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Yard House Restaurant Review - Raleigh, NC

4208 Six Forks Road
Raleigh, NC  27609
(919) 881-2590

Exterior View

Interior Decor

Poke Nachos Appetizer - $12.75

1/2 Roasted Turkey Sub & Clam Chowder Soup - $9.95

Fish & Chips - $15.95

This is a review of a restaurant called Yard House located in the North Hills part of Raleigh, North Carolina. They are located in an office building and offer free garage parking. Perfect for a rainy day! Once you park your car, take the elevator to the lobby. You'll find the entrance to the restaurant at the other side of the building.  It's open everyday from 11 am until 11:30 pm except Friday and Saturday nights when they stay open until 1 am. I like how they don't have a break between lunch and dinner, so we can have a late lunch or early dinner which we do frequently. They offer Happy Hour appetizers and pizza 50% off Monday through Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm and Sunday through Wednesday  from 10 pm to 11:30 pm, bargain! Currently their sanitation score is 96.5 which is very good. When we arrived we were immediately seated at a super sized booth. Their super sized booths could easily sit six or  possibly up to eight people!

The waiter arrived promptly and answered our questions about the menu since it was our first visit. We order our beverages which were brought out shortly thereafter. Five minutes after I ordered the Poke Nachos appetizer it was brought to the table. They are absolutely scrumptious and wonderfully spicy! You must give them a try, if you like poke and wontons! It's my favorite item off the menu so far. They are described as "marinated raw ahi, avocado, cilantro, serranos, green onions, nori, sesame seeds, sweet soy, sriracha aioli, white truffle sauce and crispy wontons. After we enjoyed the appetizer, Hubby ordered half a Roasted Turkey Club Sandwich and a bowl of Clam Chowder. It's described as "swiss, crushed avocado, bacon, tomato, lettuce, mayo and toasted sourdough.  I ordered the Fish & Chips with Truffle Fries. Our entrees arrived in about fifteen minutes. Hubby enjoyed his meal and was happily surprised it included thick pieces of turkey breast rather than the traditional thin sliced lunch meat. I would order it, if it included more slices of cheese. His meal was off the lunch menu which is discounted daily from 11 am to 5 pm. The two pieces of fish I was served had apparently stuck to each other during the frying process, so they were soggy on the sides that were touching each other. Before I got to the soggy part I could taste the beer in the beer batter and it was crunchy and tasty. It's described as "beer battered white fish, fries, roasted jalapeño tarter and malt vinegar aioli. The truffle fries were tasty, but too greasy for me. It was a disappointing meal, but I may give the fish another try, I'll just order a different side. The waiter was friendly and attentive and a manager checked on our table to ask if everything was ok.

We recommend Yard House! We have already returned to this restaurant twice and plan to return again soon. On our second visit, I ordered the lunch special with half a Margherita Pizza and a bowl of Organic Tomato Bisque. The pizza was a mini pizza on a wonderful puffy crust. The Margherita Pizza is described as "roasted roma tomatoes, roasted garlic, mozzarella and fresh basil". I had not noticed that the description didn't include any sauce. It was ok, but it was even tastier reheated at home the next day. I had taken some home since I couldn't eat it all after having the Poke Nachos as an appetizer. The garlic was raw, it wasn't roasted. The soup was served warm, I would have preferred it served hot. It's a bit too much on the creamy side though tasty, I prefer tomato soup less creamy due to my stomach being sensitive to heavy cream. Hubby had the Pepper Jack Burger without the bun and a side of broccoli. He said it was enjoyable for a low carb meal, but on the light side. On our third visit, I had the Poke Nachos appetizer as my meal and Hubby had the Black Truffle Cheeseburger without the bun and a side of brussel sprouts. Hubby said the black truffle cheese on the burger was very tasty and they served him more brussel sprouts than he could eat. Without the bun, he would have preferred a larger burger. You may want to order an appetizer or dessert to share, if you have a big appetite. The Poke Nachos were very tasty all three times, but the third time there was a bit less poke and cilantro and the wontons were greasy. I also ordered a Four Cheese Pizza to go. When I went to reheat it for the next meal I noticed it wasn't on the same wonderful crust as the Margherita Pizza. It was an extremely thin crust which I dislike. While I like the thickness of NY style crusts, I do not like cracker thin crust. That was really disappointing. I'm not sure if that was a fluke and not the normal crust they serve or different pizzas have different crusts. The descriptions do not indicate which crust types they use. I would order the Margherita Pizza again, but I'd ask the wait staff which crust they would be using first. I wasn't crazy about the flavor of the Four Cheese Pizza, so much so that I didn't eat much of it.

Each visit the friendly wait staff was attentive, but sometimes they had to be reminded we needed drink refills when they were busy. They are quite busy on Saturdays, but they have lots of seating. They can accommodate large groups. In addition, they have some outdoor seating which looks comfortable. Plus, they have a ton of beers on tap, so this would be the perfect restaurant for a beer connoisseur. What's your favorite restaurant in Raleigh?

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