Monday, October 24, 2016

The Cheesecake Factory - Grand Opening in Greensboro, NC

3124 West Friendly Avenue
Greensboro, NC  27408
(336) 323-1211

Interior View

Cheesecake - $6.95 to $7.95 a slice

Bread & Butter

Fish & Chips Lunch Special - $13.95

Shepard's Pie Lunch Special - $13.95

This is a review of The Cheesecake Factory that just opened in Greensboro, North Carolina. They opened on Tuesday, October 18th and we visited yesterday, Sunday at 11:50 am. Their hours are Monday to Thursday from 11:30 am to 11 pm. Friday and Saturday they are open until 12:30 pm and Sunday they are open from 10 am to 11 pm. Brunch is available on Sundays from 10 am to 2 pm. Parking is available in front of the building and on the right side of the shopping area. There is no parking in the rear. Parking is very limited, so I recommend visiting during non peak hours. It is not a free standing building and it's about half the size of the one located in Raleigh. I'm really shocked they didn't build more parking for their customers. The other stores must be suffering because many people don't have the patience for driving around and around looking for a parking space! I didn't see a sanitation score posted and there isn't one posted on the Public Health website. Hubby dropped me off and he continued to search for a parking space. I waited in line to get a table and was given a beeper and told it would be a fifteen minute wait. Our beeper went off in about fifteen minutes and we waited again for a table. What? Yep, we waited again! They had four groups of people waiting for a table after they set their beepers off. This was really annoying since there was very little room for us to stand and wait for a hostess to seat us at a table. Normally restaurants will only set off your beeper when they are ready to seat you and the hostess is waiting with menus in hand. We waited about another seven minutes for a table and the hostess had a hard time finding us due to their disorganization. There isn't enough space in the foyer for people waiting for a table or ordering cheesecake to go. The cheesecake case is on the right side of the reception desk. Some people waited outside, but on a rainy day that will be unpleasant. There are only a couple of benches outside.

We were seated at a table for two located in the bar area of the restaurant. It was very crowded since the tables were too close together. While the interior decor is lovely, it was extremely loud with chatter and music. There were people walking past my Husband's chair within inches of him non stop. Our table was situated so that I would be sitting on the seam of the bench and Hubby said his chair was uncomfortable. When they bused the table next to us the employee was standing within inches of me. It was difficult to hear Hubby & the waiter since it was so loud yet the lady sitting next to me was rudely listening to our conversation and reacting to it. She was very loud while talking to her child and shaking an annoying rattle and allowing her child to to throw food continuously. It was not a peaceful environment. I highly recommend asking for a booth only, it's worth the additional wait time! 

We ordered our drinks and continued reading the menu trying to decide what we were going to order. Hubby ordered the Shepard's Pie and I ordered the Fish  & Chips. We ordered them both in the lunch portion which is smaller and less expensive. Both lunch portions cost $13.95 whereas the regular portions cost $15.95 for the Shepard's Pie and $17.50 for the Fish & Chips. The prices are high in my opinion. Thirty-two minutes after we arrived we were finally served their bread and butter as shown above. One mini loaf is pumpernickel and the other is sourdough and it's severed with two small pads of butter. It was served several minutes after our drinks arrived and I thought it was strange the waiter didn't bring it out with our drinks. The bread was served warm and it was tasty, but it needed more salt and butter. The food was taking so long that I decided a bit more bread would help since we hadn't had breakfast and I was starving. It was difficult to get the waiter's attention, but we finally did and ten minutes after sitting down we received the second bread basket. Six minutes after that our food arrived, so that's thirty-eight minutes after we arrived at the restaurant that we were finally served our entrees! The couple next to us looked like they had been there a very long time waiting for their entrees and they were served their food only a couple minutes prior to us and the waiter thanked them for their patience. They didn't even eat their food, they just asked for boxes and left. The table of four on the other side arrived prior to us and they were served just as we were finishing our meal! They didn't eat much of their food either. Hubby gives the Shepard's Pie two out of five stars. He said that it had too much sauce and mushrooms, not enough meat and he didn't like how they cut the carrots and zucchini into very thin strips. He only liked the mashed potatoes on top. It's described as "ground beef, carrots, peas, zucchini, onions in a delicious mushroom gravy covered with a mashed potato parmesan cheese crust". The mashed potatoes didn't have a crust, they should have been browned longer. Traditional Shepard's Pie is baked until it has a perfectly browned crust of mashed potatoes on top. His portion was huge and we think they may have brought him the full sized portion by mistake. He mostly ate the potatoes and the beef. I enjoyed the fish, but it was average. Two pieces of the fish were of average size and the other two were very small and had too much batter on them. I give this dish three out of five stars. It was a good portion for lunch, it was served hot and it wasn't too greasy. The tarter sauce & cole slaw were just ok and the french fries were dry. It's described as "hand battered and fried crisp, served with cole slaw, french fries and tarter sauce". I also didn't care for the basket it was served in since the sides were too tall and it was too large for such a tiny table. I ate most of the fish and left most of the fries and cole slaw behind. 

