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Play! by Sephora Subscription Box Review - December 2017

Glam Straight - Play! December 2017

This is a review of the December Play! by Sephora box which is a monthly subscription for only $10 including shipping. The retail value of this box is $26.41. I think that's the lowest retail value I have every received. It's usually around $50. I received the following products in my December box:
  1. Drybar - Triple Sec 3 in 1, made in the USA, .35 oz, $2.16 retail value
  2. Atelier - Cologne, made in .05 fl. oz., made in France, $3.75 retail value
  3. Clinique - Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen in black, made in Japan, .01 oz., $3.00 retail value
  4. Dr. Jart+ - Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream, made in Korea, .17 fl. oz., $4.80 retail value
  5. Make Up Forever, Artist Rouge Lipstick in Hot Red, made in Italy, .04 oz., $7.33 retail value
  6. Smashbox - Cover Shot Eye Shadow Duo in Golden Hour, made in Italy, .05 oz., $5.37 retail value
I'm really shocked at how low the retail value is this month. I don't wear red lipstick since I think it's not flattering on my lips. Some women can really pull it off, but I'm not one of them. I received the Smashbox eye shadow duo in a Macy's Beauty Box months ago. So two of the products I wont be using. The eyeshadow is ok though you have be careful or there will be fallout when applying. It takes longer to apply than the competition since it takes quite a bit for the color to show up on the eye. Smashbox hasn't really impressed me with their products. I look forward to trying the Dr. Jart cream. It's suppose to calm redness and irritation which is perfect for me. I have several other eyeliner samples I need to use first before trying Clinique's. My favorite is from Kat Von D. I'm not a fan of the Atelier brand of perfumes. I wish they would stick to perfume samples that spray, this one is more difficult to apply and messy. It's notes are clementine, mandarin, juniper berries, starting anise, Sichuan pepper, basil, vetiver, sandalwood and cypress. I'm smelling the mandarin, basil and the sandalwood the most. To me it smells woodsy with a hint of citrus yet they are saying it smells fruity, green and sweet. It's ok, but not one I would purchase. I've also received the Drybar 3 in 1 previously. I'm not crazy about the ingredients, so it's not something I would buy. I not thrilled by it, it doesn't give my hair volume and I don't like the overly strong powder scent. I prefer hair spray or styling cream for my fine hair.  Wen's styling cream is my favorite.

If next month box isn't better than this one, I'll be cancelling. I'll use the Dr. Jart+ cream and the eyeliner, but they are the only products that I like in this box. Was your December box as disappointing as mine was? If you haven't subscribed yet, what are your reasons?

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  1. My Play box was disappointing this month too. Mine was slightly different than yours - I received a Caudelie eye cream (not Dr. Jart), a Stella Mccartney fragrance (instead of Atelier) and a Laura Mercier eye crayon (instead of Smashbox).
    The lipstick is a crazy color that I will never wear, even on my cheeks (mine is more fuchsia than red). The perfume is too perfumey for me. I feel like we got an eyeliner pen last month, so I was surprised to get another one this month (it's nice though). I like the Laura Mercier crayon the best, although the color (caviar) is so neutral it's barely visible on my pale lids.


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