Friday, January 30, 2015

Hakka Chow Restaurant Review - Winston Salem, NC

Interior View

Tea Time - Oolong Tea

Crazy Shrimp Roll - $12.95 & Tandoori Chicken Roll - $9.95

Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll - $11.95

Double Order of Crazy Shrimp Roll - $19.43 (during Sunday's B1G1 50% off special)

Crispy Thai Basil Chili Chicken - $13.95

Mongolian Beef & Jasmine Rice - $14.95

Since recently moving to the Winston Salem area Hubby & I have been busy trying to find a favorite restaurant. Hakka Chow is at the top of our list so far. You must visit and try their Crazy Shrimp Roll as soon as you can!  It's heavenly and I can't wait to return to eat it once again. 

We have visited twice so far and plan to visit again this weekend. On the first visit we ordered only sushi. As shown above, we ordered the Crazy Shrimp Roll, the Tandoori Chicken Roll & the Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll. The Crazy Shrimp Roll is a perfect creation featuring a roll filled with crab, cream cheese & cucumbers. The topping is to die for! It has one Hakka Zen Shrimp which is lightly battered and perfectly cooked with Sriracha & eel sauce drizzled on top. I could eat those all day! Then underneath it is spicy crab salad & a thin slice of fresh jalapenos. The Tandoori Chicken Roll is very unique and I haven't seen anything like it on any sushi menu before. It's topped with tender Tandoori chicken, cilantro and drizzled with sriracha and mint chutney. The roll itself is filled with crab, cucumber and cream cheese. It was really delicious and I plan to order it again. They also offer Tandoori chicken on flat bread and I'm anxious to try that soon.  I ordered the Spicy Tuna Roll, but we were served the Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll instead. We didn't notice until the bill came and it was listed at a higher price. When we brought it to their attention they corrected our bill to reflect what we ordered and gave us coupons for 50% off a second roll for a future visit. I don't order any sushi with the crunchy bits on it because I really don't care for them. I was so distracted by the other two unique rolls I really didn't notice it was different. The roll was good, but not something I would order again because of the crunchy bits on top. The roll itself is filled with spicy tuna, cucumber and cream cheese. It's also topped with avocado, eel, fried shallots and roasted garlic. It's drizzled with spicy mayo and wasabi aioli. I really don't like the texture of eel and it's saltiness so I won't be ordering that again.

During the second visit we decided to order a main entree after some sushi. We started with two orders of the Crazy Shrimp Roll and were in heaven! We used our coupon for 50% off the second roll. Then Hubby ordered the Mongolian Beef which he found to be tender and delicious. I tried a sample and thought while yummy, it wouldn't be something I would order for myself. Hubby on the other hand plans to order it again. He says it's the best Mongolian Beef he has ever had. For a man that eats out for lunch every weekday & travels for business, that's saying a lot! It features sweet, soy glazed steak that is wok-seared with scallions, onion and ginger over crispy rice noodles. Amazingly, the rice noodles were still crispy even on the last bite. I ordered the Crispy Thai Basil Chili Chicken and while I enjoyed it, it wouldn't be something I would order again. The batter was too thick for my sensitive stomach. I have to limit eating fried battered food. It would have been better with less batter. The menu says it has bamboo, pepper, onion and zucchini served with a basil garlic chili sauce. I found very little zucchini in it to my disappointment. I going to stick to sushi next time because it's so impressive. Both meals were generous in portion. They could easily be cut in half or you could leave a third, if you wanted to have a second meal or snack later, especially if you order an appetizer. I wouldn't order an appetizer, if you plan to eat the entire meal at one sitting. 

The Oolong Tea is delicious and is served hot.with slices of fresh lemon which make the tea even more delicious. It's served in a iron pot which keeps the tea warm longer. Be sure to wait a few minutes for the tea to steep before pouring. 

As shown above, this restaurant features a very large dining room with tables & booths and high end decor. There is also a separate bar area, an open view of the kitchen, reception area and a separate room for parties. The atmosphere is lovely but it can get loud when there is a party going on. The wait staff to my surprise & disappointment isn't Asian. The manager & the sushi chef are Asian and are very hospitable.  The sushi comes out quicker than any sushi restaurant I have been to and the entrees come to the table very hot.

