Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sweet Baby James - Whimsical Nail Polish by Pam

Happy Easter!

This is an Indie nail polish made by Pam and her line is called Whimsical Nail Polish.  Her line of nail polish is very tempting.  There are several that I would like to purchase especially Seuss.  I came across Sweet Baby James in a nail polish swap.  Sort of looks like an Easter egg, so I decided to wear it in time for Easter.   I was very anxious to try Pam's line so when it arrived I tried it right away.  I had read some reviews and heard that this color can run thick and this bottle did. To get it as close to the color it appears in the bottle, I chose Essie's Mint Candy as a base, since the blue base in this polish is very sheer.  I had tried Julep's Shenae first since it was a closer match, but the brush wasn't cut properly and I couldn't get it to apply properly near the cuticles.  I used one coat of Sweet Baby James and dabbed the polish on near the cuticles and with the lightest pressure possible brushed it down toward the tips.  Then any parts that were missing some glitter I dapped a little more and brushed it on very lightly.  One top coat of Seche Vite was all that was needed.  It lasted for a week without chips.  Removing it was the most challenging glitter polish that I have tried so far.  Even with the cotton ball and foil trick, it took twenty minutes to remove and required pushing some of the white glitter off with my nail or a dotting tool.  I recommend her line of polish, just remember that it takes longer to apply and remove. You can find her line of polish on her Facebook page for purchase.  What Indie brands have you tried?

Another Indie polish that I have tried:

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  1. I'm not too into indie polishes, but this is super cute!

    1. ty, Jasmine! I really liked it on my nails, but removal wasn't fun.


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