Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pet Gift Box Review - October 2015

This is a review of a monthly dog subscription box called Pet Gift BoxIt costs $28.99 a month if you subscribe month to month. For a three month subscription the cost drops to $23.99 and for a six month subscription it drops to $20.99. For a subscription for a year it's at it's lowest price of $18.99. This box comes in three sizes: petite, mid-sized and hefty. I ordered the petite. They also offer boxes for cats. Included in this box were the following products:
  1. Boo-Bat - squeak toy shaped like a bat, retail value $7.99
  2. Candy Corn Plush Toy - squeak toy, value $4.99
  3. Halloween Boo-Dana - Halloween Trick or Treat printed bandana, $5.99
  4. Pumpkin Smoocher - pumpkin flavored treats, value $10.99
  5. Spooktacular Cookies - two cookies, one shaped like a ghost & one pumpkin shaped, pumpkin flavored, $4.99
The total retail value of this box is $34.95, which is $5.96 more than the non discounted cost of this box. I had an email offer to renew my subscription after I had unsubscribed for only $9.99. When I clicked on that email offer, it immediately resubscribed me which isn't what I wanted to do. I only wanted to visit their website to get pricing information for my last blog post reviewing their September box. They refunded that fee after I complained yet they still shipped the box.

Only Teddy & Leo, our Maltese dogs enjoyed playing with the squeak toys. Our two Shih-Tzus weren't interested. Since our dogs wear bows not bandanas, I'll be donating that. I don't feed my dogs anything with wheat flour, it's not healthy for dogs. One of our four dogs can't stomach it at all and it gives him a great deal of bowel distress. So we won't be giving them the Spooktacular cookies nor the Pumpkin Smoocher treats since several of the ingredients in it I never feed my dogs. While they are "natural" ingredients that doesn't mean they are healthy ingredients. Those three items will be donated. I enjoyed the Halloween theme of the box but only two out of the five items will be enjoyed by our dogs. You can view our previous Pet Gift Box by clicking here

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Before you go, be sure to check out my healthy dog cookie recipes. Either type in "dog cookies" in the search box over on the right or check out my Pinterest Dog Cookie Recipes Board. Also, check out photos of my dogs on my Instagram account. What's your favorite dog subscription box?

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