It was quite dark in the restaurant since they have outdoor seating wrapping around the side of the restaurant that blocks the light and on the other side it's joined to the store next door with no windows. There are only three stalls in the women's bathroom and it's very dark in there. There are two sinks and two Dyson hand dryers which are very loud and the only option to dry your hands. Management didn't make an appearance the entire time we were there which was shocking for their first days of service when first impressions are so important to the success of a restaurant.

On the way out we wanted to get two slices of cheesecake to go and to our surprise even though there wasn't a line at the cheesecake case we had to wait five minutes for them to place it in a box! The girl who took our order and two other girls just stood there at the register when they could have prepared our order. Instead we had to wait behind a long line of dining customers' orders. Why they are allowing three employees to just stand there and stare at customers instead of keeping busy is beyond me. That was another very disappointing experience. Our cheesecake didn't look great when we arrived home since they placed whipped topping on it which we didn't want. We weren't asked if we wanted whipping cream. I don't have pictures of the White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake and Carrot Cake Cheesecake we purchased for $7.95 a slice since the weren't presentable. The Carrot Cake Cheesecake had no cheesecake, it was simply a small slice of traditional carrot cake! We were shocked since they were serving large pieces of carrot cake also and we were asked which we wanted as if one was cheesecake and one was regular cake. The only difference was in fact the size of the slice. The White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake was dry and we both didn't care for the crust. I prefer my homemade cheesecake which is extremely moist. The carrot cake didn't have enough cream cheese frosting, too many nuts, no cheesecake and it was such a tiny slice for the price. I prefer Harris Teeter's carrot cake! All in all it was a very stressful, expensive and disappointing visit and we shall not be returning. What's your favorite restaurant in the Triad? Please comment below.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sushi Republic Restaurant Review - Greensboro, NC

329 Tate Street
Greensboro, NC  27403
(336) 274-6684

Exterior View

Interior View

Kamikaze Sushi Roll - $9.95

Chirashi Sushi Don - $12.95

This is a review of a restaurant called Sushi Republic located in Greensboro, North Carolina. We visited a couple of months ago on a Saturday around 5:30 pm. I've been putting off this blog post since I don't like writing negative reviews. They are open Monday through Friday from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm and then they reopen at 5 pm and close at 10 pm. On Saturdays they are open from 5 pm to 10 pm and Sundays they are closed. Limited parking is available on Tate Street and on the left side of the restaurant. When we arrived we were immediately seated. We didn't care for the decor and the seating area felt cramped. They also have outdoor seating in the front of the restaurant. Their sanitation score is 94.

We had to wait awhile to order even though they only had a couple of customers. The employees seemed to be more interested in socializing with each other than tending to their customer's needs. We ordered the Kamikaze Sushi Roll and the Chirashi Sushi Don and shared them. They arrived eight minutes after we ordered. The Kamikaze Sushi Roll is described as "spicy yellowtail, avocado, cucumber, asparagus, crab, tempura fried and eel sauce". It tasted ok, but it was nothing special. Only six pieces for $9.95 seemed skimpy to us. The Chirashi Sushi Don is described as "fourteen piece assorted sashimi over rice in a bowl". The definition of sashimi is bite sized pieces of raw fish yet they served two pieces of some kind of fruit, two pieces of cooked imitation crab and two pieces of cooked shrimp. We were disappointed to say the least and the shrimp was overcooked. While we considered ordering another dish, at this point we were done. The waiter wasn't attentive and he was very unwelcoming. He gave us the impression since there weren't many customers that he'd rather socialize with his coworkers. Maybe that explains why there were so few customers on what should be a very busy Saturday night at a restaurant! We suspect they don't have good service because they are located so close to the University of North Carolina Greensboro and students need to eat within walking distance regardless of the service. Needless to say we shall not be returning and we don't recommend this restaurant. 

