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Silk Road Restaurant Review - Cary, NC

1207 Kildaire Farm Road
Cary, NC  27511
(919) 460-6288

Exterior View

Interior Decor

Dim Sum Shrimp Dumplings - $4.95

Bang Bang Shrimp - $7.99

Three Piece Roasted Lamb Leg - $18.99

This is a review of a new Asian restaurant called Silk Road located in Cary, North Carolina. They have only been open a few weeks. They are located in the Kildaire Plaza Shopping Center in a space that has been many different restaurants over the years. It's next to Advance Auto Parts. There is plenty of free parking. Silk Road is open Tuesday through Friday from 11 am until 9:30 pm except between 3 pm and 4:30 pm. They are closed on Mondays. Saturday and Sunday they are open from 11 am until 9:30 pm. I'm always searching for new Asian restaurants to try and since I heard they offer Dim Sum I put them at the top of my list. We visited last Saturday around 2:30 pm. They had quite a few customers for what is normally a slow time for restaurants. When we arrived we were immediately greeted by a friendly Asian hostess who sat us at a booth.

Shortly after, a friendly Asian waiter gave us both the lunch and dinner menus to chose from and took our drink orders. We both ordered Jasmine Tea and a waitress brought out a metal teapot and two small cups. The tea arrived hot and it was very good! Within a couple of minutes one of the ladies brought by one of the carts with lots of offerings. She opened the lids and showed us the different entrees she had to offer. That cart didn't have anything we planned on ordering. The next cart that arrived had the Dim Sum Shrimp Dumplings I wanted to try. They had a nice amount of shrimp in them, they were tasty and the wrapper had a lovely texture. At only $4.95 for four large dumplings, it's a bargain. They are quite filling! Then a waiter came by with dessert offerings which we passed on. He was happy to answer my questions about them. Then our waiter came by to take our orders. Hubby ordered the Roasted Lamb Legs and I ordered the Bang Bang Shrimp. My Bang Bang Shrimp was brought out quite quickly, but Hubby's entree took much longer to come out and it was barely warm once it arrived. The Bang Bang Shrimp was very hot and delicious. It was a very large portion which could easily make for a large appetizer for two people or an entree for one. The batter was wonderfully crisp and the sauce was scrumptious. It came on a bed of iceberg lettuce and I was shocked they bought out a huge bowl of rice with it. It was way more rice than I could eat. It was about two portions. At only $7.99 it's a great price. Hubby's Roasted Lamb Legs had all the lamb pulled off the bones and it was laying on top. It had some type of spices on it which were yummy. Again, it was another dish that had a very large portion. Hubby took home half of it. They offer carry out boxes for your leftovers. He was disappointed that it took so long to be brought to the table and it was barely warm. Now this dish isn't inexpensive coming in at $18.99, mind you lamb is expensive. They also offer an even larger portion. I recommend the three piece for two people to share with perhaps an appetizer or spring roll unless you want leftovers. 

Everything we ordered had large portions, so keep that in mind so that you don't order too much food. It seems that some of the staff needs a bit more time and experience to get things organized and work better as a team. They still don't have a proper sign nor have they removed the sign of the previous restaurant, so keep that in mind when you are looking for it. It's a very large space they have rented. When we were there, they were only using the front half. They need a few more decorations on the walls and some music. The atmosphere is very casual and it has almost a cafeteria feeling. I recommend you give this restaurant a try keeping these facts in mind. There aren't a lot of restaurants in the area that sell Dim Sum, so I recommend giving that a try while you are there. I'm anxious to return and try another type of Dim Sum and perhaps the Sweet & Sour Chicken. They only keep soy sauce on the table, so you will need to ask for duck sauce, sriracha or any other condiment you would like. It would be great if they would set up a condiment station where customers could pick what they would like or have more condiment offerings on the tables. This restaurant has a lot of potential and I'm hoping this one will be the one that finally succeeds at this location where so many before them have failed. What's your favorite Asian restaurant in the Triangle?

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