Bath & Body Works Christmas House Luminary Review - November 2018

3-Wick Candle Holder - Holiday House Luminary

When I saw that Bath & Body Works was offering this wonderful 3-Wick Candle Holder I decided it would be the perfect gift to myself for Christmas. I have purchased several of their ceramic candle holders over the years, but lately the prices have gone so high I haven't been buying them and they are hard to find in stores and online. Now that the prices are higher they are a bit easier to find. You might want to sit down first before hearing the price tag on this one. Are you sitting down? Ok, then, it is priced at $89.50. Yeah, that's a hefty price tag! I received a rare 25% off coupon in the mail so I used that which took $22.37 off taking it down to $67.13. Plus, I used Mr. Rebates for cash back and I'm signed up for rewards via their app, so it helped pay for my next free item up to $16.50 in value. It's definitely a splurge. Thankfully, it was shipped in its original box with molded styrofoam so it didn't have any chips or breaks. The tree on the left was squished though. I managed to bend back the little green wires that make up the tree. This one loses a bit of glitter when you touch or move it. It's really pretty with a lit candle inside. It's also pretty if you place a candle in front of it, that way the outside glitter shines and twinkles with the movement of the candlelight. The above photo shows that effect. The photo below shows how pretty it is with the candle lit:

Inside it has a ceramic stand for the candle so that it isn't sitting directly on the ceramic bottom. It's in need of some felt on the bottom to keep it from scratching your table when you move it, so you'll need to lift it to move it. The top piece fits only one way, so make sure you have it turned in the correct direction. You can lift and place the candle inside without removing the top piece, but you have to be very careful. The top piece is heavy and you have to be careful taking it off. There is a very cute dachshund in the front with a blue sweater on. On the right side, there is a cute snowman and on the left is a lovely bow window. The front door has the year "2018" on it which I appreciate. I'm always wondering how old my candle holders are in my collection, so I like it when they are dated. Check out my video on Instagram showing what it looks like with a candle lit inside. If you want one of these, be quick since they sell out fast. Unfortunately, they don't go on sale until the end of the season if they have any left. I didn't see any in the two stores I visited recently so you may need to order it online. I recommend calling your local stores and having them hold one for you if they have any. They are also selling a Barn House Luminary that is really nice. It's a barn with an old red truck in the front and it's the same price. In addition, they have a Ceramic Holiday House Hand Soap Holder that is similar to the Christmas House Luminary. I passed on it since I'm not crazy about the yellow windows. It costs $14.50. They are also selling a Polar Bear Candle Holder that is precious. He costs $24.50. Stay tuned for my review on that one, I couldn't resist so I bought one. He could be displayed past Christmas since he's a snow theme instead of Christmas. They really came up with some really lovely candle holders this year, check them out and check out their wonderful candle toppers. What's your favorite Bath & Body Works purchase this season?

What will be your big splurge for yourself this Christmas? If you didn't catch my last haul from Bath & Body Works, be sure to check that out before you go. Feel free to browse around my blog before you leave. Check out my Bath & Body Works Pinterest Board for links to my other blog posts featuring Bath & Body Works products. 

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