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Play! by Sephora Subscription Box Review - October 2016

The Cool Cut

This is a review of my sixth shipment from Play! by Sephora. It's only $10 a month and it includes six cosmetic samples. The approximate retail value of October's box is $45.41 which is an excellent value. There are four different boxes this month. This is what I received:
  1. Farmacy - Skin Dew Hydrating Essence Mist & Setting Spray, .68 fl. oz., $9.06 retail value, made in the USA
  2. Yves Saint Laurent - Mon Paris Perfume, .04 fl. oz., $2.30 retail value, made in France
  3. Smashbox - Always on Matte Liquid Lipstick, Driver's Seat, doesn't indicate size maybe .06 fl. oz., $12.00 retail value approximate, made in Italy
  4. Estée Lauder - The Estée Edit, Flash Photo Gloss, 01 White Flash, .1 fl. oz., $7.40 retail value, made in the USA
  5. Erborian - Bamboo Crème Frappée Skin Reviving Fresh Gel, .17 fl. oz, $4.30 retail value, made in South Korea
  6. Christophe Robin - Regnerating Mask with Rare Prickly Pear Seed Oil, 1.7 fl. oz., $14.48 retail value, made in Italy
The Farmacy setting spray smells really good and it's refreshing, but it leaves a bit of stickiness on the skin. I can't believe how expensive it is, $44 for 3.3 ounces! I've never heard of this brand before, have you? The Yves Saint Laurent perfume smells pretty good. It's notes are strawberry, raspberry, bergamot, alone, pear, orange flower, jasmin samba, white peony, datura, patchouli, white musk, ambrox, cedarwood and crystal moss. I wouldn't buy it because of the cedarwood and white musk scents which I don't care for not to mention the price tag of $92. The Smashbox matte lipstick is a pretty coral fall color, but it makes my lips so dry. When you rub your lips together after it dries it feels weird. I don't care for it. After eating lunch most of it was still on my lips, I just needed one dab of lipstick to touch up. I really like the applicator since it applies perfectly. It stays put where you apply it without feathering. The Estée Edit is a lipgloss to make your teeth in your selfie pictures appear whiter. It is so sticky! What in the world were they thinking, everyone can't stand sticky lip gloss! As far as it making your teeth look whiter, I think you are better off just sticking to lip glosses with a bit of blue tint in them. Look for red, fuchsia and pink glosses with a hint of blue in them. It's certainly not a substitute for teeth whitening products. The Erborian moisturizing gel is easy to apply and goes on quickly. It's a bit tacky at first then it feels like a primer leaving the skin smooth. It made my sensitive skin a bit itchy right after applying. I look forward to trying the Christophe Robin hair mask tonight. I haven't heard of this brand before. It has a pleasant perfume scent. Well I think this box may be my least favorite Play! box that I have received so far. I'm hoping for a better box in November who's theme is "Best in Glow". It's suppose to feature products that make your skin glow. Do you subscribe to this box? If so, have you been enjoying the products they sent you? If not, why haven't you subscribed?

Check out what I received in my MayJune, JulyAugust and September Play! boxes. Also, check out my Subscription Box Pinterest Board to see what other boxes I've subscribed to over the years. In addition, don't forget to come back and enter my monthly giveaway which I will post soon. Share this blog post with friends by clicking on the Google red box (G+1) at the very top of this page or via Twitter and Facebook by clicking their boxes here:

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Monday, October 17, 2016

QVC's TSVs for November 2016

Preorder Numbers for Today's Special Values

1st - First Aid Beauty Super Size Set of 2 Ultra Repair Creams, A287607, $39.96 or 2 payments of $19.98

2nd - Butterball Digital XXL 22 Pound Metallic Electric Turkey Fryer, K54079, $129.95 or 5 payments $25.29, comes in 5 colors

5th - Dooney & Bourke Pebble Leather Aubrey Satchel with Accessories, A288138, $269.90 or 5 payments of $53.98, comes in 6 colors

6th - Kitchen Aid 6 Quart 575 Watt Glass Bowl Lift Stand Mixer with Flex Edge Beater, K35926, $399.96 or 6 payments of $66.66, comes in 10 colors

