes in 3 colors

18th - Emjoi 60 Disc eRase Pro Epilator, A274939, $49.92 or 3 payments of $16.64, comes in 6 patterns and 3 colors

20th - Garmin Vivofit Activity & Sleep Tracker, F12115, $79.96 or 4 payments of $19.99, comes in 2 sets of colors and 2 sizes

24th - Diamonique Textured Tennis Bracelet 14K or Sterling, J328189, $94.20 or 4 payments of $23.55, comes in 4 sizes and 3 colors

26th - Clarks Leather Water Resistant Lace-Up Outdoor Boots Mazlyn Artic, A274940, $89.80 or 4 payments of $22.45, comes in 5 colors

28th - LOGO Lounge by Lori Goldstein French Terry Hooded Jacket, A274942, $59.92 or 4 payments of $14.98, comes in 6 colors

29th - Ryka Lace Up Walking Sneakers with CSS Technology, A274950, $47.82 or 3 payments of $15.94, comes in 6 colors

Only one TSV grabs my money this month, how about you? I ordered the WEN set which I wasn't planning on ordering until I saw the new choice of seasonal scents which I love. I've been using WEN for years and recommend it. It just takes a little of practice to figure out how much to use for your hair type and length and be sure to rinse well. I also recommend using a regular shampoo once or twice a week especially on days you exercise. I also recommend the Keurig and Dennis Basso's coats. If you run in between sizes, size down for Dennis's coats since they tend to run a bit on the large size. Not a very exciting month of TSVs especially since it's a month customers spend a lot of money on gifts. Perhaps they are keeping some good ones a secret till later. I'll post updates as they release any additional info closer to the air dates. Here's some interesting TSVs I don't have info on yet:

3rd   - Beauty Gifts
10th - Judith Ripka Jewelry
15th - Beauty Gifts
19th - Canon Cameras
27th - Perricone MD

Hope you enjoy this preview so that you can plan your holiday shopping in advance. Check out my bargain alert for a Home Chef Subscription Box. With my $30 coupon you can get a box of food and recipes shipped to your home for only $10 including shipping! Or you can order Thanksgiving Dinner including four recipes (1 main dish and 3 sides) for only $19.80 delivered! Just make sure you order prior to Friday, November 20th at 1 pm ET. Also, don't forget to claim your free Graze Boxfree Julep nail polish and free air filters!

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