Well there you have it, my latest restaurant review. I highly recommend you visit Hakka Chow soon! I have nine other restaurant reviews to write soon and plan to visit even more Winston Salem area restaurants in the future, so stay tuned. Check out my last review which features Dairi-O in King, NC.  If you are ever in the Raleigh area, be sure to check out my restaurant reviews for that area on this blog.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dairi-O Restaurant Review - King, NC

Nighttime View of Exterior

#7 Chicken Souvlaki Pita with Fries & Drink $7.69

Crispy Chicken Salad $7.49

#10 Crispy Chicken Wrap with Lettuce/Tomato/Mayo, Fries & Drink $7.69

Hot Fudge Cake $3.49

Banana Split $5.49

Having recently moved to the Winston Salem area, I have been trying out lots of restaurants. Dairi-O is a fast food chain that I had never heard of before moving here and decided to try out. They have four locations: King, Rural Hall, Winston Salem & Clemmons. It's now my new favorite fast food restaurant! I warn you, it's highly addictive!  

The first item I tried was #7, the Chicken Souvlaki Pita. I was so happy to see a Greek item on a fast food menu and was really surprised to see they use high quality ingredients. It has large chunks of wonderfully seasoned chicken breast, cooked onions, green peppers and tomatoes and Tzatziki sauce on the side. I like to skip the pita sometimes for less calories. If you do so, be sure to dip your chicken in the sauce instead of pouring it over the pita because the pita will absorb a lot of it otherwise. I frequent Greek restaurants and this pita can actually compete with an authentic Greek restaurant! You've gotta try it! The Tzatziki sauce is perfect. I just wish the cup was larger, I love that sauce! The very generous portion of crinkle fries have a yummy seasoning on them and they are perfectly cooked. They are a bit salty, so do not add any salt. They are very filling. Just a warning, they are very hot, so you'll have to wait a couple of minutes for them to cool. All of their food is hot and fresh.

The second item I tried was #8, the Fish Sandwich, and since then I have ordered it several more times since it's one of my favorites. It's a large, lightly battered piece of flounder with a crispy topping that is not greasy at all. They cook it when you order, so it may take a couple more minutes than other items on the menu. I take off half the bun, the bun that doesn't have tarter sauce on it, so it has less calories and more flavor. It's simply delicious! Hubby isn't as fond of fish sandwiches and even he agreed it was worth repeating.  

The third item I tried was #10, the Crispy Chicken Wrap with lettuce, tomato and mayo. It's really good, but be sure to ask for a mayo packet & a knife because there is very little mayo on the wrap. Be sure to tell them what you want on your wrap, because they may not ask.

The fourth item I tried was the Crispy Chicken Salad and it was good, but I feel it needs some more toppings. Compared to the Chick-fil-A restaurant, I would rather the Chick-fil-A version.

Then fifth item I tried was #6, the Chicken Sandwich. It's less greasy than the Chick-fil-A version but the chicken is not as thick. It's very good with cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

One weekend, Hubby and I decided as Winnie-the-Pooh says "it's time for something sweet", so I ordered the Hot Fudge Cake Sundae and Hubby ordered the Banana Split. The Hot Fudge Cake Sundae had too much cake and not enough ice cream for my taste. It has soft serve vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, two pieces of devils food cake and lots of hot fudge. Hubby's Banana Split had chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream with strawberry, pineapple & hot fudge toppings and tons of whipped cream. He said it was delicious. Both sundaes came with cherries on top and two wafer cookies which was a cookie my Mom bought a lot when I was a kid. Yummy! You may want to make a special trip just for dessert as we did since their meals & desserts are very filling all on their own. 

Hubby & I ordered a hot dog and corn dog another weekend. I'm not a fan of ground beef on my hot dog, so even though I ordered that, Hubby ate it instead. I didn't know that it had ground beef on top or I wouldn't have ordered it. He said it was really good. I ate the corn dog he ordered even though I'm not really a fan of corn dogs. It was ok, but not something I'd order again. Kids would probably love it.

