Thursday, September 28, 2017

Bath & Body Works Winter Candle Haul - September 2017

Winter, Campfire Donut & Fresh Balsam Three Wick Candles

Today Bath & Body Works added some of their winter line of candles for sale online and they are available in stores. They weren't suppose to show up until the end of October, so it's quite the surprise. They are on sale 2 for $24 and if you use a 20% off coupon then they will only cost $9.60 each. That's $14.90 off the original price of $24.50. Bargain! This year the labels have a camping theme and the glass is frosted. The lids are antique copper with embossed pine trees and stars. The following winter candles are for sale now:
  1. Winter - orange & fir needle essential oils & notes of clove, returning favorite
  2. Campfire Donut - powdered sugar, glazed donut & cedarwood essential oil, new addition
  3. Fresh Balsam - pine, cedarwood & eucalyptus essential oil, returning favorite
  4. Frosted Cranberry - iced cranberries and orange essential oil, returning
  5. Hot Cocoa & Cream - milk chocolate, steamed milk & nutmeg essential oil, returning favorite
  6. Spiced Apple Toddy - cinnamon & clove essential oils and notes of apple brandy, returning
  7. Flannel - orange peel & patchouli essential oils and notes of soft musk, returning
1-3 are shown in the photo above. I always purchase Winter & Fresh Balsam every year, they are two of my favorites and must haves. I like to buy a few extra and burn them year round. Nothing like being sick of the hot & humid summer and burning a Fresh Balsam candle and escaping to a cooler mindset. Fresh Balsam is a lovely substitute for the scent of a live Christmas tree. Winter is a lovely, calming scent enjoyed year round, but a must have for winter. Campfire donut is a cross between their Cinnamon Sugared Donut which I absolutely love and the scent of bread baking. I'm not smelling any cedarwood. This one may be a big seller since Cinnamon Sugared Donut was, so stock up if you love it. I'm not a fan of Frosted Cranberry, it smells like a summer scent to me. Hot Cocoa & Cream is a must have! It smells just like a cup of hot cocoa, love it! That one tends to sell out, so stock up early. Spiced Apple Toddy is nice, just not a big fan of that one. Flannel is very masculine, if you enjoy musk then that one is for you. I'm not a fan of musk, so I don't purchase that one. Later they will be offering some candles in metallic finishes. For a sneak peek, click here.

So are you ready to purchase your winter candles early this year? I'm afraid that they will sell out early since they are releasing them so early. Makes me a bit worried since I don't really want to stock up this early. Which ones are your favorites? I'm hoping they come back with Holiday or something like it, it smells like a cinnamon candle from the 70's. Love that one, it's my number one favorite. Marshmallow Fireside is also a favorite, but the fall version just doesn't seem as good as last year's winter version. We've been enjoying my stash of Evergreen candles from last year, another favorite of ours. It smells even better than Fresh Balsam, but really both are must haves for me. They are perfect for when you are sick of summer and want to dream of the holidays and cooler weather. 

If you purchase something soon, they will give you a coupon booklet with photos of the upcoming winter line and the following coupons:

Bargain Alert:
  • Now 20% off - online code FALL4FALL, store coupon here.
  • Now until November 12th - Free item of your choice up to $13.50 with $10 purchase, FA175634
  • November 13th until December 24th - $10 off $30, FA175635
  • December 4th until 24th - Free aromatherapy item with aromatherapy purchase, FA175637
The other coupon in the booklet has a unique one time use code for a free bath fizzy with any body care purchase. 

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  1. Campfire Donut would be a candle I'd like to try!

    1. It smells like baking white bread, but the throw is weak. Best for smaller rooms not an open concept area. It also doesn't burn well some tunneling especially if you don't burn it long enough.


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