6th - Kitchen Aid Spiralizer Attachment with Peel, Core & Slice, K35922, $89.88 or 6 payments of $14.98

7th - Lug Quilted Luggage Puddle Jumper, F12538, $139.95 or 5 payments of $27.99, comes in 3 colors and 2 patterns

9th - Frost Guard Windshield & Wiper Cover with Mirror Covers, V34519, $24.98 or 3 payments of $8.32, comes in 3 solid colors & 6 patterns

15th - Berkshire Set of Three Velvet Soft Gradient Color Throws, H210207, $27.98 or 3 payments of $9.32, comes in 8 colors

17th - Vionic Orthotic Water Resistant Sneaker Hiking Boots, A287273, $99.80 or 5 payments $19.96, comes in 5 colors

18th - Denim & Co. Button Front Cable Knit Tunic Cardigan, A287276, $42.72 or 3 payments of $14.24, comes in 6 colors

21st - Calista Style Dryer Custom Air Brush with Four Attachments, A287278, $84.96 or 4 payments of $21.24, comes in 4 colors

22nd - Lori Greiner Set of Two on the Go Belt Free Pouch with RFID, H210245, $29.98 or 2 payments of $14.99, comes in 2 patterns and 5 solids

24th - Susan Graver Quilted Jacket with Removable Faux Fur Trim, A287279, $69.60 or 5 payments of $13.92, comes in 6 colors

30th - Snow Joe Telescoping Snowbroom & Ice Scraper with Four LED Lights, V34520, $19.98 available in 3 payments, comes in 5 colors, not available yet 


1st - Lamo Water Resistant Suede Boots with Fold Over Detail, A287509, $46.92 or 3 payments of $15.64, comes in 6 colors 

3rd - Philosophy Three Piece Mega Size Laying Collection, A287510 or A/D A288401, $88.95 or 5 payments of $17.79, comes in 4 scents

I'm not excited about any of the TSVs so far, but looking forward to seeing what It Cosmetics and Josie Maran will have later. Which ones are you excited about? Don't forget to use Mr. Rebates for 3% cash back when you order!  Other interesting TSVs that information hasn't been provided for yet are:

3rd - Earth Brands Footwear
4th - Rachel Ray
11th - Lisa Rinna
12th - It Cosmetics
13th - Dyson
14th - Clarisonic
16th - Mrs. Prindable's
19th - Josie Maran
26th - Computers & Tablets
27th - Copper Chef
29th - Luminara

I will update this post as soon as I find out the preorder information. Strangely absent is Keurig, they have had a TSV in November for years. 

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Graze Subscription Box Review & FREE Box for You - October 2016

New - Superfoods and Tea & Cookies

High Fiber & Protein Snacks

This is a review of a snack subscription box called Graze for $11.99 including shipping. That's only $1.49 per snack! I have been a member from the beginning back in 2013. They were originally sent from the UK, but now they are sent from the US. They also offer them in the UK. The UK gets the new creations first and then they eventually land up in US boxes. I've been waiting awhile for the tea and cookies, very British! It's the perfect afternoon snack box for me since I love tea and cookies! They use to send only four snack boxes per week, but now they only offer a box of eight snacks. As shown above I received the following:
  1. Chia Coconut Cookie with Tumeric Ginger Tea, 120 calories
  2. Acai Blueberry Bite with Blueberry & Acai Tea, 110 calories
  3. Baobab & Raspberry Clusters, 130 calories
  4. Lemon Almond Cookies with Oat & Spelt with Special Blend Black Tea, 110 calories
  5. Sweet Rhubarb Jam - rhubarb, soft apple pieces & cranberries, 100 calories
  6. Banana Cream Pie - chewy banana coins, pecan nuts, yogurt coated raisins & sunflower seeds, 210 caloires
  7. Original Protein Flapjack - rustic rolled oat flapjack with flaxseeds, sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds, 260 calories
  8. Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake - mini cocoa cookies, strawberry fruit drops, yogurt coasted strawberry pieces & almonds, 170 calories
I'm looking forward to trying the tea and cookie snacks! Hubby loves the banana snacks and I like to eat the flapjacks for breakfast. They make for a filling breakfast. When I'm not in the mood to prepare something it's perfect, just open and eat. They also offer soups, but they are high in sodium so I took those off my list. They were tasty, but I'm on a low sodium diet. They also offer sharing bags, six count multipacks and superfood pouches. I like how their superfood pouches are smaller than the competition since it takes awhile to use them up in your smoothies since you don't use much per serving. This way you can stock up on them for less money. 