Service at this restaurant is always prompt, friendly & accurate. If you haven't given this fast food restaurant a try, I highly recommend you do so soon!  What's your favorite restaurant in the Winston Salem area?  Stay tuned for many more restaurant reviews.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

QVC's TSVs for February 2015

Preorder Numbers for Today's Special Values

2nd - Joan Rivers Classic Collection Classic Tailored Trench Coat, A265381, $79.98 plus s/h & tax or 5 payments of $15.99, comes in 5 colors

3rd - ghd Eclipse Styling Iron, A265393, $179.00 or 5 payments of $35.80

5th - Women with Control Regular Printed Tunic & Ankle Pants Set, A266324 Regular, A266325 Petite & A266326 Tall, $49.92 or 3 payments of $16.64, comes in 5 colors

7th - Skechers Go Walk Slip-on Mesh Sneakers, A266327, $44.96 or two payments of $22.48, comes in 7 colors

9th - Dr. Denese Supersize Hydroshield & Med MD, A265376 or A265431 A/D, $139.96 or 4 payments of $34.99

12th - G.I.L.I. Bronzo Italia Textured Triple Rolo Link Bracelet, J320631, $69.96 or 4 payments of $17.49, comes in 3 sizes and 4 colors

13th - Tarte Be Your Own Tartiest 6 Piece Collection, A265526 or A265565 A/D, $59.96 or 3 payments of $19.98, comes in 6 shades

15th - Kitchen Aid 4.5 Quart Mixer, K423989, $249.95 or 5 payments of $49.99, comes in 15 colors

21st - Philosophy Super Size Beauty Sleep Essentials, A266049 or A266041 A/D, $169.80 or 6 payments of $28.30

26th - Clarks Nubuck Wedge Sandals with Backstrap, A266330, $57.36 or 2 payments of $28.68, comes in five colors

March 2015

2nd - Perricone MD Super Size Daily Treatment, A266399 A/D or A266329, $198.00 or 5 payments of $39.60, a/d every five months for two years

4th - Green Pan 11 Piece Cookware Set, K42388, $139.96 or 5 easy payments, comes in 6 colors.

I hope you enjoy the convenience of ordering the Today's Special Values in advance or having the information to assist you in your February shopping decisions. What are you most excited about for February? I'll be passing on all of them, nothing of interest to me this month.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

QVC'S TSVs for January 2015

Preorder Numbers for Today's Special Values in January & February

2nd - Legacy French Terry Skirted Leggings, A265383, $29.96 plus s/h & tax or two payments of $14.98, comes in 6 colors

5th - Josie Maran Aragan Oil Pure Complexion 5 Piece Collection, A265379, $69.96 or 3 payments of $23.32, comes in 3 shades

7th - Lock & Lock 10-Piece Nestable Bowl & Zen Storage Set, K42257, $19.98 or 2 payments of $9.99, comes in 9 colors

8th - Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Rope Design Sterling Silver Ring, J319539, $99.59 or 3 payments of $33.19, comes in 2 colors

10th - LA-Z-Boy Maverick Oversized Rocker Recliner with Memory Foam, H205067, $799.00 with shipping included or 6 payments of $133.16, comes in 5 colors

14th - KIND 20 Fruit, Nut & Chocolate Bars with 10 Bonus Savory Bars, M46625, $39.98 or 2 payments of $19.99

16th - Skinnytees Seamless Tank Set, A265382, $32.98 or 2 payments of $16.49, comes in 7 colors

17th - Tria Beauty 4X Laser Hair Removal, A265978, $398.00 or 5 payments of $77.80, comes in two colors

19th - IT Cosmetics New Year Your Most Beautiful Skin

23rd - 14K Gold Byzantine Rolo Link Bracelet, J319531 6 3/4" $799.00, J319532 7 1/4" $849.00, J319533 8" $899.00, all three sizes available in 6 payments 

25th - Kitchenaid 13 Cup Food Processor with Dicing Kit & Exact Slice, K42254, $179.95 or 5 payments of $35.99, comes in 6 colors

29th - Earth Origins Nubuck & Mesh Slip On Sneakers, A265394, $44.86 or 2 payments of $22.43, comes in 5 colors

30th?  - Tarte Be Your Own Tartiest 6 Piece Collection A265565 $59.96 or 3 payments of $19.98, comes in six shades, a/d future shipments in June & October

February 2015

2nd - Joan Rivers Classic Collection Classic Tailored Trench Coat, A265381, $79.98 or 5 payments of $15.99, comes in 5 colors

3rd - ghd Eclipse Styling Iron, A265393, $179.00 or 5 payments of $35.80

I hope you enjoy the convenience of ordering the Today's Special Values in advance or having the information to assist you in your January shopping decisions.  What are you most excited about for January?  I'm tempted only by the leggings and the Josie Maran set. I recommend Kitchen Aid, Josie Maran & Kind Bars since I have purchased those products in the past and really enjoy them.  I find Kind Bars are less expensive at and

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

QVC's TSVs for December 2014

Preorder Numbers for Today's Special Values in December

6th - WEN Set of Five Cleansing Conditioners, A264112 or A/D A265222, $79.92 or four payments of $19.98

