Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bath & Body Works - First Look Member Freebie

Lemon Pomegranate Body Lotion, Vanilla Chai Mini Mason Jar Candle, Brown Sugar & Carrots Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

I signed up on the Bath & Body Works website to be part of their First Look Fragrance Insider program recently and they sent me a coupon via email to use in the store for two freebies. I had to purchase something to get the travel body lotion and mini jar candle free, so I chose the least expensive item in the store which is the hand gel. These three items normally cost $11.25 and they only cost me $1.75 plus tax with the coupon!  

I am very anxiously awaiting a two for 3-wick candle sale, so I was really excited to get the Vanilla Chai Mini Mason Jar Candle to try out.  It's really hard to smell it unless you are really close since it's such a tiny candle. It smells just like Chai tea which I love the scent of. It's one of my favorite teas, so out of all the Artisan candles that have come out that was my top selection. You can check out the entire line by clicking here or search "artisan candle" on their website. Here is a list of the Artisan candles in order of my preference on cold sniff:
  1. Vanilla Chai
  2. Cayenne Caramel
  3. Bourbon Butterscotch
  4. Sea Salt & Maple Popcorn
  5. Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding
  6. Wasabi Apple
  7. Blackberry Bramble Tea
The most disappointing one is the Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding candle since it has such a light scent. I've been waiting a very long time for Bath & Body Works to come out with any banana scent since I love Banana Bread candles from Yankee Candle. It smells good, but in a large room it's not going to be very strong even in the 3-wick size. I will purchase it because I've been waiting so long, but it's not my favorite due to that issue. I'm was very surprised that I love the Cayenne Caramel candle! I really didn't think adding a cayenne scent to a candle was a good idea, but it's delightful!  Bourbon Butterscotch is very nice and I'm anxious to purchase one and try it out. Sea Salt & Maple Popcorn smells just like American Boardwalk to me, so while I love that scent I will be trying out the new ones first. Wasabi Apple is a disappointment also because all I smell is apple. Was excited about that one till I gave it a sniff. Blackberry Bramble Tea doesn't smell like tea at all to me, so that was a disappointment also. It simply smells like berries which hasn't been a favorite scent of mine in the past. Have you tried out any of the candles in this line yet? If so, please comment below your favorites!

The new Artisan body lotions come in the following scents:
  1. Lemon Pomegranate
  2. Apple Blossom & Lavender
  3. Peach & Honey Almond
Lemon Pomegranate is my favorite since it smells just like sweet & sour candy. The lavender one doesn't have much lavender scent to me at all and the peach one isn't very exciting. These scents are available in body lotion, shower gel, body cream, body scrub, milled soap and a fragrance mist.

There is a new line of hand soaps and hand gels which include some new scents such a Brown Sugar & Carrots, Gingered Peach, Weekend Apple Picking, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin, Sweet Plum & Verbena, Crisp Morning Air, A Walk in the Woods, Cozy Vanilla Cream, Golden Autumn Citrus, Fall Cranberry Harvest, Honeyed Nectarines, Pear Wood Cider, Farmstand Apple, Sweet Clementine, Golden Apricot, Meyer Lemon, Anjou Pear and Vineyard Wildberries.  Wow, that's a lot of new scents! I'm looking forward to trying out some of the new Fall scented hand soaps soon.  The Brown Sugar & Carrots Hand Gel smells delicious. It smells like carrot cake and the smell lingers.

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