I highly recommend this subscription box, it's a wonderful way to ensure that you eat healthy snacks and the majority of them are delicious. They are great for on the go also, just drop one in your bag and off you go. If you have healthy snacks on hand you're less likely to give into temptation and eat a candy bar, muffin, donut, or other high calorie snack. If you haven't tried this box before, be sure to use my link below so that your first and fifth box will be free of charge. It's easy to snooze your shipments, it done easily online. Check out my Subscription Box Pinterest Board to see what other subscription boxes I've subscribed to over the years. Click on the photo of the one that interests you and it will take you to the matching blog post. What's your favorite subscription box?

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$10 Off $50, coupon code "SUPER7"

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Restaurant Review - Winston Salem, NC

1111 Salisbury Ridge Road
Winston Salem, NC  27127
(336) 722-5009

View from Foyer

Chicken Broth Soup

Salad with Ginger Dressing

Volcano Fire Show - Cooking Shrimp Appetizer, Noodles, Zucchini & Onions

Zucchini, Onions & Noodles

Rice, Mushrooms, Ribeye Steak, Red Snapper & Noodles

This is a review of a restaurant located in Winston Salem, North Carolina called Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi. We visited on a Wednesday night around 5:30 pm. It wasn't busy until about 6 pm, so if you want to avoid the rush arrive prior to 6 pm. They are open from 5 pm to 10 pm Monday through Thursday and they stay open half an hour later on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday they are open from 1 pm to 9 pm. When we arrived we were immediately seated and we waited for more people to arrive since we were the first ones at our table. Their sanitation score was 94.5 when we visited.

The waiter took our drink order as soon as we sat down. They have a full service bar. We ordered water since we both had to drive home in separate cars. We were happy that the waiter didn't wait until more people arrived prior to serving us soup since we were so hungry. He brought out our soup only a couple of minutes after he brought out our drinks. It was very hot, so we had to wait a bit prior to eating it and it was tasty. Twelve minutes later the waiter brought out our salads. The salad was too watery, they didn't drain it enough after washing. The ginger dressing was average, I'll order ranch instead next time. The waiter took our order at this point. I ordered the Ribeye Steak & Red Snapper for $19.98 and Hubby ordered the Ribeye Steak & Shrimp for $18.98. As soon as five more people arrived the show started which was thirteen minutes after our salad and twenty-seven minutes after we arrived. We were happy to see that as soon as the chef arrived he started a fire even before he started cooking, so we knew he was going to put on a good show. He was also cracking jokes, so he was very entertaining. He started cooking the shrimp appetizer, noodles, zucchini and onions and made a volcano fire with onion as shown above. Seven minutes after the chef arrived we were served the shrimp appetizer which was yummy and included three pieces of shrimp. Three minutes later, we were served the noodles, zucchini and onions. I asked the waiter if I could have twice the amount of rice and skip the noodles, but he said no. I usually don't like the noodles they serve at Asian restaurants, so I was surprised these noodles were so tasty. Hubby loved them so much he ate most of them before our next serving! The zucchini and onions were also tasty, one of my favorite parts of the meal. Next, the chef did the ketchup bottle trick and he picked the perfect person to do it to since she thought he was really squirting ketchup on her outfit. She was mad for a few seconds while looking down at her top before figuring out it was a trick. Normally the chef does it to a child since they are easier to trick, but there weren't any kids at our table. I wish I had filmed her reaction, it was so funny and everyone laughed at her reaction. Four minutes later I was served my medium rare ribeye steak. It wasn't great, but it was a large portion. I think I'll order the chicken next time instead. The chicken is cooked in teriyaki sauce. Hubby was served a very generous portion of shrimp and he enjoyed it. Six minutes later I was served the red snapper. It wasn't that tasty, I preferred the red snapper at Arigato Japanese Restaurant also in Winston Salem. A few minutes later we were served a grilled banana dessert which I would have preferred be served on a separate plate. We didn't care for it. Fourteen minutes later we were out the door. The total time for our visit was sixty-five minutes.