7th - Kitchen Aid 5 Qt 325W Tilt Head Stand Mixer with Glass Bowl, K41969, $279.95 or five payments of $55.99, comes in fourteen colors

9th - Drybar Buttercup Hair Dryer Perfect Blowout Collection, A260881, $165.00 or five payments of $33.00

10th - Keurig K10 Personal Coffee Maker with 36 K-Cups, K41628, $69.96 or three payments of $23.32, comes in eleven colors

12th - Laura Geller 7 Piece Black Tie Affair, A260937, $49.98 or three payments of $16.66

15th - KISS Instawave, A265126, $72.72 or four payments of $18.18

16th - Skechers GOwalk Suede Clogs with faux fur lining, A265136, $39.98 or two payments of  $19.99, comes in four colors

19th - Emjoi eRase Pro 60 Disc Epilator, A263505, $64.92 or three payments of $21.64

23rd - Ryka Walking Sneakers, A265135, $43.52 or two payments of $21.76, comes in six colors

26th - Denim & Co Active French Terry Tunic, A265128 Regular, A265129 Petite, $24.98 or two payments of $12.49, $4 off each additional purchase, comes in six colors

27th - Clarks Bendables Evianna, A260938, $54.92 or two payments of $27.46, comes in five colors

31st - Bronzo Italia Polished Twisted Round Earrings, J318692 1" size, $34.00 or two payments of $17.00, J319142 1 1/2", $39.00 or two payments of $19.50, comes in white, rose or yellow

January 3rd - Vionic with Orthaheel Orthotic Sneakers, A265138, $84.26 or three payments of $28.08, comes in five colors

I hope you enjoy the convenience of ordering the Today's Special Values in advance or having the information to assist you in making your Christmas gift list.  What are you most excited about for December?  I'm tempted only by the Denim & Company Tunic and the Skechers Clogs.  I recommend WEN, Keurig & Kitchen Aid since I have purchased those TSVs in the past and really enjoy those products.

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Friday, October 10, 2014

QVC's TSVs for November 2014

November Today's Special Value Preorder Numbers

3rd - Philosophy 5 Piece Fragrance Grace & Love Gift Set, A261899, A/D every four months for two years A263198, $79.96 or four payments of $19.99 plus s/h, comes in four scents.

5th - Temp-tations 18 Piece Bake & Serve Set, Old World K41858 or Floral Lace K41859, $99.96 or five payments.

6th - Bare Traps Tommy Tall Shaft Boots, A259030, $59.86 or two payments of $29.93, comes in four shades.

7th - Dennis Basso Oversized Faux Fur Throws & 12" Teddy Gift Set, H204511, $59.94 or three payments of $19.98, comes in six colors.

8th - Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Cleansing System with Fresh Cleanser, A263065, A/D three shipments A264478, $124.86 or six payments of $20.81, ten colors choices.

10th -Tarte Sweet Indulgences 3 in 1 Collection, A259031, A/D two shipments A264305, $59.94 or three payments of $19.98.

14th - Lori Greiner Gold & Silver Safekeeper Double Sided Jewelry Armoire, H204486, $272.70 or six payments of $45.45 plus s/h, comes in 5 colors.

15th - Dooney & Bourke Embossed Pebble Leather Shelby, A262990, $269.92 or five payments, comes in seven shades.

16th Keurig 2.0 K550 Coffee Maker with 42 K-Cup Packs & Carafe, K41627, $149.94 or six payments of $24.99.

18th - Josie Maran Dream of Nourished Skin Argon Oil 7 Piece Collection, A260935, A/D four shipments A263768,  $69.96 or three payments of $23.32, comes in two scents.

21st - Honora 10 mm Cultured Pearl Sterling Stud Earrings, J296957, $19.98 or two payments of $9.99, comes in eight colors.

22nd - Calista Tools Set of 12 Ion Hot Rollers, A260936, $99.80 or five payments of $19.96, three choices.

24th - Bare Minerals Chandelight Glow 8 Piece Holiday Collection with Clutch, A263395, A/D four shipments A263944, $49.98 or three payments of $16.66.

25th - Orthaheel Vionic Adilyn Orthotic Adjustable Plush Slippers, A260934, $49.98 or two payments of $24.99, comes in six colors.

