Sunday, June 11, 2017

Neomonde Bakery & Deli Restaurant Review - Morrisville, NC

10235 Chapel Hill Road
Suite 200
Morrisville, NC  27560
(919) 466-8100

Exterior View

Line, Kitchen & Menu


Dining Area

Neomonde Platter - $10.00

Lamb Kafta - $5.00

1/2 Chicken Salad Sandwich on Wheat Pita with Hummus & Fatoush - $10.00

This is a review for a Mediterranean restaurant located in Morrisville, North Carolina called Neomonde. They also have a location in Raleigh. Their sanitation grade is currently 95, which is very good. Wow is it busy and loud in there! We arrived around 12:30 pm on a Friday and the line was really long and very slow to move along. The fact that the line moved really slowly then check out was slow and then they were slow to deliver the food to the table was a real bummer. The food was tasty for the most part, but the service was a real downer. Some people received their food when they ordered it, some had to wait for it to be delivered to the table and some only had half their order delivered to the table. It appeared to be a disorganized mess to me which I found stressful. The prices aren't cheap either. $32.39 for two people is pricey for a weekday lunch! The soda machine was acting up also and no one came to my aid. 

I found the menu confusing and not descriptive enough. I ordered the Chicken Salad Sandwich and was asked which one I wanted while on the menu it only shows one. So she had to scream at me so I could hear her and I still couldn't understand her. I heard yogurt based so I picked that one. She was rushing me, so I didn't bother to ask her to repeat herself again. I found the chicken overcooked and very dry and there wasn't much yogurt sauce and it needed salt. I'm on a low salt diet, so for me to say it needed salt means they must have forgot to salt it. It was a tasty sandwich, but I'm glad I only ordered half since the chicken was so dry. My favorite was the Fatoush salad, it was crisp, fresh and yummy. The hummus was pretty good, but not my favorite and I wasn't brought any of the pita bread that it was suppose to come with. I had to go to the counter and ask for some only to find it cold, not warmed up which I expect. Hubby had the Neomonde Platter, but he didn't finish it so that means he wasn't very impressed. We eat every last bit of the platter we purchase from our favorite Mediterranean restaurant, Bosphorus. That one is to die for! This one just didn't measure up, nor did the pita bread. Hubby was also not impressed by the Lamb Kafta and it had to be rung up separately because the cashier forgot to ring it up. At every step of the ordering process it was disorganized and not functioning properly. While they rushed customers they themselves were unable to rush without making mistakes. Their rushing causes them to be slower due to the extreme disorganization. They need to decide if they are going to prepare the customers food when they order or after and stick to it. I didn't enjoy seeing staff searching the entire dining area at a snails pace one plate at a time to deliver them. That is the slowest way of doing business. Each table had at least two meals, yet she delivered only one at a time and the amount of time she spent searching all over for the one person is just insanity to me. This restaurant needs someone to reorganize, direct and manage getting the meals to their customer much faster. My food took twelve minutes to show up and there was nothing to cook! It was all in the cold case already prepared! All they had to do was place the chicken salad in the pita, put some salad and humus on the plate and that's it! It shouldn't take over twelve minutes for my meal to show up while my husband is eating his food! We ordered at the same time, so our food should show up at the same time!!! If they weren't such a disorganized mess I would consider going back because the food was pretty good for the most part, but I do not like stressful lunches especially when it's due to the staff's disorganization. Perhaps their Raleigh location is organized? Have you been to either location? If so, how was your experience? All I could do is shake my head in disbelief that anyone would chose to run their restaurant this way.

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