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QVC's New Beauty Test Tube - April 2013

Test Tube Spring Shipment

Quarterly Auto-Delivery Including Eight Cosmetics and New Beauty Magazine

This is my favorite cosmetic sample subscription!  They always have brands that I love and are higher end.  I always look forward to each quarterly shipment.  Whatever you do though, do not change your shipment date more than a week in advance or it will not ship at all.  I had to cancel my subscription and reorder it.  It said it was backordered while it was on the website for purchase!  I like to have it sent early so that I can review it for those that would like to see what they are getting prior to theirs being shipped in case they want to cancel that shipment.  Included in this shipment were the following:
  1. Algenist - triple action micropolish and peel, 1fl oz, $37.50 value
  2. WEN - replenishing treatment mist, 6 fl oz (full size), $27 value
  3. Peter Thomas Ross - antiaging cleansing gel, 1 fl oz, $4.11 value
  4. Josie Marin - argan oil, .17 fl oz, $4.80 value
  5. Mally - volumizing mascara in black, .39 fl oz (full size), $20 value 
  6. Philosophy - hope in a jar night, .4 fl oz, $9.60 value
  7. Perfect Formula - Manicure Booster, .6 fl oz (full size), $21 value  
  8. Tarte - skinny smolder eyes amazon clay waterproof eyeliner, .04 oz (full size), $19 value
  9. New Beauty Magazine
Algenist is such an expensive line, I will never purchase the full sizes.  So I'm always happy to see a sample in the quarterly box!  WEN is a brand that I purchase several times a year when they have TSV's (Today's Special Value).  I love WEN's replenishing treatment mist.  It's perfect to freshen up my hair in the morning since I shower at night.  I have received a sample of the cleansing gel before and it's nice.  I just wish the opening was smaller since you need very little of the product per use.  I've also received a sample of the argan oil before and it's nice in the evening.  I find it's too oily to use in the morning when you plan to put makeup on.  I've also received the mascara before and it's nice, just not my favorite brand of mascara.  I haven't tried hope in a jar night formula before, so I look forward to trying that tonight.  I tried the Manicure Booster and so far five days later my nails are chip free.  I normally use Orly's Manicure Keeper or Bonder, so I was nervous about trying any other brand since that has been the only product that works on my natural nails.  It is very thin though, so be careful and use it sparingly.  I don't wear brown eyeliner, so the Tart eyeliner will be for sale on my Blog Sale. I'm not a fan of the magazine since it's mostly advertising.

If you would like to purchase this quarterly subscription service the item number is A237644.   It's $29.96 plus shipping and tax at  The retail value of this box is $143.01.  Bargain!  What's your favorite cosmetic subscription service?  If any of you are QVC insiders, please share the future cosmetic TSV item numbers by commenting below or email me.

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