Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hello Kitty OPI & Retro Revival Essie Nail Polish

Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel, Starry Starry Night, Life of the Party, Bikini with a Martini, Birthday Suit and Charmmy & Sugar

Swatches of Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel, Starry Starry Night, Life of the Party, Bikini with a Martini, Birthday Suit and Charmmy & Sugar (click on photo to enlarge)

There are currently two very popular lines of nail polishes that just came out this month. One is Hello Kitty from OPI and the other one is called Retro Revival from Essie. If you fancy any of these nail polishes, now is the time to pick them up before they sell out.

When I found out that OPI was coming out with a Hello Kitty line of nail polishes I knew I had to buy a few for sure. I love Hello Kitty and OPI's nail polish, so what a wonderful combination. There are twelve colors to chose from. Looking online I decided I needed the glitter nail polishes since I liked the look of those the most. One that I purchased is Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel which is a pink super glitter polish. All that is required is two coats. I just applied it today to my nails and I had some difficultly applying it close enough to the cuticle. It's a bit thick and gritty, so it didn't want to move to the edge very well which was very frustrating. It's a really pretty color though. After one top coat it still feels a bit bumpy, so I will apply another top coat tomorrow for a more smooth finish. The second polish I bought is Charmmy & Sugar which is a sparkly glitter pink.  It looks more lilac than pink to me. This one needs three coats, but it's easy to apply and it goes on well so it wouldn't take very long to apply. It has small and tiny glitter in a clear base. The tiny glitter is really beautiful and will really shine in the sunlight. It has a bit of holographic look to it. You may want to apply a white or lilac polish underneath. The retail price of these nail polishes is $9.50 per bottle. I purchased mine online at Ulta

I love retro things, so when I found out Essie was bringing back some of their polish from years back I just had to pick up some. I purchased the mini set of four polishes from Ulta, but there are six full sized polishes available also. The mini set costs $17 and the full sized bottles cost $8.50 each. Included in the mini set are the following:
  1. Starry Starry Night - navy with silver glitter from 1997
  2. Life of the Party - pinot noir pearl from 2002
  3. Bikini with a Martini - frosted iridescent pink from 2005
  4. Birthday Suit - nude from 1981
Starry Starry Night is the most popular one and has already sold out once. So if you want this pretty polish, you must get your hands on it quickly. So many are buying more than one, so this one will be the hardest to find. Apparently, the original version was selling on eBay for a fortune, so those that couldn't afford it are now stocking up on the retro version. It is slightly different from the original, but if you love navy polish with glitter this one is for you. Life of the Party is a pearl rusty, desert type of burgundy color. It is very pretty, I don't have anything like it. Bikini with a Martini reminds me of a nail polish a classmate wore frequently in the mid 80's. It goes on super thin and needs at least three coats. To make sure it's opaque chose a white or light pink polish to wear underneath it. Birthday Suit is a nude color that would be perfect under any nail polishes that aren't opaque or perhaps for nail art. Out of the six nail polishes Starry Starry Night is my favorite followed by Life of the Party and Bikini with a Martini. Which one is your favorite?

Stay tuned for my manicure photos of the above nail polishes as I wear them over the coming weeks. Did you pick up any of the Hello Kitty or Retro Revival nail polishes and if so, which ones?

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