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ZenFish Poké Bar Restaurant Review - Durham, NC

810 9th Street
Suite 126
Durham, NC  27705
(919) 937-9966

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Large Poke Bowl with Zucchini Noodles & Avocado - $15.45

Large Poke Bowl with Zucchini Noodles - $14.45

Homebucha Bluebird - $5.00

This is a review for a Poké restaurant called ZenFish located in Durham, North Carolina. They are located on the lower level of what looks like a condo building.  They are open daily from 11 am to 9 pm. We visited on a Sunday around 2:30 pm. It's a very small restaurant with limited seating, so if you are visiting during the lunch or dinner rush you may need to ask for carry out. There is one table in the center that has eight stools and one table that has four stools. Also, there is a wood bar counter along the windows with stools. Outside there are a few tables. We were greeted by two very friendly ladies at the Poké bar. 

There are several Poké bowls to chose from, if you don't want to come up with your own creation. I love choosing what goes in my bowl and so does Hubby, so we came up with our own combinations. They have two sizes to chose from and we both chose the large which includes five scoops of protein. For the base your choices are: white rice, quinoa, zucchini noodles or organic salad. Another option is to have a wrap with white rice and seaweed. Hubby & I both chose zucchini noodles which are an additional $1. You have the following to chose from: ahi tuna, salmon, crawfish, sweet potato, house tuna, spicy tuna, scallop, shrimp, tofu or crab. The raw choices are ahi tuna, salmon, house tuna, spicy tuna and scallop. I chose mostly salmon with some ahi tuna. Hubby chose ahi tuna, two scoops salmon, spicy tuna and crawfish. Next you chose your toppings, the offerings are: seaweed salad, crabmeat, sweet onion, green onion, micro greens, masago, ginger, edamame, cucumber, radish, mango, avocado and jalapeño. Avocado is an additional $1. I chose green onion, micro greens, masago, cucumber and jalapeño. Hubby chose green onion, micro greens, masago, cucumber, jalapeño and avocado. Then you select a sauce from the following: house sauce, spicy sauce, sriracha aioli, honey wasabi aioli, truffle ponzu, eel sauce or miso ginger. I chose eel sauce and Hubby chose Sriracha aioli. At this point they will mix the sauce in with all the ingredients you have chosen so far except the base. Lastly, chose from a crunchy topping of: garlic chips, onion crunch, roasted seaweed, wonton crips, furikake, wasabi peas, aleppo flakes and roasted sesame seeds. I chose wonton crips, furikake and sesame seeds. I also chose carrots which aren't on the menu. Hubby chose to skip the crunchy toppings. A regular sized bowl is $10.95 and a large is $13.45. Avocado and zucchini noodles both cost a dollar extra. Hubby ordered water to drink which is self serve. I ordered a kombucha drink for $5 in the flavor Bluebird from a company called Homebucha made in Durham. It has an incredible flavor of blueberry with the zing of ginger. My mouth was on fire for quite some time after I was done drinking it. It's made of: live kombucha, green & black tea, cane sugar, culture, juiced ginger, and blueberry juice. While it's expensive, I really enjoyed it's flavor immensely. I highly recommend you give it a try!

We sat down at one of the indoor tables and enjoyed our selections. Oh me oh my, it's so scrumptiously delicious! Yum, yum in the tum tum! It was a large enough portion to last for many hours and it's a nutritional boost. You need to get yourself over to this restaurant and enjoy a poké bowl as soon as humanly possible! I wish we lived closer, if so, we would frequent this restaurant. It's an hour drive for us, but it's worth it and we enjoyed the lovely fall foliage along the way. The only negatives are the prices and the lack of indoor tables. What's your favorite healthy restaurant in the Triangle?

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