Hope you enjoy the advanced notice of the TSVs for November!  It appears some are available to order now and some have yet to be set up for purchase so you'll have to check back. Don't forget to use Mr. Rebates for 5% cash back! Also, remember to check back if something is already sold out. Often they get more stock prior to it being shown on tv. What TSV's have you bought lately and which do you plan on buying?  I highly recommend the Keurig, Dennis Basso, Clarisonic & Bare Minerals TSVs!  I have my eye on the Dennis Basso, Bare Minerals & Calista Tools TSVs.  I'd love the armoire but it looks over priced to me.  Anyone bought one of her armoires?  How's the quality?

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Friday, October 3, 2014

iRobot Roomba 870 Vacuum Cleaning Robot Review

Teddy & Harvey Checking Out Roomba

Watch Teddy Chase & Bark at Roomba

As a Bzz Agent I was really super excited to receive an offer for a 35% discount off the iRobot Roomba 870 Vacuum Cleaner. I ordered it online directly from the manufacturer at on Sunday and it arrived via UPS five days later on Friday. I also received an additional 3% cash back from Mr. Rebates. It came with two room dividers & their C batteries, two HEPA filters and it's charging station. I will also be receiving two more HEPA filters in three to five weeks for a thank you for registering my iRobot.

I had an older iRobot model about ten years ago that I used almost every day due to messy parrots and it lasted about two years. I really missed it and wanted another one! Since they are pricey and never went on sale as it did before, I didn't purchase another one until now. It comes with a limited one year warranty on the robot and six months on the battery. I'm very happy to see that they have made some wonderful improvements! This one is much quieter than my previous one. Now you can run it and still hear the TV! The previous one was just as loud as my regular vacuum and since it was so slow, sometimes I felt like just using my regular vacuum to get it over with. It looked like it was cleaning the room four times and while spotless, it took what felt like forever. This one appears to clean the room twice and take half the time. The virtual walls also called room dividers are better than the previous version also. They create a border for Roomba that is seven feet long which is a helpful improvement for sure!  I have an open concept house, so I need that line to be as long as possible. I managed to use just the two dividers to keep Roomba in my great room. I have four large openings to the great room and with the use of the furniture, one dog gate and the two dividers, I managed to keep Roomba in the room. I'm glad I won't have to purchase another divider. It took about forty minutes to clean my great room which is nineteen feet by almost fifteen feet. I'm not sure how long it takes to charge Roomba, but it was ready to go after about an hour on the charger. This version allows you to program it to clean by the day and hour which is another wonderful improvement. This version can maneuver over cords & rug tassels while the last version I had could not. I prefer to move everything out of the way just be careful, but I did test it and it did not get tangled in the cord. I did forget one bully stick (dog chew toy) that was behind a chair and it got stuck behind the wheels as it was too large to go into the trash bin. I was very happy that it was easy to remove the rollers and pull it out. The 870 model is made for people with pets and has rollers that do not have brushes so the pet hair does not gets stuck on them. Roomba's HEPA filter really does work unlike my Oreck vacuum who's filter does not work and is quite stinky. I had to run Roomba twice since it didn't have a full charge when it arrived. So it ran about one & a half times before the room was clean. On the days I wash the dogs, trim their hair and blow dry them like yesterday, I may need to use it twice. Their hair really sticks to my low pile IKEA area rug. Roomba did a better job than my Oreck at brushing the pile and making it stand back up and it did an excellent job on my hardwood floor. It has tons of positive reviews on Amazon, though some reviews said the trash bin was filling up too quickly and needed emptying prior to finishing the room. I did not have that issue, but I would recommend emptying it after each room.

As you can see in the above video Teddy was quite concerned about our new visitor. The video was taken the very first time I used it. Issy can be heard in the background barking also. Leo & Harvey were quietly watching every move Roomba made. By the third use all the barking had ceased.  Harvey & Issy were around when I had the other version ten years ago. Though Issy doesn't have a good memory and tends to be afraid of new things. Harvey was unconcerned about Roomba's movements so much so that he was laying on the area rug and would simply move out of the way when Roomba got close to him.  Leo & Harvey didn't even watch Roomba after the second use while Issy & Teddy watched cautiously from the safety of the sofa. I'm very happy the barking stopped because Teddy tends to bark at everything and doesn't usually stop.

I highly recommend the Roomba if you can afford it. It's price tag is $599.99 but a lower model is on sale today at for $299.95. Normally I'm not someone who gets excited about a new vacuum, but this is a vacuum to get excited about! It's like having an assistant or a maid who quietly does their job and then leaves as quietly as they arrived.  

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