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Harry's Grill Restaurant Review - Cancún, Mexico

Interior View

Bread & Butter - Free Appetizer

Tortilla Chips & Salsa - Free Appetizer

Dry Aged Blackened Rib Eye Steak

Baked Potato

Jalapeño Mash

Key Lime Pie Martini

Cotton Candy - Free Dessert

This is a review of a restaurant called Harry's Grill located in Cancún, Mexico. It's located in the hotel zone across from the Ritz Carlton. Hubby & I visited on a Thursday night at 9:30 pm. You could walk from the Ritz Carlton since it's not far, but it's difficult to get across four lanes of traffic and it's so hot and humid there, so we took a taxi. The restaurant was full of customers, so I recommend making a reservation. The atmosphere is very upscale yet comfortable. We were seated at a table for four and one side had a sofa which we found very comfortable. One of the two waiters that serviced our table brought out a stand to hang my handbag on. I found that very impressive and I haven't seen anything like that in a restaurant before. It will hold multiple handbags and it keeps them in your sight.

I decided to start with a Key Lime Pie Martini which was brought out in only four minutes and it was shaken and poured at the table by one of our waiters. It was so delicious, just like dessert. Hubby had a glass of red wine which he enjoyed. We also ordered a bottle of Perrier which was poured by our waiter and our glasses were always kept full. I thought it was funny they put the bottle out of our reach so that only they could pour it for us. They brought out a table with one of each of the steaks they offer raw to decide what we wanted to order. Each steak was described in great detail and it was quite an impressive display. We both decided to order the Dry Aged Blackened Rib Eye Steak since we hadn't had dry aged steak in a long time and we both love rib eye steak. For sides, I ordered a baked potato and Hubby ordered the Jalapeño Mash. Eight minutes later they brought out our two complimentary appetizers. The bread was absolutely scrumptious! Seriously, we agreed it was the best we have ever had! That bread is reason enough to visit Harry's Grill! It tasted like a blend of a dinner roll with a Hawaiian roll and it had rosemary and sea salt on top. I wish I could get my hands on the recipe! The butter was whipped with honey and also delicious. Oh my, I wish I could transport myself to this restaurant right now to enjoy it again. It was unbelievably delicious! The second free appetizer had various pieces of tortilla chips flavored with different seasonings. There were three dipping salsas: guacamole, medium spicy and hot spicy. I didn't dare try the hot one, but Hubby said it was good but very hot. The guacamole salsa was my favorite. The tortilla chips were very crisp and not greasy at all. I suspect they were baked rather than fried. Four minutes later our steaks and sides were delivered to the table. I wish they had given us a bit more time to eat our appetizers before delivering our steaks, but this was our only complaint. They suggested we cut into our steaks to make sure they were cooked to medium rare as we requested, which they were. Oh my, my mouth is watering just thinking about how delicious these steaks were! They were the perfect portion at 14 oz. They were served with a slice of red pepper with cheese in the middle. It was ok, I preferred the side I picked which was a baked potato. The baked potato had green onions, sour cream, bacon and shredded cheddar cheese on top. It was very tasty! If I had known they were going to serve two free appetizers, I may not have ordered it though I really love having a baked potato with my steak. Hubby really enjoyed his mashed potatoes that had jalapeño mixed in with it. We couldn't see the bits of jalapeño, but Hubby tasted them for sure. Forty-three minutes later they brought out the cotton candy dessert "compliments of the house". It was tasty, but we didn't eat much of it since we were so full and I avoid sugar after 6 pm to avoid insomnia. 

Wow, what an incredible experience! The service was extremely attentive and friendly and it made for the best restaurant experience we have had in years! The bill came out to $125 prior to tip, but if you wanted a lower bill skip the sides and the alcoholic drinks. There was enough food without ordering sides, so don't order them if you don't want to be stuffed or need to spend less money.  You have the option of paying in pesos or dollars. There is a view of the lagoon from the inside and outside tables in the restaurant. I recommend sitting inside in the cool air conditioning! If you are ever in Cancún you must go to this restaurant as soon as you arrive! What's your favorite restaurant in Cancún?

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