In conclusion, while the show was fabulous and the waiter was attentive, the food was just average, but they served very generous portions. Hubby ate most of his food and I had a huge portion of leftovers to take home. We preferred the taste of the food at Arigato, but the portions are smaller and the show leaves a lot to be desired. So it depends on which is more important to you, the show or the food. Also, this restaurant had very bright lights above the hibachi grill which gave me a headache. The lights at Arigato are much more pleasant especially for an meal in the evening. While we may return, we are really looking forward to a new Japanese restaurant near Costco called Umi. We are hoping that the food and the show will be excellent there. Which hibachi restaurant is your favorite? 

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Plated 17th Delivery Review


Cheddar Apple Grilled Cheese with Baby Kale Salad


Sicilian Turkey Meatballs with Eggplant Ragù


Seared Steak with Butternut Squash & Swiss Chard Gratin

This is a review of our 17th delivery from a food subscription box called Plated. We gave all three recipes three out of five stars. This is unusual because we normally have four and five star recipes when we order from Plated. So it was an especially disappointing week. Calories ranged from 660 to 820 and cooking times ranged from thirty-five minutes to fifty-five minutes. One of the recipes was vegetarian. I made an error on the ingredients photo for the steak, so it's not shown. Hubby changed his mind on which recipe he wanted to cook, so I took a picture of some ingredients that belonged to the other recipe and I already started preparing the squash, so it was too late to take another photo.

Cheddar Apple Grilled Cheese

Who doesn't love a grilled cheese sandwich! I just had to order this recipe since Hubby and I are both a fan. This one was too tart since it called for too much lemon juice and we felt the mustard just didn't go well with the other ingredients. The combination of the lemon juice, mustard and the sourdough bread was just too much tartness. So I would try it again skipping the lemon juice and mustard. The apple compote on top of the white cheddar would have been delicious if the lemon juice was skipped. The side salad was tasty, but it would have been nice if there were more ingredients. The dressing made with sugar, champagne vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper was enjoyable. It also called for cooking the sandwich with mayonnaise instead of butter. We used butter instead, that just sounded too strange to try. This recipe took thirty-eight minutes to prepare and it had 820 calories. It was a filling meal with plenty of salad, we couldn't fit it all on the plate so we went back for seconds.

Sicilian Turkey Meatballs with Eggplant Ragù

I regret having ordered this recipe since it was very disappointing. We gave it three out of five stars, but perhaps it's more of a two star recipe since we both didn't finish it all due the flavor. It was too rich and the meatballs just had way too many ingredients. The meatballs were made with turkey, breadcrumbs, pine nuts, currants, garlic, parsley, milk, parmesan, salt and pepper. I think this dish would have been much better if they had skipped the pine nuts, milk and eggplant and added some pasta. There were just too many flavors for one dish. This one had 730 calories and it took fifty minutes to prepare. It was a very generous portion with enough leftovers for a light lunch.

Seared Steak with Butternut Squash & Swiss Chard Gratin

Well this one was another disappointment since the steak was so tough. The side dish was scrumptious though. The steak deserves one star and the side dish five stars, so we gave this recipe three out of five stars. I threw away most of my steak since it was so tough even though it was cooked to medium rare. We also didn't enjoy having to cook the side dish twice. It was cooked in the pan and then baked. I think it would have been just as tasty to just bake it. This one had 660 calories and it took one hour to prepare. It was a healthy portion.

Well I sure do hope the next four recipes I ordered to arrive on Saturday are tastier than these three were. I have ordered Cauliflower Carbonara, Fall Cobb Salad, Beef Moussaka and Almond Butter Brownies. Most of the time we enjoy Plated's recipes, but sometimes they are just too unusual for our liking. I also wish they would allow us to view the recipe's instructions prior to ordering so we can view the steps and decide if that's a recipe we want to cook. All of their competition shows recipes in advance, so I find it strange that they do not. My current favorite food subscription box is Sun Basket followed by Green Chef. I highly recommend you give them a try and be sure to use the links below so that you receive a discount on your first box! Also, don't forget to enter my $72 Plated Giveaway.

Check out my Plated Pinterest Board to see what recipes we have made so far. Click on the photos to read more about the recipes that interest you. Before you go, be sure to check out my reviews of Blue ApronGreen BlenderGreen ChefHello FreshHome ChefMarley SpoonPlatedSun Basket and Terra's KitchenDo you subscribe to any meal delivery services? If so, which one is your favorite?

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