Saturday, February 21, 2015

Blue Apron Subscription Box Review - Part 1

Orange Beef Lo Mein with Gai Lan & Napa Cabbage

Shrimp Po' Boy Sandwiches

Chicken & Sage Biscuit Pot Pie

This is a review of a food subscription box from a company called Blue Apron. They ship weekly via FedEx to arrive on your doorstep on your choice of Thursday, Friday or Saturday. You can chose from two packages of which have three recipes each. I received my first box for free since a Blue Apron subscriber was offering them on her blog, Everyone Loves a Treasure. Apparently, after you have had several boxes sent to you they offer you a couple of free boxes to give out to friends. I was lucky to snag one of those. I will be doing the same if they offer the free boxes to me also. In the above photos, you can see everything that was sent in my first box. The plastic bag the Po' Boy Spice Blend was in had a tear in it, so it was leaking all over the other ingredients in the paper bag it was in. Also, some of the butter lettuce had wilted and was wet. In addition, the mustard leaked on to the mayo container. After cleaning that up, I notified Blue Apron via their website and received an email only a few minutes later. As an apology, they have credited my account so that my next box will also be free. That was way more than I expected, so I am very impressed. The shipment also came with three full color 8 1/2" x 11" recipe cards on thick card stock paper. They also allow you to pin their recipes on Pinterest for future reference. Here's the pined recipes:

I decided to try the Shrimp Po' Boy recipe first since shrimp doesn't last long in the refrigerator. I forgot to time how long it took us to cook the recipe until after I started cooking, so I'm guessing it took the two of us approximately thirty minutes. The recipe says it should take between fifteen to twenty-five minutes. There is a lot produce to wash and chop, so that was the most time consuming part. I was impressed with our finished results:

It looks more difficult than it is! Wow, it's so colorful and oh so yummy! I was a bit nervous because it has so much mustard in it. Both the vinaigrette for the salad and the remoulade sauce for the sandwich have whole grain mustard in them. The only thing we would do differently next time is use less lemon in the vinaigrette. It was a bit tart for our liking. We look forward to cooking the next recipe tomorrow. So stay tuned for our results of the Orange Beef Lo Mein recipe. In the meantime, check out our results from our first Plated subscription box:

So far in comparison to Plated's subscription box, I'm more impressed with Plated. Plated provides green bags to keep the produce fresh longer, gives you larger portions of chicken, has fresher produce, has more recipes to chose from and nothing was damaged. Blue Apron on the other hand is $2 per meal less expensive. I also like that Plated allows you to order three weeks of recipes in advance. Blue Apron requires that you visit their website weekly to make your choices or they decide for you. What's your favorite food subscription box?

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